What will you be wearing?

Posted by Laura

Are you the kind of person who wakes up in the morning not knowing what to wear until 10 minutes before you leave the house? Well, join the club. But it doesn’t have to be so: here on the MSN homepage we have the ability to predict the kind of things you could be wearing next spring and summer, never mind next week. Just check out our guide to all the events at London Fashion Week for a peek at the Spring/Summer collections, reports on all the gossip, and, of course, snaps of fashion-loving celebs spotted beside the catwalk.

If this kind of fashion seems just a little bit too pricey, we’ve got an account of the ultimate frugal challenge for you on Tuesday, when our correspondent tries to live as a student for a week. Will they survive on such a low budget? Will they get scurvy from the poor diet? Or will the alcohol poisoning hit them first? Find out just what it’s like to be in higher education these days when our intrepid writer goes where no sane graduate would ever willingly go again.

Wednesday on MSN gives you the chance to solve all those ‘what’s that song, you know, the one in that ad that goes da, da, da durrr…?’ moments. No longer will you argue with your friends and family when the ad breaks come on, because you can consult our guide to the best and worst music found in adverts, with some surprising entries.

This week may be akin to Christmas for fashionistas, but it’s tantamount to Millennium Eve for golf fanatics. The verdant courses may not be as avant garde as the London catwalks with their Argyle knits and plus fours, but the action is nonetheless attention-grabbing. On Thursday’s homepage you’ll be able to access the latest guides and odds for this year’s Ryder Cup, which starts bright and early on Friday morning. Then on the day itself we’ll give you coverage of all the action as it happens. 

What would you like to see more or less of on MSN? We always like to hear your feedback.


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