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David Miliband: the thinking girl’s pin-up

Posted by Laura   Fair play, Gordon Brown. His succession to Tony Blair was firstly the worst-kept secret in politics, and secondly an uninspiringly dull shoo-in that culminated in a fanfare-less entrance in to Number 10. In short, he was in, Blair … Continue reading

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Brown nosing

Posted by Ian   There’s an old Fry & Laurie gag which goes: "Of course I remember where I was when I heard the news. I was listening to the news."   Gordon Brown finally getting his hands on the … Continue reading

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Why I’m opting out of the Facebook generation

Posted by Ian   One month ago Patrick, our Tech & Gadgets editor, made a confession: he had yet to sign up to Facebook, and, being MSN’s in-house gizmo expert, thought he better do something about it. So he registered, … Continue reading

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Killer sandcastles more deadly than sharks?

Posted by Laura   Just when you thought it was safe to open a newspaper… The rapscallions of silly season leap out from behind columns and headlines to bite the unsuspecting reader and awaken them from their no-news-snooze.   Summer … Continue reading

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Alan Johnston

Posted by Dom   It is now 100 days since the BBC’s Gaza correspondent was abducted.   Hopes over the weekend that his release could be imminent were seemingly dashed by a video released by Johnston’s alleged captors, which denied that any … Continue reading

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Free Cornwall: a country in its own right?

Posted by Laura   In the 1980s, before budget airlines, before the birth of the gap-year generation, and before the world became a lot smaller, the prospect of exploring Britain was an immense, exciting adventure. Holidays abroad involved the military-precision … Continue reading

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Can’t get there from here

Posted by Ian   "I’ve got six things on my mind," sang Paddy McAloon of Prefab Sprout, "you’re no longer one of them."   By way of a put-down, it’s one of the best. It’s also, on days like these, an apt … Continue reading

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Why England losing could be a good thing

Posted by Laura   There’s a widely-circulated theory about the way newsdesks work – that bad news equals good news when it comes to getting the nation enthralled. Yes, sadly, it is true that a hint of schadenfreude does often … Continue reading

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