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There is only one thing you want to know so I’ll cut to the steeplechase: Point Barrow will, in my carefully considered opinion, win today’s Grand National.
Why Point Barrow? Well, there are five key reasons to back him; he’s the perfect weight and age, he’s got the legs, he’s done it before and he roared to victory in the Irish.
The National is a handicap race which effectively means the better the horse the more weight is attached to it. Imagine Cristiano Ronaldo being forced to wear steel shin pads and you get the picture. Only Red Rum has managed to carry more than 11st 5lbs to victory since 1957, and generally the winner carries between 10 and 11 stone in weight. Point Barrow will be hauling 10-12.
In the last two decades, no horse aged 6, 7, 13 or 14 has won the National, or even come close to doing so. Nine year olds in particular have an excellent record at Aintree winning four of the last ten. Point Barrow is 9.
Every winner of the National since 1970 had previously won over three miles of further; Point Barrow has won five such races.
Course form
Five of the last six winners had run over National fences before; again Point Barrow ticks the box.
The Irish National
Many winners of the big race had previously conquered all in the Irish National, including last year’s winner Numbersixvalverde; Point Barrow is the reigning Irish National champion.
Although anything can happen at the National, historical trends point towards one horse – Point Barrow.
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6 Responses to Horseplay

  1. Dixon John says:

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