Why British Summer Time should be scrapped

Posted by Ian
Here it is again, that moment in the year when we have an hour of sleep stolen from us and there’s nothing we can do about it. When our body clocks are thrown completely out of kilter. When time is meddled with for no reason other than to preserve a tradition spiralling back goodness knows how many decades. When the sun is let loose to bake the earth long into the night and render global warming even more of a threat.
Accordingly, here are ten reasons why British Summer Time should be abolished – forever.
1) It means darker mornings. In a choice between getting up in the pitch black, or going to bed in the pitch black, surely the latter is preferable. Nobody enjoys waking up in the dark; it puts you in a bad mood for the rest of the day, and makes the business of climbing out of bed seem akin to ascending the Himalaya mountains. Whereas when the sun is shining onto your pillow first thing of a morning you can’t wait to get up.
2) Putting the clocks forward means you lose an hour of sleep. You might not feel it on Sunday, but you sure miss it come Monday morning and you’re struggling to school or work on depleted reserves of energy, rest and recuperation. It’s plain wrong that we should be robbed of 60 minutes of slumber just like that.
3) Come the middle of summer, the sun doesn’t set until gone 10pm. This is downright unnatural. Your body needs to wind down of an evening in order to get the best out of a night’s sleep; when the sun’s still blazing away as Newsnight comes on the TV, it’s impossible to do this, hence you’re tempted to stay up even later, you get even more tired, and come the weekend you can barely get out of bed.
4) Now that our climate is warming up, summers are hotter than ever and the sun’s rays more lethal. British Summer Times means lighter evenings and hence hotter nights, as the ground has less chance to cool down and lose the heat it has absorbed during the day. Lighter mornings, however, would still give us the same amount of sun but of a less intense, less harmful quality.
5) Clinging to something like British Summer Time is a supremely stubborn obsession. It’s about time we shed our fusty, conservative habits and adopted a more practical, 21st century attitude towards time zones – preferably aligning them with Europe, thereby avoiding that irritating business when taking the ferry or Eurostar of always having to put your watch forward.
6) It’s an inconvenience. If you can honestly say you’ve always remembered to put every single one of your clocks forward on the right day, you’re lying.
7) It’s outdated for a country that has separate parliaments and assemblies. Why not devolve time to the regions? Up until 1916 Ireland was 25 minutes behind mainland Britain. Farmers in Scotland, by dint of geography, have to put up with different sunrises and sunsets; why not allow separate areas of the country to determine their most suitable and remunerative clocks?
8) Whoever decided that "summer time" should begin on the last weekend of March? It presupposes spring is over before it’s barely begun. If we must have it, why not limit it to those months where the weather is more likely to actually involve the sun shining, as opposed to grey clouds, terrential rain and, as often happens in April, snow.
9) Contrary to what always appears in the popular press, longer sunnier evenings lead to more accidents, not less. With children more inclined to be playing out in the street, plus the presence of more cars, traffic incidents go up. Indeed, Portugal actually scrapped their system of summer time after concluding that the risk of more accidents was too great.
10) In this carbon-conscious, environmentally-sensitive age, creating more, not less, reasons for people to stay up late drinking, smoking, driving around and generally creating more heat and pollution is just not on. All politicians appear to agree on the need for a dramatic change in our culture and habits. Scrapping British Summer Time would be the perfect way to start.
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80 Responses to Why British Summer Time should be scrapped

  1. Unknown says:

    Why is day hours longer in summer and shortin the winter, you can blaime the farmers…… Governments should get tough on polution.

  2. Edward says:

    Why not have BST in the winter and BST + 1 hour for the summer so we will be the same as the continent. we\’ll save money on lighting in the evenings. It\’s much safer all round. It doesn\’t matter what the actual time is to the Jocks and farmers they can have thier own time!

  3. Mike says:

    Sorry but this article must be an early April fools prank, it could not possibly be serious

  4. DAVID says:


  5. Marine models says:

    Good morning? well it was untill i read that dribble, more and more peaple get up before 6am, i have for many years and in summer i look forward to the extra long evenings so i can enjoy my time after work and just chill, i\’d rather make the most of my sunmer than sit there bloody moaning about it.

