Just another manic Monday

Posted by Dom
The homepage team has no time to suffer from the dreaded ‘Monday morning syndrome’ at the beginning of the week. Indeed, along with Friday, Monday is probably the busiest time of the week for those of us putting together the homepage and debating which stories are going to be featured.
Why is this so? Well, in the same way that the end of the working week sees us trying to predict what will be occupying our thoughts over the weekend, Monday has us peering into our crystal ball to analyse what the next five days will hold.

So as well as our usual daily meeting discussing what content and pictures we’ll be leading with on the homepage during the day, we also try and plan out as comprehensively as possible the schedule for the whole week. A slow news week obviously acts as a huge challenge to the team’s creativity, whilst a hectic line-up brings with it the added pressure of deciding just how major events should be treated. This week, expect to see plenty on MSN.co.uk about Steve McClaren’s debut as England manager against Greece on Wednesday night – will the post-Beckham era start with a bang or a whimper? And how will John Terry stamp his authority on the coveted role of England captain?
Festival-goers will be gearing up for one of the biggest weekends of the year, thanks to the V Festival in Chelmsford and Staffordshire – with the gap in the music-lover’s calendar caused by Glastonbury’s 2006 no-show, expect V to generate some serious interest and memorable performances. Our festival survival tips will continue to help gig-goers, especially with the current rather dark and miserable state of the British weather. Let’s hope the release of the A-level results in the UK on Thursday doesn’t spoil too many people’s enjoyment of Beck, Morrissey, Radiohead and the like. 
Back to the present, and our picture gallery on the world’s most naturally beautiful people has been proving very popular, as has our article on why renting a property can often be a better option than buying.
Ultimately, whilst becoming skilled soothsayers is an important part of our job, making sure we’re completely aware of what’s happening in the present is equally as crucial.  

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