10 ways Posh could spend her time in LA

Posted by Laura
Spain, shmain! Who needs sunny European climes when you can have the golden sunshine, glittering parties and glam lifestyle of LA? What David Beckham may lose in football cred by working for LA Galaxy (no, that’s not the name of some dodgy nightclub in Scunthorpe, though it should be), Posh will gain in amazing opportunities to do what she does best – pose and get papped. Her exact occupation may be unknown at present – pick any from housewife, failed solo singer, professional best friend or all-round clothes horse – but one thing’s for sure, while Becks is busy training with the likes of Santino Quaranta and  Landon Donovan (yes, really!), there’ll be plenty to occupy her time in LA.
Here’s 10 ways she could while away the hours.
1) Become a Scientologist. Maybe hanging out with Tom and Katie for so long could have had some impact. Still, it looks like Scientology could really offer someone like Victoria some real spiritual enlightenment. According to its UK site, the Church of Scientology offers answers to society’s "most crucial" questions. No more dilemmas about whether to go for the Prada or the Gucci handbag then, Posh. Phew!
2) First there was Hilton, then Lohan, and who could forget the latest recruit, the legendary Ms Spears!? Could Victoria be the next member of LA’s No-Knickers Club? We think she’d rather have David wearing hers anyway.
3) She’s done pop, she dabbled in R’n’B, perhaps Posh could try her hand at cracking the LA music scene with her own brand of gangsta rap: Straight Outta Congleton – Posh lyricises about her experiences in the tough Cheshire suburbs while David was playing for Man United.
4) Become governor of California. Arnie proved that you don’t have to be American or a great politician to do it – and Posh has admirably become the queen of the career change, with very few qualifications.
5) Be Scary Spice’s babysitter. Posh’s former bandmate sure will have her hands full when she gives birth to her next child in a few months. She could give her a few fashion tips while she’s at it. Scary’s outfits have certainly been living up to her moniker recently.
6) Seek out the biggest pair of shades ever. Any self-respecting pouting princess is never seen in LA without a mammoth hulk of eyewear perched on her nose. The bigger the star, the larger the lenses. Will Posh finally find the pair that eclipses her whole head?
7) Plan for baby Beckham number four. There’s plenty of inspiration for names out there; Brooklyn, Romeo, and then the very Spanish-influenced Cruz. Let’s hope if the Beckhams do have another child it’s a girl – Malibu Beckham is not the name for a young boy, especially if they want him to play football.
8) Audition for a part as the next bitchy fashion guru on Ugly Betty. Victoria already has the aloof fashionista glare down to a fine art, all she needs now is the acting credentials. Well, we’re sure Spiceworld: the Movie should put her at the top of any casting director’s list.
9) Become Nicole Richie’s new best friend. Poor Nicole, even slender Mischa looks a bit tubby next to her. Being snapped arm-in-arm with Posh may be just what she needs to look shapely again.
10) Bring out the new Victoria Beckham wonder food. From drinks to diet supplements, anyone who’s anyone in LA has their name on a beverage or food of some sort. The amazing Posh foodstick, perhaps? It looks like celery, tastes like celery, and you burn more calories eating it than are in it. Oh, hang on, it is celery! But with the right celebrity branding it could make millions.
Do you have any suggestions? Let us know.
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50 Responses to 10 ways Posh could spend her time in LA

  1. emma says:

    11) she could audition for desperate house wives…. (theres a story line in there somewhere just bursting to get out).

  2. Unknown says:

    Perhaps she can take some singing lessons & learn to sing a bit. Acting lessons because she can\’t cut the mustard there either. Dancing lessons. Lessons in how to smile would go a long way imo.

  3. Robert says:

    13) She can take the kids along the Pacific coast to watch the beautiful sunsets – Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach both have piers which afford great sunset views. Or she could spot herons and seals off Santa Monica Pier,a  great thrill for the kiddies. Given her love of super labels, no doubt she\’ll invest ina  few personal shoppers and some time on Rodeo Drive. That means she\’ll leave the fab retor boutiques of Los Feliz and Silverlake to the rest of us!

