Why England losing could be a good thing

Posted by Laura
There’s a widely-circulated theory about the way newsdesks work – that bad news equals good news when it comes to getting the nation enthralled. Yes, sadly, it is true that a hint of schadenfreude does often make the difference between a straightforward report and a topic that gets the nation gripped.
Here on the homepage team we always try to present the good, bad and ugly sides of all debates, see the positive when we can and inject a bit of that feel-good factor into features when we feel they deserve it. However, one subject today had us struggling to find bright side – England’s Euro 2008 qualifying game against Estonia this evening.
If the boys do come good at the A Le Coq Arena tonight, which, let’s face it, they really, really should do, it’s no reason to celebrate. In fact, if there is a glass-half-full angle to extract from this sorry Euro 2008 business it’s that perhaps what England really need is a bit of humiliation at the hands of a bunch of rank amateurs whose scoring track record is so poor you have to wonder if they think the aim is to keep the ball OUTSIDE the box. If England lose tonight, against a team whose last competitive goal was in October 2005, it would truly be a shambolic, devastating, pitiful embarrassment, but it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. Here are our five reasons why.
1) It would make McClaren’s position untenable. Surely after such a crushing blow he couldn’t continue? Perhaps, then, England could enlist a coach that could get the team back on form and to a decent standard.
2) Things couldn’t get any worse. Sometimes a team has to reach rock bottom before it can claw its way back up. Just look at er, um, West Ham.
3) England will finally stop thinking of itself as a great footballing nation and accept that, yeah, it did win the World Cup in 1966, but THAT WAS OVER 40 YEARS AGO.
4) The chances of another Euro heartbreak would be minimal. Each time the European Championships come around England fans get swept up into the this-year-it-really-is-possible hysteria. What then happens is the team crash out, disappointment and blame set in for a few months, then two years later the nation convinces itself that, despite not being able to make headway in Europe, it could still take on world heavyweights like Brazil and Agentina.
5) Footballers may become footballers again – not perfume pin-ups, not supercar collectors or serial model-marryers – just plain footballers; no more, no less.
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12 Responses to Why England losing could be a good thing

  1. Unknown says:

    Well said about time somebody stated the obvious.  England are no longer a football superpower when we get hunry footballers who play for pride and not money then we might just start winning again.

  2. David says:

    I agree with all of this – These guys are on fantastic salaries so why would they care if they win or loose – they are on a gravy train – all they have to do is travel first class to the match, stay in a 5 star hotel, turn up, play half a game and go home to their car collection. There is no motivation to win, what ever they get for winning they already have that much cash many times over. And if they don\’t win the MANAGER gets the blame !!! What a job!!

  3. Kieran says:

    well said. representing your country should be a privelidge not a pay day.
    for one i wish mcclaren would take every single player and make them stay in a normal b and b with normal people. we need players who want to win, the big names can win but haven\’t. mcclaren seems to play on reputation with certain players cough lampard cough. lampard is quality, but hasnt been playing like it. time for soome bottle against plyers who should be dropped.

  4. matt says:

    Absolutely agree with the above statement 100%. Its about time somebody said this.
    I think defeat will make everyone rethink just how bad the team really is!!
    Well said!!

  5. Robert says:

    Funnily enough, England has a pretty good record against Argentina.

  6. emma says:

    Maybe it\’s about time that the manager picked a team solely from the Championship teams. This would give players a chance to prove themselves who wouldnt normally get a chance and wake up the overpaid premiership "stars". 

  7. David says:

    England have always under achieved at football and other sports.  This is probably because our players, like our people, are "less on the edge" than those from other countries and so do not set as much "capital " upon winning international tournaments- the 2006 world cup  reminded me of the Eurovision song contest. 
    You may get quality milk from contented cows, but you won\’t get fire from contented and safe players. 
    Add to this, that most sports in this country are controlled by mediochre antiquarians who, when requred to make a decision concerning coaches and other personnel,  are guaranteed to make the wrong one.   It is time that sport in this country was controlled by the best and most impassioned executives  that money can buy, not a bunch of brown nosing title seekers. Or as one Rugby player described them "A bunch of old farts".

  8. Sarah says:

    England is a singular object. Therefore England is no longer.. and England has always.. I agree though, it is a pity that the pursuit of money has got in the way of good sport.

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