The Brit Parade

900PM Update:
Here are the confirmed nominations for the 2007 Brit Awards:
British Female Solo Artist:
Amy Winehouse
Corrine Bailey Rae
Lily Allen
Nerina Pallot
Best British album:
Amy Winehouse (Back to Black)
Arctic Monkeys (Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not)
Lily Allen (Alright Still)
Muse (Black Holes & Revelations)
Snow Patrol (Eyes Open)
British Breakthrough Act:
Corinne Bailey Rae
The Fratellis
James Morrison
The Kooks
Lily Allen
International Breakthrough Act:
Gnarls Barkley
The Raconteurs
Ray LaMontagne
British Live Act:
George Michael
Robbie Williams
British Single:
Put Your Records On (Corinne Bailey Rae)
Fill My Little World (The Feeling)
You Give Me Something (James Morrison)
She Moves In Her Own Way (The Kooks)
A Moment Like This (Leona Lewis)
Smile (Lily Allen)
America (Razorlight)
I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker (Sandi Thom)
Chasing Cars (Snow Patrol)
Patience (Take That)
All Time Love (Will Young)
International male solo artist:
Bob Dylan
Damien Rice
Jack Johnson
Justin Timberlake
International female solo artist:
Cat Power
Christina Aguilera
Nelly Furtado
International group:
The Flaming Lips
Gnarls Barkley
The Killers
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Scissor Sisters
International album:
Bob Dylan (Modern Times)
Gnarls Barkley (St Elsewhere)
Justin Timberlake (Future Sex/LoveSounds)
The Killers (Sam’s Town)
Scissor Sisters (Ta-Dah)
Outstanding contribution to music:
Posted by Laura
Awards events, it seems, are like buses. You wait ages for one to arrive, then three come along at once. First there was the Bafta nominations last week, then the Golden Globe Awards last night, and tonight the Brit Awards nominations will be revealed.
The Brits have come a long way since the whole Sam Fox/Mick Fleetwood line-fluffing fiasco of 1989, causing a fair deal of controversy along the way. Who could forget Michael Jackson’s narcissistic incarnation of the Messiah and Jarvis Cocker’s subsequent legendary bum-waggling in protest? Then there was that unforgettable display of the old rock’n’roll mentality rising up against the establishment when Chumbawamba’s Danbert Nobacon drenched Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott with water from an ice bucket. And, not to be outdone, Craig David showed his teenage angst when he changed the lyrics to one of the songs he performed at the Brits after failing to win in any of the six categories he was nominated for in 2001 – the rebel.
So, before the controversy mill goes into overdrive, we thought we’d get our hits in first and give you our rundown of who, if there was any justice in the world of music, would feature on tonight’s hallowed list of artists.
British male solo artist: Paolo Nutini
– "Such a sexy voice and he’s only 20! Plus bonus points for the hints of Scottish accent you can hear on Last Request" – Colleen, MSN Celebrity Editor

British female solo artist: Lily Allen
– "I love that her stuff sounds really sunny and joyful every time I hear it. It reminds me of last summer’s BBQs. Plus I like her style" – Colleen, MSN Celebrity Editor
British group: The Feeling 
– "Unashamedly cheesy pop with singalong choruses, and they’re absolutely brilliant live – Colleen, MSN Celebrity Editor
British album: The Guillemots, Through The Windowpane
– "I didn’t realise you could fit so many instruments and amazing, storytelling lyrics on one album until I heard this" – Laura, Homepage Editor 
British urban act: Lemar
– "Proof that dodgy reality talent contests can produce great stars" – Laura, MSN Homepage Editor
British rock actThe Kooks
– "A bit rock, a bit moody, a bit infectious and catchy, dodgy rock star hair cuts. The perfect candidates, I reckon" – Laura, MSN Homepage Editor
British live act: The Feeling
– Brilliant gig at Shepherds Bush Empire, fantastic atmosphere, fabulous cover version of Video Killed The Radio Star! – Dom, MSN Homepage Editor
Pop act: The Sugababes
– "They have been very active on the live scene, managed to withstand yet another band member change, and they did an almost half decent duet with James Brown at Roundhouse for what was his last ever UK Performance."
– Jason, MSN Entertainment
International male solo artist: Ray LaMontagne
– "An incredible voice, superb, soulful songs and an amazing live presence" – Dom, MSN Homepage Editor 
International group:
"International Artist (and album) should go to Rodrigo Y Gabriella; those are proper musicians, them" – Ed, MSN Movies Editor
Outstanding Contribution to Music:
We know this spot has already been taken by Oasis, but this bunch are mere whippersnappers compared with the wealth of talent and experience of some artists. How about Chas ‘n’ Dave? They’ve been knocking about for ages and the lyrical wonder of "Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, rabbit" takes some beating. No Noel, not even the ingenuity of "How my dog’s been itching, itching in the kitchen once again" can top that.
Who would you like to see nominated?
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11 Responses to The Brit Parade

  1. Unknown says:

    Re Brit nominations – I was surprised the Sugababes weren\’t nominated too. I was hardly surprised the Scissor Scissors got a couple – I knew that without looking!. I also think that Kylie deserved a nomination.

  2. Charlie says:

    agree with Laura on outstanding contribution to music but surely bands like Pink Floyd and Genesis and led zep deserve it more as they have been around for ages

  3. Lu says:

    And yet again, the British mainstream music establishment fail to notice the talents of the likes of Evanescence, The Dresden Dolls, Idiot Pilot, Bright Eyes and Panic! At The Disco, not to mention the absolute blinding genius that is My Chemical Romance and homegrown talent such as Klaxons, Morrissey. Depeche Mode and The Delays. Instead, they choose to nominate the "cool" indie bands and singers who are the current the flavour of the month in order to make themselves look good. It\’s like reading off the contents list of an NME magazine. Shame on you. The only saving grace is that Muse, Scissor Sisters and James Morrison are currently flavours of the month, so they at least get a look in.
    I am surprised to not see Gwen Stefani, Nelly Furtado, Shakira or Kylie Minogue nominated though. Especially Kylie. She more than deserves one.

  4. Nick says:

    How DARE they put that Timberlake nonsense in the same pigeon hole as Bob Dylan !!!

  5. Aasimah says:

    i jus saw that every 1 seems to be talking about chivalry so i thought ill share a song with you. if you go to on his album ders a song called chivalrys not dead. jus thought some people might want to listen to that.

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