Summer 2007: why it’s not a wash-out

Posted by Laura
Yesterday it hailed in Clapham, my neighbourhood. Today I am perplexed, confused and in a state of disarray over what exactly I’m supposed to do with this bout of freakish capriciousness the heavens have thrown at us.
I was woken this morning by sunshine, took it as a clear signal it would be sartoriallly acceptable to wear flip-flops to work (any glimmer of a ray in Britain in July is a green light for inappropriate footwear to surface), then as soon as I left the house it bucketed it down. 
Seeking to remedy my chilled toes, I opted for a hearty warming soup for lunch – during which, predictably, blue skies materialised out of nowhere. Since then, foreboding grey clouds of doom have heralded the arrival of a rain-soaked armageddon no less than four times this afternoon. It’s exhausting and disrupting trying to keep up with Summer 2007 – but I’m not writing it off just yet.
Morale has such taken a beating by the weather over the past few weeks that even the hardy, Henman-heartbroken Brits at watery Wimbledon are showing signs their reserves are just about depleted. However, I can think of at least five good reasons this summer beats the sunny, sultry days of summer 2006. Here’s why:
1) England fans haven’t had to face any form of footballing shame this year. By this time in July 2006, England had lost to Portugal and were safely back on these shores. Nothing could add to the weather-weary gloom than another tale of footballing woe.
2) Glastonbury happened this year. Sure, it was wet and muddy, but that’s what festivals are all about. Last year was Glasto-less; the organisers promised it would come back bigger and better than ever – and it did.
3) Britain is not in meltdown. Public transport doesn’t smell (too bad) and huge sections of cities are not without fans or power because the grid can’t cope with the demands of increased air-con use during the ‘sweltering’ heat – despite hotter European countries managing to cope with this no problem.
4) Bars are smoke-free this summer. This is especially advantageous given that beer gardens have been rendered unusable due to the torrential downpours.
5) Britain is greener. Last summer, pitches, parks and commons were arid, beige patches of scrub – this year they are lush, verdant and beautiful. As I pass Clapham Common on my way home tonight – fresh from its dose of hail, rain and more rain – I’ll be able to smile, because at least that’s how my neighbourhood is supposed to look. The British weather, true to form, has made it recognisable again.
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14 Responses to Summer 2007: why it’s not a wash-out

  1. Sues says:

    I have had a very good relationship with my washing line the past few weeks .. as i wake up to the sunshine and i think yes i can finally get my washing done .. i hang it out .. go inside and then it start pouring down with rain .. i go outside to try and quicky grab all my washing in..the next loads of washing is done by then and ready to hang out … i look outside again while making a cuppa .. and the sun is beaming down in my garden … then i try to pile all my washing back on the line again.. bearing in mind it is two loads of washing on the line now … i go in and drink my cuppalater on i hear rain drops on my window so i go and grab all the washing in again .. this story goes on forever as all i do all day is get my washing in and out.. it is also a bit to hot to b putting the heating on.. this gets quite annoying and my house is full of wet cloths and i cant get the house work done.. in the end i get so sick of running out all the time that i just end up leaving it all on the line to get soaked .. then later on i bring it in to get washed again … thanks

  2. LAIRD says:

    Lol there is always a silver lining – think how many slums were removed in Manchester,Coventry and London between 1939 and 1945!

  3. J says:

    Haha good post, i quite like the rain, and \’no name\’, maybe invest in a tumble dryer 😉

  4. Hazel says:

    Good for you… you live in Clapham and not Sheffield or Hull. If all that flooding was happening where you live… it\’d be saturating the national media for the next 6 months.

  5. paul says:

    its the signs of the time\’s that Jesus spoke of and few took note?

  6. diane says:

    everyones fed up with all the rain. vetetables will rise in price as the farmers fields are flooded and crops ruined. all booked holidays over here are a wash out up to now,mine is due next month and i pray the weather gets better for mine and others. if this is what we are in for and it endsup the norm it wont be worth holidaying here,and our seaside resorts will suffer loss of money big time

  7. jason says:

    people only care when it effects them mankind does not seem to want to help its self or anything else on this planet

  8. kevin says:

    I think I may be personally responsible for the appalling weather as I made the mistake of purchasing some new garden furniture in May. Since then it has been under constant cover of a waterproof tarpaulin. I suppose I should be grateful that it still resides in my garden and has not been washed away. I realise that some people are suffering greatly but this is a freak situation and we would do well to remember that this is a annual occurence for many of our cousins in the sub-continent. It seems to me that our fixation with the weather may be reason we are considered to be whingers. Chin up people.

  9. Allen says:

    I think the person with (no name) who keeps running in and out with her washing when it is raining, should buy a de-humidifier and she will get her washing dry in a few hours inside the house as I do. I put mine in the spare room and switch on the de-humidifier and put on to No.4 and in a few hours the machine has sucked in all the water from the clothes and they are ready for ironing after I have done the housework. and gone shopping. I am pleased I bought mine after a recommendation from a friend. Wouldn\’t be without it.

  10. benyapha says:

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