  6. Rachel says:

    "Now that our climate is warming up, summers are hotter than ever and the sun\’s rays more lethal. British Summer Times means lighter evenings and hence hotter nights, as the ground has less chance to cool down and lose the heat it has absorbed during the day. Lighter mornings, however, would still give us the same amount of sun but of a less intense, less harmful quality."
    Does no one else realise how stupid this is?
    Hotter nights are a result of summer. They will still happen whether or not you change the clocks forward or not. Pressing a little button on your clock WILL NOT make somehow alter the state of the solar system and give us all hotter evenings.

  7. lou says:

    lol, obviously a resident victor meldrew. thats the biggest pile of **** i have ever read on here .

  8. Rachel says:

    Have to say I don\’t really agree with what you have written – although it was amusing to read.  Just one thing……..
    I first day of Spring is always during the last week of March – therefore it can not be the first day of summer during the last weekend.  If you don\’t believe me check it up…  Just because we change the clocks it doesn\’t actually mean that summer is here…..  Who ever heard of summer in April ???

  9. Marsha says:

    Hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa¬ Thats the best laugh I\’ve had in the morning for ages! Superb!

  10. adam says:

    WTF???? This guy is off his rocker, if he ever was one one. This has got to be the most crap i have ever read. Yeah most people dont like to loose an hours sleep but i think most people like to have the extra hours of sunlight so when they do get back from school or work they can chill, or go out with mates and have fun. This guy "Ian" is a complete W*****.

  11. Benjamin says:

    I Cant Do Much But Second All The Points Everyone Has Made, Really. I Laughed At This, Had A Jolly Good Chuckle.Giving Ian A Keyboard Had The Same Effect As Giving A Monkey A Shotgun, Im Afraid.

  12. Fiona says:

     What a sad old fart!

  13. John Ian Jones says:

    " Clinging to something like British Summer Time is a supremely stubborn obsession.
    It\’s about time we shed our fusty, conservative habits and adopted a
    more practical, 21st century attitude towards time zones – preferably
    aligning them with Europe, thereby avoiding that irritating business
    when taking the ferry or Eurostar of always having to put your watch
    forward."But no one in the UK actually likes Europe at all. We\’re all wondering when we\’re going to get a referendum to be able to get ourselves out of the EU.

  14. Benjamin says:

    Sorry To Double Post But"Putting the clocks back means you lose an hour of sleep."   ohoh, Classic!

  15. Mo says:

    Hmmmmmmm. Cornwall 7 minutes behind the rest of the UK huh?.  Always new I was different. The only part of his argument I maybe agree with is:
    "(6) It\’s an inconvenience. If you can honestly say you\’ve always remembered to put every single one of your clocks forward on the right day, you\’re lying." 
    but then my late dad was a "Clockophobe" Yeh Ok I made the word up. Mums house has 18 clocks in it and it\’s an absolute pain in the ass putting them right twice a year takes me at least an hour.
    As for the rest of his twaddle "It takes all sorts to make a world and they don\’t all live down here in Sunny Cornwall"
    Anyone wanna hot "Tiddy Pastie"?

  16. Matt says:

    Whoever wrote this is obviously someone who doesn\’t have a life and prefers to be in bed by 9pm every night.  Loser.

  17. Victoria says:

    Your argument about global warming doesn\’t have any credit. The sun doesn\’t know what time it is and will blaze at its temperature whether it\’s 9 or 10 o\’clock. The ground will take just as long to cool down in the evening regardless of the actual time – it won\’t suddenly take an hour less to cool down just because we\’ve set our clock differently. Also, your argument contradicts itself. You find it a nuisance to change your watch when you head onto the continent, but you\’d find it perfectly acceptable to do so when entering a different region of one country?

  18. Unknown says:

    I think it\’s great this time of year, It\’s gives me less time in bed with the misses…

  19. david says:

    what a load of drivel, this could only have been posted by one of our ? existing MPs who voted out the proposal  to go to double summer time and fall into line "time wise" with Europe. Give me dark mornings any time when I am stuck inside an office / factory and allow me to enjoy daylight when I am away from work.