  4. Fiona says:

     Why not leave a rather neurotic and over exposed young woman to get on with her life?

  5. Kelly says:

    Well if Paris ive got millions so who needs talent is anything to go by she shud fit in just fine, infact it was probably her who pursuaded David to take the job.  Posh people paridise… get in the real world love!!!!

  6. rupi says:

    she cud do her own \’Pirates of England\’.

  7. BONAHIS says:

    Yeah Yeah

  8. BONAHIS says:

    I dont think a lot of what is written about Mrs. Beckham is fair. People make a lot of nasty comments about her yet they dont know her, have never even met her. So she has tried her hand at several careers, so what? At least she\’s trying to find out what she is good at and not busy trying to pull others down. Life experience has taught me that it\’s usually the attitude of those beneath to try and bring down others who are above. Live and let live

  9. Unknown says:

    Oscar Wilde said of someone "..knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing…" plus ca change, plus la meme chose… Kingston

  10. debbie says:

    good luck to both of them

  11. Philip says:

    Perhaps she could audition for the lead role in Corpse Bride 2 ?

  12. Umanie says:

    Jealousy all round! Shame on you! I think it\’s good that becks is having one final squeeze of the cows nipple. As for the mrs. why hate her? She made beckham what he is. Her occupation is a branding whizz! Without her, becks wouldn\’t have been as big as he is. Give the girl some credit! If only they looked at issues like world poverty though \’eh? Oh well, good lick in the hells arsehole that is, the u s of a! 

  13. Unknown says:

    she should stick to the day job…shopping definately suits her or she could try and get her first proper job! i cant understand why she never worked at Tesco in Cheshunt myself? Becks said he would love her even if she worked there!!! YEAH RIGHT!! i think she needs to come down off her high horse and remember she is just a cheshunt girl!! which is nothing to be ashamed of!

  14. Nick says:

    Who cares about Victoria Beckham anyway i certainly dont.

  15. Harpreet says:

    I believe Victoria has had a great deal of influence on David’s life and life style.  There is a women behind every mans success and Victoria is behind David.  I think Victoria should stop trying to prove herself to the public and mother her kids to the best of her ability.  What she has achieved in her life, not a lot of people can even dream about it.  I wish David and his family all the best in LA and I hope everything goes well for them. 

  16. nic says:

    after being so successful, there isn\’t much for them to do in the UK, once you\’ve lived abroad you just can\’t stop moving, I wish them well and hope their new horizon in an english speaking country will be fructuous. Let\’s hope Victoria become less plastic, although i doubt it will happen, she is going to LA LA LAND! Hope she has a few burgers there and become more motherly and smiley to shade a good exemple to all the young girls on the planet who have a dream, c\’mon Posh, get it together!

  17. Unknown says:

    money can\’t buy happiness.  the higher you climb the bigger the fall.  tell her just to be content and not lead a life which aims only at fame and money.  do some worthwhile charity to help the poor with the easy money – the gap between the rich and the poor seems so much bigger in cases like this.

  18. Wayne says:

    people are always bitching about Victoria Beckham – but she was a career woman in her own right before David came along and they have grown their brand Beckham together maybe more so her than him  – so why don\’t people stop slagging her off when they don\’t even know the woman – I wish them all the best on their move to L.A.

  19. Maxine Lloyd says:

    I love reading about Posh in the Mags.  I hope she keeps me in News Paper Atricles for a long time.  Dont go boring in LA otherwise I will have to start using the library!

  20. Winnie says:

    Well done good luck to you both and keep safe the journalists should get a life and let them get on with theires I think David is where he is because of Victoria she has worked hard for them both good on you Victoria and I hope that you are both very happy I would be.

  21. sujan says:

    preeaty cool

  22. Josh says:

    There both thick but posh is SEXY !!!!!!

