Going Underground

Posted by Ian
That multi-coloured squiggly map thing that was recently voted the nation’s second greatest design icon. You know what I’m talking about. That rainbow of horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines which burrows deep under the earth of the capital. Those trains which announce their impending arrival with a gale of warm wind. Those carriages whose doors have a cheeky capacity to trap the limbs of unaware commuters and befuddled tourists. 
Well…what do you call it? The Underground? The London Underground? The Tube? The train?
I’m asking because this was the subject of brief, if earnest, discussion here at MSN Towers earlier today (I know, it’s a thrilling rollercoaster life), as a consequence of promoting this story on the homepage.
Namely, are enough people familiar with the colloquial "Tube" as opposed to the more formal, if fussy, "Underground"? Also, as there are a number of subterranean railways in Britain (Liverpool, Newcastle and Glasgow for starters), should it be "the London Underground"?
There’s a poll on the left hand side of this page for you to have your say.
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3 Responses to Going Underground

  1. james says:

    lets look at the  facts, the country is   part  of the  british isles,  which  to my mind is One people but perhaps different  tribes, where it is  good to redeem  area identity, it is better to stand together as  one nation ,I only  wish the  politicians  who were voted into office  by the people  to represent the people would do what they  promised and  listen to the people, if that happened there would be no poor areas of britain, all would  be  equal, secondly  I would say that we the british  need to  stop allowing  imigration to   continue, stop all these  anti  british  clerics   and  mullahs being allowed to come here cry  us  down stur up  hatred and yes   housed and cared for  by Us the people .
    Time  for  change is  now  lets  get  these British Isles  back  to what it should be a prosperous  nation   of  Britons, we dont want  a  nation  of   multicultural   terroists waiting  to  do  us  harm, politicians  listen to the people   look after  our aged  who worked so  hard  and loyaly during  the  wars to make  sure we  had a better  future, dont  rob our pensioners, tax the  immigrants make them pay  for health care  and dental  care, show patrotism like the british did  during the   wars, and are still doing  today,KEEP BRITAIN  BRITISH  and celebrate  the  national  days as the people want them

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