  20. pamela says:

    ask the millions of fishermen if summer time is wrong  we cant wait for it

  21. Unknown says:

    Why stop at teh regional level? Why not make it so that every town starts the day at 6:00 – and that\’s whenever the sun rises in each town, so every day in every town starts and lasts a different ammount of time! Sure, it would mean all the tv shows start at strange times and people would always have to do conversions to find out when flights, concerts and other events start in other towns, but with our super technoligy this wouln\’t be hard at all!  – its a tough call.

  22. Charles says:

    i think it should be scrapped maybe we should vote for it and take this futher

  23. James says:

    Complete nonsense. When I loaded up my browser and saw the two halves of this argument advertised on MSN hompage, I immediately thought to myself, "the reasons against BST are just not going to be real reasons, are they?" And I was right.  It\’s not even consistent.  One point contradicts another.  No.4 – sun\’s rays causing more harm even though no.1, darker mornings.  If we get up in the dark and the greater part of the sunshine falls in the evening when this idiot is safely holed up indoors watching the Deal or No Deal omnibus (it will happen eventually), and so will be exposed to less sunlight.  And apparently we should both align our clocks with Europe and stop being so traditionalist, but at the same time split up the UK into several different, more accurate time-zones.  WHAT?!?!?!?! This guy is what is wrong  with the internet giving everyone a say.  May he never post on wikipedia and make things worse.

  24. Paul says:

    I, for one, agree that BST should be scrapped as I\’m fed up with folk saying "we should align ourselves with Europe" "we should keep BST and BST+1". The fact of the matter is, this country sits on (OK, mainly to the West of) the Prime Meridian. Global timezones are expressed in relation to the Meridian, so as far as I\’m concerned the only proper time to use is GMT. If anything, perhaps we should change our working hours instead of the clocks?

    Some argue that changing to/from BST increases the risks of accidents on the roads. Those risks wouldn\’t manifest themselves if we didn\’t put the clocks forward in the first place! It\’s the sudden change by 1hr that causes the problem. Putting the clocks back 1h in autumn may initially make the mornings lighter (thus supposedly making it "safer" for children going to school – except they\’re all taken by car these days) but by the end of November it\’ll be just as dark at 07:44GMT as it was at 07:44BST on 27th Oct.

    One politician argued that if we moved to BST/BST+1 people would be fitter because they\’d be more inclined to play sports in the lighter evenings. Absolute bilge! Lighter evenings means going to the pub and drinking, not playing sports!

  25. Unknown says:

    Don\’t agree!  Why should we fall in line with Europe yet again!!  Portugal must still have summer time as there is no change in time when travelling there in winter or summer – same as UK.  In the US, they have 5 time zones to cross from E to W.  Stop moaning and enjoy the longer days!

  26. Unknown says:

    What an absolute idiot. As if what time we get up makes any difference to global warming. I\’ll look out for MSN articles more in future if they\’re going to be this bad. I need a laugh.

  27. Unknown says:

    I don\’t really care whether it\’s GMT or BST – I just don\’t see why we have to faff about changing from one to the other twice a year. Pick a time zone & stick to it. There\’s no advantage to one or the other that I can see & it\’s more disruptive to keep changing.

  28. michael says:

    Well Ian, congratulations you have just confirmed to hundreds of people that you are truly an idiot, I know, why dont we all work at night and then sleep during the day, this should stop exposure to sun, creating accidents and turn all of us into zombies.
    Please start taking the pills again as you obviously need them……..   

  29. Ash says:

    I think Ian is a little confused. Putting the clocks forward an hour doesn\’t mean we have 25 hour days for the "extra" hour to make the world warmer…

    And aligning our clocks with Europe would mean putting our clocks another hour forward. Kind of pi**ing on your own arguement there aren\’t you?

