Come back rain, all is forgiven?

Posted by Laura
MSN users were welcomed this morning by a picture reminiscent of California’s Death Valley; cracked mud flats, fire-baked by the heat. But far from depicting the Sierra Nevada,  subject to extreme temperatures of over 50C in summer, the shot was actually taken a lot closer to home in Wallasea Island, Essex. It may be raining where you are now, but as our pictures showed, it’s going to take a lot more than that to rid parts of Britain of the current drought.
Judging by the popularity of the article, extreme weather is something at the forefront of the public’s consciousness as the moment. With more hot weather predicted it looks set to keep a nation famed for its meteorological fascination hooked for a few more weeks yet. And if you were wondering about the current etiquette of weather chat with your peers, yes, it is OK to admit all this heat and perspiration is getting a bit too much now without an auspicious thundercloud emerging over your head – and feel free to lament the demise of the trusty old damp squib British summer (you have to admit, those pictures of the Great Glastonbury Flood last year were pretty awesome).
If you were interested in this morning’s main feature but missed it, then you can still find it here, plus we’ve also got tips on keeping your house cool, the latest on why water companies want more of your cash (despite there being less water), and a fantastic new weather channel for you to browse to find out if your holiday in Greece could actually end up being cooler than a break in Margate.
For those of you who are about to depart for farther shores, on the homepage now we have a must-read guide for anyone who’s thinking of getting behind the wheel abroad, including the roads with no official speed limit (yes, really!) the places where stopping at a zebra crossing could mean getting rear-ended, and the country where you can defy a red light.
Coming up tomorrow, our health channel will be exploring the debate of whether wealthy people really are healthier people, with some interesting revelations, plus we’ve got a sneak preview of the handlebar-moustache-sporting Colin Farrell in Miami Vice the movie. His new look may sound a little far-fetched, but never fear, it’s a lot more credible than his previous film incarnation as Angelina Jolie’s son.
If there’s something we’re not covering that you’d like to see, or if you want to see more of the things you think we’re doing right, please get in touch. Even if it’s to tell us you don’t like something, don’t be shy, we like getting your feedback and it helps us give you more of what you want – and less of what you don’t.
MSN’s quick fact of the day:
Where, on average, is the UK’s warmest place? Find out.
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