It’s still number one

Posted by Ian
A few words from our Search Editor, Lee Harvey:
"The final edition of Top of the Pops got five million viewers and prompted a surge of music queries on MSN Search.
"I’m really pleased the show got a decent send-off. Yes, the format was tired. Yes, music television and downloads have killed off the show. And yes, the presenters (John Peel aside) were always irritating. But TOTP resonates at a far deeper level than MTV, VH-1 and the other 24 hour music channels that clog up your Freeview.
"For people whose lives were destined to become dominated by music, TOTP gave them their first wake-up call. I was 14 when the Stone Roses and the Happy Mondays appeared on the same edition of TOTP. The sight of Ian Brown miming his simian way through ‘Fools Gold’ is still etched in my brain 17 years later. I can still remember what John Squire was wearing for goodness sake. Things would never be the same again.
"Other favourite moments? Oasis swaggering their way through ‘Shakermaker’ in 1994. Public Enemy’s incendiary performance of ‘Shut ‘Em Down’ in 1992. Orbital inexplicably hitting the Top 3 in early 1997. The fact that one of these special moments could be just around the corner somehow made 17 weeks of Bryan Adams or Wet Wet Wet at No 1 tolerable.
"So, like the rest of Sunday’s TV audience, I bid Top of the Pops a fond farewell and say thanks for the memories."
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