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Posted by Dom

Love it or loathe it, every year Big Brother generates acres of coverage in the media – much to Channel 4’s delight. And Laura’s recent blog post detailing our opinions about the show, and reality TV in general, got plenty of feedback from you, our users. 

Much to her delight, most of you seemed to agree with Laura’s exasperated assertion that: ”it feels like the entire summer has been some sort of hiatus where anyone doing any creative job in television went on holiday and insightful, inventive programming was replaced with a one-size-fits-all approach."

"Laura seems to have the right idea – let’s have normal TV back," nodded one user in agreement, whilst one frustrated TV watcher went even further: "Those participants on BB were boring and repetitive…. can’t they find some people who can communicate without swearing all the time? A bunch of non-entities pontificating on the meaning of life and the universe is a big turn-off… where are all the ‘normal’ people these days?"

A good point, although unfortunately these days in TV-land, ‘normal’ all too often just doesn’t cut the mustard when it comes to grabbing ratings, as a fellow user pointed out: "Big Brother isn’t really ‘reality TV’ anymore anyway, since it’s been concocted and convoluted out of proportion. It’s not an experiment where people are left to do whatever they do, they deliberately put ‘interesting’ people in there, so it’s more staged than ‘reality’. The first time it ran, it was vaguely interesting because it hadn’t been done before, but now it’s a bad cliché of itself." 

Another user drew the net wider to include the state of TV as a whole, commenting: "I really wish ‘reality TV’ would do us all a favour and end its miserable life. Hidden gems dealing with true human behaviour and genuine reality exist, but are often hard to find, as they’re hidden amongst the overwhelming dross that is soap, soap dramas, police video chase shows, emergency re-enactments and endless home video shows of people and pets pratfalling for our amusement… Reality TV is just a way of churning out cheap TV of the worst kind, revolving around unpleasant, egocentric fame-seekers," concluded our critic, adding that the production money would be better spent on "thought-provoking and interesting documentaries about our world and the people within it".   

Ultimately, the last comment we received on the issue seemed to sum up many people’s annoyance with the format: "Get rid of reality TV NOW! It’s been done to death – it was good at the beginning but now most people seem to be sick of it. Let’s have some decent programmes back on our screen".

The debate will certainly continue – whether Channel 4 holds on to the format or it gets snapped up by any of the other TV firms that are rumoured to be sniffing around, you can be certain that it will be inspiring passionate reactions for a good few years to come.        

Thanks for all your comments on this and other issues we raise in the blog – please send your opinions to homepage_blog@hotmail.co.uk. 

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