Alan Johnston

Posted by Ian
It’s precisely one calendar month since BBC journalist Alan Johnston was abducted in Gaza. Despite repeated appeals and numerous diplomatic efforts, his whereabouts remain unknown and his fate unclear.
What makes his disappearance all the more ominous is its duration; previous kidnappings in Gaza had, in the main, a tendency to resolve themselves within a matter of days or, at most, weeks. For someone to be missing for a whole month is relatively unprecedented.
Johnston was the only foreign journalist to not only work but also live in Gaza. Over the last three years he endeavoured to, as one Palestinian put it on Radio 4 this morning, "build a bridge" from that troubled, confusing and misunderstood land to the rest of the world.
Trusted, respected, even loved by the people whose lives he worked tirelessly to represent, Johnston had become one of the most lauded journalists of his generation, winning friends and admirers among fellow broadcasters and ordinary viewers alike.
The BBC have classed today, Thursday 12th April, as a day of action to highlight Johnston’s plight and to press for his immediate release. Other news organisations including Sky and CNN are lending their support, and have united in unprecedented fashion to broadcast a joint programme calling for Alan’s freedom.
You can join in the day of action by signing the BBC’s official online petition and, if you like, send an additional written message of support.
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8 Responses to Alan Johnston

  1. Unknown says:

    I never met him or visit Palestine but I feel that I’m leaving there when I read his article and report from. For these who have Allen with them I’m sure they will not harm him as he their voice for outside world. Please please release him
    Sudan Darfur  

  2. malcolm says:

    Alan is a great journalist risking his life to keep us informed as to what is going on in Gaza
    The government of Palastine should immediately take steps to free him so he can carry on his good work
    Go Alan Go 

  3. Mark says:

    Alan is a superb journalist. More importantly, he\’s one of that increasingly rare breed who can report from the heart of a story without sensationlising it.
    Unfortunately the situation is Palestine is such that almost nothing can be done externally to help free him. The Palestinian Authority lacks credibility – I don\’t think Alan\’s kidnappers are likely to bow to pressure for them. Once again, a kidnapping becomes a waiting game. As Ian says, the fact that this has gone on for so long, with so little communication, is a grave cause for concern.

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