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The MSN homepage awards for 2006

Posted by Ian   It’s that time of the year when anyone of sound mind and a few hours to spare turns their attention to that most vital of end-of-year tasks: making a list.   We’ve a veritable smorgasboard of … Continue reading

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Season’s bleatings

Posted by Ian   Despite there being less than two weeks to the big day, here at MSN Towers there’s barely a bauble in sight. I have yet to see one Christmas card being exchanged, and the only piece of tinsel … Continue reading

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Wii have lift off

Posted by Dom   As Nintendo releases a new games machine pretty much once every five years, it was unsurprising that the UK launch of its new Wii console last week generated a tremendous amount of interest. As expected, the mainstream media concentrated … Continue reading

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The future’s bright, the future’s…Brown?

Posted by Ian   While delivering his pre-Budget report on Wednesday, Gordon Brown sounded like a man who had no need for New Year resolutions. He spoke as if he knew precisely what 2007 will bring – which is, along with unstoppable economic growth and prosperity, the … Continue reading

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Wii are not amused

Posted by Dom   Video games have been dominating the press recently – a fact reflected in the content on our site recently, such as the supposed link between games and damaging health problems and how the soon to be launched Nintendo … Continue reading

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Cockroach eating – England’s new national sport?

Posted by Laura   I hate to say it, but I warned you. No good was ever going to come of cricket. When I officially came out as a cricket-hater at the start of the Ashes I endured a barrage … Continue reading

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