  30. FEN says:

    OMG what a plonker !!!!!!!!!!!      i love BST  its the time of yr when wveryone has a smile on there faces. sunlight is good for you ffs

  31. Unknown says:

    Wonder what this Ian geezer does for a living? he obviously hasn\’t worked for the GPO as I did for years Getting out of a warm bed at three in the morning all comes naturally whether it is dark or light. So I don\’t really care whether it is GMT BST BEA or abc. Get up when you wake and fall into bed when you\’re tired. It works for me

  32. Matthew says:

    What a rediculous argument, no way should bst be scrapped if anything keep it at bst all year round, i\’m quite happy to sacrifice dark mornings for light evenings.

  33. chr says:

    what the hell are you on about!
    we dont loose any time – we mearly move it back to where it was before the autumn where we move the hour back-
    Body Clock!  i suggest you shut u pbefore you annoy theose that know more about the Circadium rhytm than you – if you know any thing you know that the Human Animal IS on of the most adaptable animals on the planet – if what you say is true then NO-ONE would or Should work nights, if thats the case lets all go back to cave dwelling & using candles & gas for lightinng and heating. ypu are such a numb nuts!

  34. elle says:

    I am not sure if I should laugh or cry; having just read the posting by the terribly ill-informed Ian, who is under the hysterically funny impression that if the clocks were not put forward an hour we would have an end to global warming!
    If only it were possible to control the sun with our clocks!
    "Now that our climate is warming up, summers are hotter than ever and the sun\’s rays more lethal. British Summer Times means lighter evenings and hence hotter nights, as the ground has less chance to cool down and lose the heat it has absorbed during the day. Lighter mornings, however, would still give us the same amount of sun but of a less intense, less harmful quality."
    This has to be almost as ridiculous a statement as a question asked by an Orange customer service representative in response to my complaints that I could not receive any signal in and around the area where I live – "do you live in a red brick house?" I kid you not!

  35. craig says:

     I presumethat this article is a wind-up; very few who are so intellectually inept can also use a keyboard.  And the expression is not "by or leave", but "by your leave", meaning \’please\’ or \’with your permission\’.

  36. samantha says:

    all i can say thats brightened up my day no end….. ive not laughed like that in ages.  the term get a life springs to mind. id like to know where people get the time to sit and right all that drival whilst the rest of us are out working or spending time in the sunshine.
    gonna paste it to all my mates so they can have a giggle to. brilliant

  37. Steven says:

    This arguement is total nonsense! (And full of errors).
    Surely BST makes more sense than GMT! Its putting the clocks BACK in autumn that should be scrapped if anything! It was light when I got up at 6.30am this morning, and we will now have nice light evenings.
    Putting the clocks back means it gets dark at about 3.30pm in winter, who the hell wants that? Isn\’t the case that clocks go BACK in autumn to give farmers lighter mornings? Mealwhile the rest of us have to leave work in the dark! Isn\’t it that which is a stupid old tradtion?

  38. julie says:

    Ian is talking a complete load of twaddle . Its still light at 8.30 in the mornin to take the kids to school and its still light at 3 when u pick them up no matter wot time of year it is.  i love the lighter nights u can sit out in the garden and have a drink and a laugh with ur mates. You cant do that in Winter. Puttin clocks back jus reminds me its gonna b cold and b dark for too many hours.  Keep the light nites i say

  39. Unknown says:

    British Summer Time (BST) otherwise known as Daylight Savings Time (DST) is exactly what it means, you get an extra hour of daylight to spend with your family after work, or for diy jobs you’ve been putting off.
    As for losing an hour’s sleep, that only applies to ONE day, and in that case think about gaining an extra precious hour of sleep when BST ends and we revert  back to GMT.
    The only real problem it applies to is to those people who cannot take the BST/DST adjustment in astronomy calculations, where the real time is an hour behind.

  40. Meshi says:

    Tut tut…have you nothing better to do than complain about the clocks going forward!!!! they are only returning to their original setting before they were moved back in the fall…….
    seriously there are more inportant things to moan about, that is if you must!!

