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World Book Day

Posted by Dom   In the seemingly endless list of days and weeks of the year in Britain dedicated to something or other, one initiative that the homepage team is firmly behind is World Book Day. In the UK and Ireland, … Continue reading

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Season’s bleatings

Posted by Ian   Is it too soon to start talking about spring on the UK MSN homepage?   The issue has come up in conversation a few times during the last few days. Spring-themed articles are starting to trickle … Continue reading

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A thirtysomething writes…

Posted by Ian   It appears not only is Britain the fattest, most unhealthy and drug-addled country in Europe, replete with a plague of illiterate sign-writers, it is also failing the one hope for its future: its children.   One … Continue reading

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Why TV is better than ever

Posted by Ian   There’s never been one particular ‘golden age’ of television. Rather, the golden age began when TV was invented, and continues to this day.   TV isn’t worse than it used to be, just different. There only … Continue reading

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Me and TV: the love affair is over

Posted by Laura On Tuesday night Channel 4 showed Strictly Lady Sumo, a real-life documentary in which a group of overweight women who’d never set foot in a wrestling ring before vied to become sumo queens. It was, in the … Continue reading

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