In quotes: Wills and Kate

Prince William and his long-term girlfriend Kate Middleton (pictured below) have split up, a source has confirmed. More…
Here is a selection of quotes about the couple’s break-up:
"I just don’t think she had the breeding quite honestly and I’m not being snooty I’m being factual."
Royal commentator James Whittaker
"It’s the biggest kiss and tell in the history of kiss and tells… my instinct tells me that there is somebody else in the background."
PR guru Max Clifford
"He’s a 24-year-old red blooded male… and 24 is a young age to be settled down when there are plenty other bits of fun to be having around the world."
Executive Director Society of Editors, Bob Satchwell
"Maybe she realised the awful burden she would have taken on, it’s a life sentence marrying a royal."
Hello Magazine writer Judy Wade
"Most people at that age are thinking about things like, we need to look for a mortgage, but she’s got MI5 helping her with bodyguards."
Psychologist Linda Papadopoulos
"It may be that she’s said marry me or I’m going to dump you."
Editor-in-Chief of Majesty magazine Ingrid Seward
"They had four years together away from the royal circus, they lived a normal kind of life."
Royal writer Penny Junor
"We are as shocked as everyone else, if rather more relieved than most, as we were preparing to pay out over £50,000 to punters who had backed the couple to wed."
Spokesman for bookmakers William Hill, Rupert Adams
"Neither my client nor her family will be talking to the press or media or commenting on or off the record relating to the matters publicised this morning."

Kate Middleton’s lawyer

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26 Responses to In quotes: Wills and Kate

  1. Unknown says:

    It seems this may be an action replay. Katy will marry someone else. And, William will return to her as a lover, just as Charles did with Camilla.

  2. wherevertheroadtakesme says:

    If he has any sense, that won\’t happen, Norma.  He will perhaps have been through enough with his mother, father and Camilla.  I hope he is just a normal 24 year old, wanting to enjoy life, concentrate on his career and have lots of girlfriends before settling down to the nitty gritty. 

  3. Unknown says:

    I\’m an officers wife. Couples so frequently crumble under the demands army life places on you. I don\’t see my husband often, but if, when i did see him i was confronted with photographers everywhere and had no time alone with him I too would consider the future of my relationship.

  4. Kenneth says:

    unfortunately I too can see the similarities between Wills and his Father. Shame really he stood a chance when his mum was around. This shows a selfish  streak which I had hoped he wouldn`t develop. Most Royals have it thats why more and more people are considering junking them. Believe it or not you can actually commit to a relationship at their age and still have fun…You just do it TOGETHER.

  5. George says:

    It makes no difference who William marries or sleeps with, weather they sleep with other mens wifes or other mens girl freinds or even other men, the royals do just what they please without any consideration for others.  This has always been so in the past and will always be so. At the taxpayers expence, of course.  The establishment is an outdated mode and should be confind to history 

  6. Graham says:

    Is this really important? boy meets girl, has a fling, boy/girl gets bored, lets move on.  That\’s it, simple.  These things do happen and if they are meant to be together, que sera sera.  Let\’s get on with the real things in life that need to be discussed and actioned, not this trivia.  William isn\’t really royal in the old sense, and he will just be a man doing man things as men do who have the security of the army to fall back on and make excuses for quitting relationships, as she has too, in her world of accessories buying; everyone can rule their lives as they want and they just happen to be in the media spotlight.  Who gives a damn really.

  7. Tim says:

    leave them alone for heavens sake, what\’s it to do with any of us?

  8. TriciA says:

    Maybe they\’ve just out  grown each other? just simple stuff? and lets face it, being Prince Williams girlfriend was never going to be easy, if she\’s complaining now about media attention, imagine what she would have faced marrying him? Surely in their 4 years togther she must have thought about that! As for him being in the Forces, well, like all the partners of serving military, didn\’t they ever THINK, \’can I handle this sort of life?\’ before rushing ahead and complaining every chance they get afterwards!

  9. Tobias says:

    I can\’t believe this country seriously depends on the break up of royalty to entertain itself, geez this country really has gone to the dogs if thats what interests people. I laughed looking at James Wittaker\’s comment and I thought \’of course she\’s not of the right breeding, she\’s not inbred!\’  So anyway amongst all the news that could have taken priority today all the media was concerned with was this very boring story in a long line of boring stories about a boring, over pampered layabout family who have nothing to offer this country. Get a life everybody we don\’t need to live our lives concered about what a load of inbred Germans and God knows what else are up to.

  10. Graham says:

    It just goes to show how important this is to everyone – there are only 9 plus my own comment on this subject.  Methinks this is somewhat boring and unnecessary news.
    By the way, trishspacetrish, most people who marry military people do so with the knowledge of what their lives will be, don\’t moan about not seeing their partners too much because they are caught up themselves in the military life; they are a special breed of people, like our soldiers, who cope with the fact that once their partner is deployed, particularly to war zones that rubbish governments send them to, that they may never see them again and only bless the days they can see them when they are with them, or pray for the day they will see them again. 
    If William is intent on serving as Harry wants to, then Kate has had a lucky release from a tormented soldier\’s wife\’s life.

  11. Mark says:

    "I just don\’t think she had the breeding quite honestly and I\’m not being snooty I\’m being factual."
    Obviously comes from too wide a gene pool then.

  12. funny says:

    James Whitacker is such a pompous plank of a man, he does not have anything to say which will make any sort dramatic effect on our own thoughts. William has gone through a horrendous experience with the death of his mum, also the fact that his father was unfaithful to her , before, during and after the marrieage, this would have an effect on his own decisions, of woman and marriage.Who knows exactly what thoughts were going on in his head when this relationship ended. But there is no doubt in my mind, that he is his own person, and will make his own decisions when the time comes to settle down, and obviously Kate was not the real love of his life, at the present time in his life. I did not see a warmth in this girl, quite the opposite, I saw something of an arrogant persona, and feel that Will\’s personality will seek out someone with the showing of abundance of love, he and his brother were brought up with while she was alive. His father and grandfather have the cold, numb attitudes and, hopefully, both Wills and Harry will both seek out future wives, for what sort of woman they are, not what Royalty expects and wishes for. It is now a time for change with these boys, a time to reflect that Charles\’s and Philps\’s views are irelevant, let us not forget that so, far all the Queen\’s children except for Edward, and including the Queen\’s sister have all divorced. These boys need to make this change in history, make their own paths and walk down them in their own footsteps, certainly not in line with their father\’s. Life is not so simple and perfect, as Charles and Camilla beleive it now to be. Camilla finally "got her man" and "will stand by her man" but, the word"man" does not fit charles. I see him as a spoilt brat, who got what he needed at that time of his life, a virgin with no history, simply to bear his children, while lavishing still in the love and deceit of another woman.The truth is Diana was too young, innocent and loving, but her unloving cold and unfaithfull husband, destroyed her soul.But, I beleive "what goes around comes around".Time will tell for Charles and Camilla.

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