  41. Gavin says:

    What a load of rubbish!
    BST is great and if anyhting should be extended all year round. Even better would be run the UK on CET and get even more daylight into our days!
    Think about it.

  42. Warlord says:

    Man who ever wrote this crap must have just moved over from Perth, West Australia.  Thats where I am at the moment and they are AGAIN "trialing" dyalight savings.
    OMG they call the english WHINGERS. What a bunch of girls.
    "Daylight savings confuses the cows"
    "my kids can\’t sleep"
    "My curtains will fade"
    SHUT UP.
    I miss the long UK evenings. No.. for West Australia, to be honest I can see fors and againsts. Man the seasons change so little who gives a *** anyway.
    but for England… man the late night BBQ\’s, the garden parties, the safe night time stroles through a field with a loved one.

  43. Steven says:

    I suspect he is playing Devil\’s Advocate and had to come up with reasons against BST for the sake of the debate…… but he obviously struggled to come up with convincing ones!
    99% of people are in favour of BST in the summer, so…
    Surely a better debate would be "Should we keep BST all year round?"

  44. Phil says:

    It doesn\’t matter whether we have daylight saving or not, we still get the same number of hours of daylight and the same number of hours of darkness each year, it\’s just a case of conditioning ourselves to making best use of it.  All putting the clocks forward means is that we effectively get up/go to sleep an hour earlier when DST is in operation and because we rely so much on clocks these days we can\’t consciously (well most of us anyway) force ourselves into getting up that bit earlier in the summer half of the year.  Personally I think we should stay on GMT always.  At least then you\’d know that the sun is due south at midday (barring natural irregulkarities in the earth\’s orbit around the sun).

  45. Phil says:

    Portugal still uses DST but they follow GMT in winter and BST in summer rather than following the rest of Europe.  This is as much that they\’re further west than the rest of Europe as anything else.

  46. Dharmendra says:

    Scrap the whole lot of BST,GMT,PST,CET etc … we live in a 24 hr society so lets just have 1 worlwide international time, this way no matter who were talking to in the world, we\’re always in the same time.  Easy !!! Lets call it WIT.

  47. Ashley says:

    This is so bad it must be a joke point 6 is a oxymoron and point 5 is a contradictshion of the point your trying to make

  48. Unknown says:

    OK. Should we then follow the Japanese time as WIT. So if it\’s morning in Japan and night here, we will still call it morning and have our breakfastr

  49. David says:

    Phil, Would that be due south if you live on the Greenwich Meridian by any chance? If so, that blows the argument out the water for the rest of us then! It was fantastic being out in the garden until after 7 last night. Keep BST all year, I say.

  50. martin says:

    Nobody give a monkey\’s shut up!

  51. David says:

    I dont hear you complaining when the clocks go back one hour.  You say it means darker mornings? Have you ever woken up in pitch black when the clocks have gone forward….erm not as often as when the clocks go back.  You lose 1hours sleep well go to bed an hour earlier. Plus in 6months time £1,000,000 says we gained an hours sleep lets stop the british winter!  The sun doesnt set until 10pm so you can stay out and have a bbq and enjoy time with your family and friends cant do that in winter.  Hotter nights well you go abroad where the temperature is 10 degrees hotter and you dont complain get air conditioning. Its inconvenience you mean you are to lazy to get up off your backside and move your clocks 1hr forward.  Creating more heat and pollution is not proven this is a government thing just to make some headline news.  God is heating up the world not global warming. Read revelation in the final days i will come and heat up the earth. DUH! So whover wants to scrap it give us some proper reasons.

  52. Pozer says:

    Even though we may have lost an hour of sleep, we gain another hour in six months time when the clocks go backwards. Therefore putting this problem back into balance. Furthermore, people can complain now but when it comes to gettin an extra hours sleep nobpdy seems to moan. So, why can\’t we carry on with our lives and simply adjust, like we always do.

  53. Lisa says:

    The whole reason for the clocks going forward an hour is so that it prevents things from going wrong, we don\’t wake up in the dark as the sun starts to rise at about 5 and yes it doesnt get dark till about 10 but if you want to go to sleep earlier its called black out curtains! and considering scotland is attatched to us and very much apart of great britain is it unfair that we lose an hours sleep here so that they can have sunshine when we gain it back in novemberish time when we are more appreciative for it?????

