Mercury rising

Posted by Ian
‘DON’T RUB IN SUNCREAM’ boomed the Daily Mail this morning, off the back of new findings which alleged the over-exuberant application of lotion could damage rather defend your skin. 13 pages later the very same paper could be found thundering about the "health nannies" who tell us what we should and shouldn’t do to keep safe during the heatwave. You’d be forgiven for thinking the hot weather had gone straight to the Mail’s head.
Today and for the rest of the week on the MSN homepage, we’ll be responding to the soaring temperatures through a series of features we hope provide a genuinely useful and constructive take on the heatwave. This morning we offered up sensible and practical tips for staying cool, healthy and safe; tomorrow we’ll be showcasing a selection of the best UK sights and attractions where you can enjoy the summer but beat the heat at the same time. Plus we’ll have a gallery of iconic heatwave images from around the country.
Each day we’ll also be running our choice of the best of this season’s fashion and beauty accessories, besides helping you stay in a suitably sunny, upbeat mood with our picks of the top summer tunes, holiday destinations, and food and drink. We’ve even thrown in a rundown of the world’s finest sunsets – it’s live on the homepage now.
Then as the weekend approaches we’ll be doing our best to arm parents and kids alike with an assortment of ideas to help the school holidays go smoothly.
All in all, plenty – we hope – to satisfy you during this blistering, baking week. If not, feel free to get in touch with what you’d like to see on the homepage by way of some heat-inspired, summer-related coverage.
Meantime, if you’re less than enamoured by the sizzling temperatures, rather than attempt a Homer Simpson-esque stragegy of deciding to live inside your own fridge, we suggest you keep a cool head and always carry a bottle of water.
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