Leaving on a jet plane

Posted by Ian
Such is the fate, or the comeuppance depending on your point of view, awaiting the so-called ‘Natwest Three’ tomorrow.
This trio of former employees are about to be extradited to the US to face fraud charges related to the collapse of the former American energy giant Enron. Fair enough, you might think, but the decision has whipped up an almighty amount of chatter and controversy – not least in the House of Commons, which cleared its books for an emergency debate earlier today. Why all the fury? Shouldn’t Parliament be busying itself with slightly more relevant matters – like, say, the latest twist in the Labour fundraising saga?
Tomorrow morning’s homepage leads with an article on the Natwest Three assessing this hugely contentious and faintly unseemly affair. And you thought banking was the profession of the dour and downbeat.
By contrast, we’re also running a feature on how and why you should insure your tent before embarking on a weekend mired in the fun, fury and quite possibly the filth of a music festival. Plus there’s the latest demented goings-on from the somewhat optimistically named Love Island and, of course, the equally incomprehensible outbursts emanating from the Big Brother house.
Plus do you have kitchen performance anxiety? There’s only one way – and one place – to find out!
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