Something for the weekend

Posted by Dom
As the ‘newbie’ on the MSN Homepage editorial team, I’ve been spending my first two weeks here getting settled in. The speed at which the world moves today, however, even in the so-called ‘silly season’, means there’s precious little time to stand still. So I’ve been keeping a close eye on not only the breaking news, but the stories which have been generating the most feedback and comments from you, the users. Whilst the situation in the Middle East, and Tony Blair’s response to it, continues understandably to dominate the news agenda, events closer to home have also been significant.
Worries about what the recent shock rise in interest rates will mean in real terms have been occupying your thoughts and the attention of our Money team here at MSN; the knock-on effect for homeowners is discussed here. Our homepage today also features the dramatic story of the man forced to give his wife £48 million in a divorce settlement – it may be the biggest ever payout in British legal history, but our money team asks the pertinent question – did he in fact get off lightly?
Friday is always an especially busy day for the homepage team, as we not only keep up with the breaking news, but predict what’s going to be busy over the weekend. Sports fans are going to be well catered for over the next couple of days, whether it’s England’s bid to secure victory in the series against Pakistan at Headingley, the start of the new football season in England (seemingly about 5 minutes after the end of the World Cup!), or the Hungarian Grand Prix. Keep up with all the latest scores, results, winners and losers on MSN over the weekend. Festival lovers meanwhile will be heading off to The Big Chill festival in the picturesque surroundings of Eastnor Castle – we have all the survival tips you need.

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