  54. Unknown says:

    this is pretty stupid, just bcoz we put the clocks forward dusnt mean tht the sun is going to be out for longer or for less time, it will still be out the same amount of time, and it will still be causin the same amount of global warming… and so wht if u wake up in the morning and its dark, it just means tht u get to look forward to the sun splittin the skys come your break or lunch hour. i say keep the tradition.

  55. amir says:

    How can u scrap this great tradition, summer is what everyone looks forward to, everyone is always complaining about the weather, we should keep this forever!!!!!!!!! i love it i get to play basketball outside for much longer

  56. Christopher says:

    Scrap it all – we\’re such a little island yet we adhere to a stupid tradition of setting clocks back and forward. Maybe back in the day it served a purpose but now it\’s just silly. I have lived in larger countries than this and do they need to adjust clocks? No, they all just stay on the same time and life goes on.
    It\’s got nothing to do with an extra bit of sun here or loosing sleep there – would we notice much difference if they were not set back and forth? Nope, we\’d all just carry on as normal!!

  57. Neil says:

    What an absloute numpty you are Ian.

    Point 1, you mention that it means darker mornings??. Well yes this is true but only for a couple of weeks, Hands up those of us who think it is still dark at 6 am in June, July and August??…. Exactly nobody does as we all know, except you that is that in the summer it starts to get light at 4 am!!. If we didn’t turn our clocks forward this would mean that it would be light at 3 am, absolutely stupid.
    point 2, you say that you are robbed of an hour sleep, I bet when you go on holiday to Spain you suffer from jet lag you p**k. point 3, the sun does not set until 10pm,  after a long day at work mate, I want to be able to enjoy as much of the sun as possible, and there’s nothing better on a nice summers night than sinking a few pints in a beer garden and enjoying the sun after completing a 12 hour shift at work.
    Point 4, Hotter nights, well as the clocks went forward by 1 hour, in March surely by the middle of July we have all adjusted to this and are actually going to bed an hour later than we are in March.
    Point 5, I really cannot believe you have said that about coming into line with European time zones, you ignorance amazes me, it really does. Several other countries in Europe and around the world actually participate in the moving of clocks back and forwards by 1 hour, because of where different countries are geographically place Ian, there will always be the need to adjust your watch when traveling to foreign countries. Also don’t you have to move your watch at a minimum of 1 hour ahead when going into some European countries and some are 2 and even 3 hours ahead, thus contradicting your original argument of moving time ahead!! Numpty.
    Point 6, it\’s an in-convenience and you may forget to adjust your clocks or all clocks. Well you do have 6 months notice between the changing of BST to GMT, if you can’t get yourself organized to change a few clocks with 6 months notice, well……….
    Point 7, There’s nothing like making a simple thing complicated is there, Ian??
    point 8, Yet again you amaze through your shear ignorance of why this is done, The sun passes into the northern hemisphere (that’s the half north of the equator, where we live in Britain top half of planet earth) in the 12th week of the year, this is called equinox, hence the reason that summer gets hot, because we get nearer the sun, the 12th week of the year is funnily enough in March and then the sun moves into the southern hemisphere in 44th week of the year this been in October!. This Ian is what divides winter and summer, and in some cases of countries living closer to the equator they only have 2 seasons per year.
    Point 9,  Tell you what why don’t we just scrap all school holidays, thus less children will playing in the street, or we could send all our children to prison, and then non of them can ever play in the street and cause accidents.
    Point 10,   See point 9, why don’t we just all imprison ourselves. Let’s make a packed never to go out and enjoy ourselves, or leave our homes ever again.
    The summer is a time of year when everyone has a smile on there face and things in life seam a lot better, and it’s a time to enjoy. Anyone who cannot cope through adjusting to 1 hour either way has some sort of serious issues they need to address.

