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We heard you

Posted by Nicole   Our small experiment with pre-populating the search box on the homepage didn’t last very long. We pulled this from the page today after receiving feedback from you that this wasn’t a good move. Your comments were backed up … Continue reading

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Week of 24/03/07 – 30/03/07: Spring Comes Darkly

Posted by Megan Every week our Photo Editor, Megan Tidd, sifts through catalogues of imagery, selecting the most striking or poignant photojournalistic work produced that week, usually for some of the world’s most important news stories.  Here are the reasons … Continue reading

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Posted by Nicole   Our primary aim here on the homepage team is to give you our readers fast, easy access to the things we think you’re most interested in.  To this end, we’ve gone live today with a new … Continue reading

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Going Underground

Posted by Ian   That multi-coloured squiggly map thing that was recently voted the nation’s second greatest design icon. You know what I’m talking about. That rainbow of horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines which burrows deep under the earth of … Continue reading

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Northerners speak true English: are you having a laff?

Posted by Laura   Who put the R in bath? Surely this is a trick question, you may think, there is no R in bath. But if you search hard enough in certain parts of Britain the rogue consonant is … Continue reading

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The living daylight: 10 reasons to love BST

Posted by Laura   Can you smell it yet? Somewhere between the floral notes of sweet blossom and the earthiness of dawn it’s there – the heady, wonderful anticipation of summer. No sooner do the clocks go forward then the … Continue reading

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Why British Summer Time should be scrapped

Posted by Ian   Here it is again, that moment in the year when we have an hour of sleep stolen from us and there’s nothing we can do about it. When our body clocks are thrown completely out of kilter. … Continue reading

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