  23. Joyce says:

    I wish them both good luck. Mrs though should watch out for those ladies, her hubby is cute and I live in the West Indies and can appreciate that, I have travelled and met with lots of foreigners so it is not like I am not used to people from across the globe.
    Will be taking note, be careful now Becks.

  24. Mike says:

    good luck to them both

  25. George says:

    all the best to you, love you both *

  26. Rachael says:

    hes definitly moving there because hes done over here.  hes had his time.  He got so famous so fast, but he was dropped just as fast.  hes no longer big over here and probably never will be. he made a massive mistake moving aboard. not only did loose the fame he had here, but also his standard of football dropped massivly.becks..stop wanting money money money, u have enough!! GIVE TO CHARITY!!!!!

  27. Stefania says:

    who cares what they do, they are both so fake!!!!!

  28. VALERIE says:

    good luck there are alot of bad comments from some people but what they forget David has worked hard since he was a kid to get what he wanted out of life.  He is dedecated to his football a true sports man. If this is what he and his wife want y not? Posh and Becks are just names we are talking about real people.

  29. Unknown says:

    Victoria is the best looking creature on earth. Oh Victoria, don\’t go. stay. please.

  30. Donna says:

    Wish them all the best in there move across the water, hope they can be happy there & make it big in the States. Good luck guys you rock

  31. Wesley says:

    "Will Posh finally find the pair that eclipses her whole head?" I can\’t help but feel the author is jealous of Posh\’s success.
    I don\’t understand why this forum even exists? Whats so interesting about "celebraties". No one seems to care about the people who make the communication network system work. Before mass media was invented artists were only appreciated by the people who saw them preform. The only reason why "celebraties" are so rich is because people like yourselves get absorbed into their personal lives and not just their talents.  Secondly the whole copyright thing is criminal. Artists and record companies should only profit from the shows they give. The engineers that invented digitalisation and recording don\’t see a penny of the billions that comes into the music sector. Where is their copyright cut?

  32. TIM says:

    We might at last stop hearing about these two self styled celebrities, she can wander aimlessly in L.A. spending his dollars and thinking she\’s important while he tries to look important and explains the offside rule to Americans who would rather watch baseball, in all a suitable place for two people England are better off without and who the majority of intelligent people won\’t miss. The only shame is that they won\’t be taking the remainder of overpaid English footballers and their cronies with them. What will Hello magazine and the other shiny toilet paper circulars do now?

  33. Jenny says:

    who cares.

  34. Christina says:

    I think they both deserve the best of luck, they have done bits for charity, from what i can see they are both doing well with bringing there children up, victoria has done great things for the fashion indusrtry and has had allot of heart ache in the past. David has done allot for football and sport all togethter, so i think they both deserve the best of luck and i hope it works out for them.
    Good luck guys x

  35. Tanya says:

    i think that going to america is one of POSH\’S dreams and not davids they have come too fake or better victoria made david fake like her and david should be playing football and not modelling anyway good luck to them i think she ugly

  36. Unknown says:

    Why doesn\’t Posh stop trying to make herself noticed, and stay at home with the children she brought into the world. She, like other wanna be stars don\’t think of the kids. Self, Self, Self.   

  37. wendy says:

                                                              GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE FAMILY

  38. Maddy says:

    well shes got money… gave some to charity why not snd it?

  39. Maddy says:

    ur stupid

  40. Maddy says:


  41. Maddy says:

    well at least i ve got more money! eheheheheheh

  42. Maddy says:

    I LOVE U BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Maddy says:

    will you marry me?

  44. Maddy says:

    of course mildred!!!!!!!!!

  45. Maddy says:

    btw……. can other people read this?

  46. Maddy says:

    yes my sweet!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  47. Linda says:

    who gives a damm about posh??? she just looks like a blinkin stick wiv big boobs! i couldn\’t care less about her and wat she does, which is wat exactly??

  48. dorothy says:

    good luck to them both sounds to me there are a lot of jealous people out there they do a lot for charity and both adore their beautiful kids so I wish them all the luck in the world.

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