  58. Jonathan says:

    How on Earth does this guy get out of bed in the morning – I am surprised he has enough brain power to breathe!!!!!!
    This guy must be one of the stupid ones that are voting for Labour. I knew they were out there; I was just having a hard time finding them and now I know why. They are all inside on benefits writing floored articles on BST.

  59. YOURS says:

    THE BEAUTIFUIL SUMMER WEATHER,  with darkness falling around 10pm is brilliant for the country.  it is a for drivers, especially in rush hour the the timings in the autumn and winter are absolutely awful.  One important factor is that it is very demoralising.  the general culture of the country in the autumn and winter periods is very dull, one with the weather the other is with it falling dark very early. 
    It is refreshing and motivating to waking up in the morning preparing for work and seeing daylighht.  this is also medically proven.  but then again again they dont give a damn on the medical/motivation/cultural aspects anyway.  As long as it suits them.  so our view wont be soght after anyway. 

  60. david says:

    i think he has a good point its stulid

  61. donald says:

    ssss  sss  sss  SSSSSS  DDDDD

  62. Ibiza says:

    Personal i like the british summer, after having so many dark nights you look forward to having lighter one\’s plus everyone loves the summertime and well it marks the begining of it. IN THE SUMMERTIME WHEN THE WEATHER IS FINEEE YOU CAN REACH RIGHT UP AND TOUCH THE SKY!!!! YIPPIE!

  63. Matthew says:

    One simple reason why BST should be scrapped.  The whole world runs on time zones based on GMT.  That\’s right GREENWICH MEAN TIME.  Therefore, should we not set our clocks to the datum time zone that runs through our own country permanently?
    I find one arguement even more ludicrous than fannying around with our clocks twice a year, and that is permanently running on GMT +1hr (BST).  If that\’s the case, why the hell wasn\’t GMT set at the time in the first place?

  64. Ibiza says:


  65. barry says:

    For gods sake man, get a life.

  66. john says:

    what are you chatting about. you are saying that adding on an hour leads to sunnier mornings which makes global warming worse as the ground has less time to cool off at night. Do you not realise that not putting the clocks forward by one hour would still give us the same amount of sun in a day! you, sir, are an imbecile!

  67. Unknown says:

    The more I read of these posts the more silly they seem to get. So many people flaming the original poster and following it immediatly with a comment of even more dubious reasoning.
    Day light savings is a hang over from those times when people had to get up when the sun rose and go to bed when it faded, at this time it made sense to extend the dalylight hours by moving the clocks.  Can anybody honetsly say that they get up or go to bed because its light or dark out side? FOr the majoriyt of the year people get up in time to go to work and go to bed when they feel that if they dont they wont get enough sleep for the next days work. ( I admit that people also stay up to watch that favourite TV program or get that final pint in the pub, but do any of these revolve around daylight? i mean now there is even a 24hr license). How many people stay up later at the weekends? is this because it stays light later at the weekend?
    With the invention of electricty it is reasonably light whenever we want it to be.
    DST is no longer necessary for the average person there are ofc exceptions in certain professions but in general it is not needed. It is kept largely because it would require hassle to change and ofc also because of the many reasons listed above. 

  68. Maxim says:

    The more honest approach to using more daylight would be to change the times of day when work starts, not to meddle with time (which is inherently contiguous – unless we\’re talking about time travel!).
    Software engineers reading this probably already know how awfully difficult is to calculate time difference just because of constant meddling with time flow.
    Try also to answer what is 1:30AM on the October Sunday BST goes away. Is it 1:30AM BST, or is it 1:30AM GMT after the switch?
    Instead, it would be wiser if companies could change the time when they start working in the summer.

    Just Scrap the wicked BST, and let\’s be honest to ourselves, — just start working earlier. For those working on flexi time it would come naturally, without the need to frantically change clocks and create an unwelcome artificial disruption of their sleep time. For those on fixed working schedules, time can change from let\’s say 10:00 to 9:00.
    Further, I would suggest that starting time changes twice instead of once to sweeten the pill. E.g.: want more daylight? Fine, make it start 9:30 not 10:00, and then later 9:00 instead of 9:30 as more daylight becomes available. The only thing that\’s needed is to accommodate transport schedules, but they are changing constantly and frequently enough anyway.
    This way the time would still flow as it should – without breaks, but we\’d still benefit from more sunshine. And people wouldn\’t probably feel "robbed" of time.

