Our 20 reasons to be cheerful

Posted by Laura

No sooner has the Christmas sparkle faded and the decorations have been taken down, then the dark days of January begin in earnest. Today, it has been reported, is the day when the highest amount of people file for divorce. Early January has been dubbed the ‘season for splitting up’ as couples who put a rosy gloss on bad situations for the sake of their families over the festive season finally decide to take decisive action. Statistics also show that Janus’ month of new beginnings then takes us on a woeful journey to the nadir of despair on Miserable Monday, January 22, which is the most depressing day of the year, according to a psychologist’s calculations. Add to this the extra pressure we put ourselves under at this time of year to make resolutions and stick to them, plus the self-loathing if we fail in our ambitions, and you’ve got a recipe for a pretty dreary and soul-destroying month.

It’s a good job we’ve got a stunning line up of things to amuse, distract and advise you over the next week, or it might’ve almost been worth trying out that human hibernation experiment after all. But who would want to miss all this lot? Today we have the news story about just why so many people split up at this time of year, plus top advice from our resident sexpert Dr Pam, who can offer help and assistance with those relationship problems most people are too afraid to speak about. We also have a comprehensive rundown of just how we plan to enjoy the delights that 2007 has to offer – starting now.

Tomorrow our money gurus will reveal their secrets for fitter finances this year and we will salute the fashion freaks and style success stories when the best-dressed celeb polls are announced.

Wednesday is the day for all of you who want to escape the January blues when we reveal our list of top hotels, both here and abroad. And an MSN health feature will show just how an organic food diet really can change your life.

On Thursday MSN’s keen fitness guinea pigs try out personal trainers and reveal if they really are worth it.

Then Friday will come round much sooner than you think, and with it comes MSN Entertainment’s look at the movies tipped for Oscars success and who’s up for a Bafta this year.

If these little glimpses of what’s to come this week haven’t been quite enough to rouse you from your post-Christmas, daylight-deprived stupor, then we at MSN Towers have compiled a wee few reasons to be cheerful this week. You may be feeling a little fazed by the prospect of another week at the grindstone with only lettuce leaves for sustenance and a whacking great hole in your bank balance after a soon-to-be neglected gym membership took residence where your January sales shopping fund should be, but take heart, things only get better from here…

1)     The nights are getting lighter all the time. Today has one minute of daylight more than yesterday, and tomorrow will have a whopping three minutes’ more than today! – Laura

2)     I’ve discovered a secret that few people know; running in the rain is totally liberating. It’s much easier than running when it’s sunny. Who cares if people look at you from inside their cosy cars with a mixture of pity and ‘please don’t let the crazy wet person come near me’ fear? – Laura

3)     Leftover turkey has well and truly run out and you never have to eat it again for another 351 days. Turkey is poor man’s chicken, tastes decidedly ropey and the poor birds should be just left alone to do what they do best – scratch about in farmyards looking ugly – Laura

4)     This music video. The campest piece of pop kitsch ever. A piece of nostalgia sure to raise a smile – Laura

5)     I have found, and am wearing, the finest pair of socks in the world. They are soft, warm and have a 1,000-mile, no blister guarantee. Whoever said no-frills, rudimentary Christmas presents were bad was VERY wrong – Laura

6)     Each day brings us one day nearer to the end of George Bush’s presidency  – Ian

7)     The Simpsons Movie is being released (it’ll be fantastic or appalling, but either way will be a memorable event) – Ian

8)     There will never be another series of Celebrity Love Island or Footballers’ Wives – Ian

9)     It can’t possibly be as hot as it was last year – Ian

10) Smoking will be banned in all public and work places across the United Kingdom  – Ian

11) Wearing red boots.  Because I’m wearing them right now, and they have sufficiently raised my outlook on the dreariest month of the year – Megan

12) Enjoying the warm(ish) weather: we might be killing the planet, but you don’t see any frost on my roses – Megan

13) The Sales. Needless crap for 2 quid, and having to stand in an hour-long queue!  Yesssss! – Megan

14) Oscar Season:  when all the best films combine with all the best celebrity press circuits (plus:  best dressed/worst dressed red carpet lists – hurrah!) – Megan

15) The year ahead:  because, despite the waning new years resolutions and awkward splits, you’ve got nearly the entire year ahead of you, to forget about it and move on – Megan

16) Edinburgh Festival in August – I’m going for the first time and it should be brilliant – Dom

17) Liverpool v Barcelona in the Champions League in February – promises to be a cracker of a tie – Dom

18)  I’m seeing the amazing Ray LaMontagne TWICE in the space of a week in February. Epic, sorrowful tunes + an incredible voice = an amazing live experience  – Dom

19) Once January is over it’s my birthday in February – Hurrah! It may be a difficult age (30, despite what my colleagues ‘amusingly’ are claiming) but it’s a good excuse to have time off work and party – Dom

20) The Nintendo Wii is set to make video games fun again; and has some amazing games lined up in the latter half of the year – Dom

Do you have a few of your own to add? We’d love to hear them. Feel free to share the joy and post your smile-inducing snippets here.

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10 Responses to Our 20 reasons to be cheerful

  1. Liz says:

    21) Today my little boy had his first full day at school, bless him, another milestone gone.
    22) Tomorrow I go back to work, Yay! back to the land of the grown-ups.
    23)  In april i hit the big 40.  Good, possibly, life begins at 40, or so they say.  Bad, maybe, more aches and pains and wrinkles.

  2. Jo says:

    21) I won\’t have to break the bank open for another 360 days or so.
    22) I can go back to my normal sleeping routine, also known as school.
    23) And I can drive from March!
    Happy New Year, guys.

  3. Lee says:

    Playstation 3!! Finally the wait will be over for best console of all time!

  4. Abi says:

    I will [hopefully] pass my driving tests AND some AS Level modules in the next few months. That\’ll keep me happy for a bit! (We\’re not thinking about failing, yet…)

  5. leanne says:

    its a new year and a new start ….

  6. sarah says:

    At last all the present buying is over all those people trying to feed you with junk that you never eat and never intend to eat have gone.  You get paid in approx 3 weeks.  And I do not have to go on one of those mad diets, as lost weight over christmas not put it on.  All that running round.  Anyway we have a new year, new things to do, goals to acheive and families to treasure, so enjoy life, SMILE and BE HAPPY.

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