  69. Gordon says:

    The title of the article says Why British Summer Time should be scrapped, but the last loads of comments are ways to change it. ejit.

  70. Unknown says:

    The march equinox is the date when teh number of daylight hours becomes equal to the number darkness hours. After this equinox we have more daylight than we do darkness until the next equinox.  I am farely sure the earlier reference to summer after the equniox wasa in fact meaning the warmer months rather than the actual season of summer. The fact that we call the time of year after the clocks have gone forward BST is most likely because this time centres around the summer rather than that it is specifically just for the summer.

  71. JANET says:

    I think BST is fantastic, I might be being over the top saying that but for once in Cumbria it is glorious sun shine. I\’ve had no grief adjusting to my 1 hour less sleep and bonus my toddler has adjusted much better this weekend than back in October when he spent weeks getting up at 5.30am instead of 6.30am. I think BST/GMT as it is at least we have summer bbq\’s and parties to look forward to now and come October we can look forward to xmas and New Year.

  72. Unknown says:

    I\’m sure there will be plent of groans about this one, but try living in the north of Scotland during the winter: the sun doesn\’t rise properly until approx 9am (later if you are up in Orkney or Shetland), and sets again by 4pm. You go to work and it is pitch black, you finish work and it is pitch black. It is pretty damn depressing, and most of us rejoice when the clock goes forward in March. I am not a vampire: I actually enjoy long summer days, so long live BST.

  73. Matthew says:

    OMG now I\’ve read all of Ian\’s article.  How may times can one guy contradict himself!
    Okay, we\’ve all established he goes off on one in point 5 as BST would actually be in harmony with much of Europe.
    Point 7 is is actually complicating matters further by introducing \’regional\’ time zones.  Surely, one reason for scrappin BST is to simplify matters!
    A little more on point 8.  Vernal Equinox is mid-point between the shortest number of daylight hours and longest number of daylight hours and is also the first day of Spring.  So BST in Spring-Summer, GMT in Autumn-Winter.   
    Devil\’s advocat is one word for Ian I suppose.

  74. Andy says:

    Point 4.  It doesn\’t matter whether you change to BST or not the sun will shine on the earth fo exactly the SAME length of time at any given date. All that changes is the position of our working day within the available daylight. BST simply gives you more life after work – good for me.

  75. Unknown says:

    IT seems to work for some and not others. Give the calender two weeks and we forget the time change. However I do agree with the people that why the hell do we have to mess with G.M.T

  76. Julian says:

    Well actually ChrisWale I used to live in Canada and they always set the clocks forward and back, as does the USA so bigger countries do it as well. None of the exuses for either side of the argument really seem to have any real ground to them, the sun is still out for the same amount of time regardless of what the clock says. Our planet revolves around the Sun on a tilt of roughly 20 degrees and that\’s why we have seasons. The seasons will still occourand the sun will still shine just as long each day as it always does. I don\’t see why we change the clocks but I also don\’t see why we should stop.

  77. Kris says:

    The U.K wastes millions of £\’s in wages & stock markets by putting the clocks back we should round with CET all year round. Back in the early 70\’s we had BST in use for a while untill a one of the big newspapers ran a poll and it was decided then that joe public wanted a return to GMT. Well it is now time to put a stop to this and keep BST/ CET full stop. Also I like to point out that children going to school on lighter morning that is fine BUT they have to return home in the dark which can just as dangerous to their health so it can work both ways. I for one back that we should go with CET after all we are in the 21st century so vote for CET now!!!!!!

  78. lee says:

    Mr CET lover…. sod off to Europe if you dont like it.

  79. Leanne says:

    Oh God this is a miserabe discussion. Anything that lets me enjoy that extra sunshine rather than sleeping through it is fine by me.

  80. Unknown says:

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