Why your homepage turns red on World Aids Day


What’s behind the change on the homepage?
 As of midnight on December 1, in honor of World AIDS Day, MSN trims its page in red. This is to bring attention to the disease that afflicts an estimated 33.2 million people around the globe, according to figures reported in early November by the World Health Organisation and the United Nations AIDS agency. Red has become the recognised colour for the fight against AIDS, much like pink denotes breast cancer awareness.

Why this year?
We always look for ways to invigorate the homepage experience. Having the ability to adjust the colour is one simple way to bring attention to a special day.

Does everyone see this presentation?
MSN has dozens of start pages in various languages around the  world; today most are trimmed in red.

How do I learn more about AIDS and HIV?
You can search MSN Encarta for a comprehensive insight into AIDS, HIV and what is being done globally to treat patients and reduce the spread of the virus and disease. For the latest articles on AIDS and HIV, see the MSN UK News special report, which includes reports, photos and videos about World Aids Day around the globe. You can also access the official World AIDS Day site to find out about activities taking place today.

How do I offer feedback on the experience?
Please add your views to our guest book or by posting a comment below.  We always welcome your perspectives on any matters involving the way you experience MSN content.

Useful links:
World AIDS Day content from T5M
National AIDS Trust 
Terrence Higgins Trust
Elton John AIDS Foundation

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25 Responses to Why your homepage turns red on World Aids Day

  1. Mikey says:

    I dont see any RED homepage??

  2. Peter says:

    Why oh Why foist your idears on to every one
    we do not need you to promote any day let a lone this one
    it is covered else where
    i find it a afront to my own dears and views that i keep to my self
    and s should you.

  3. Alex says:

    To be honest, if you didn\’t do something like change the colour to red and just had another feature saying it was world AIDs day I wouldn\’t have clicked on this link to see why it was red. So it worked. Bravo 🙂

  4. AMANDA says:

    It worked i did not know either it was world aids day, everyone should be made aware of how many people around the world who are infected with HIV, it is the silent desease that everyone tries to ignore, well done.

  5. chris says:

    Stupid idea, we have a day for allmost everything now. People just try to look pollitically correct and say "hey look what I did, I am so good". If you care you know, if you don\’t care having a red page and annoying everybody doesn\’t help. And yes I know it got my attention as I posted here, but that does not make me care, just annoyed at haveing your PC agenda forced upon me. It is enough to make my homepage Google.

  6. Jill says:

    did the page go red for rememberance day? i can\’t remember if it did..the poppy is red, maybe that should be done next year to highlight the problems facing service men, women and their families…but i don\’t suppose that is politically correct enough??

  7. Dave says:

    Aids…the most over hyped and exagerated disease of all time….it\’s way down the list of Killer diseases…do we have a world cancer day , or a world Malaria day ? No…and why not……because they do not sweep through the gay community in the same way that Aids does. Although many people can be infected by transfusion or other means , Aids is still largely a disease that is avoidable for most people, it\’s not something that just happens randomly like a cancer. Please stop hyping this disease, it kills and effects far fewer than any other major disease and with care can be avoided completely. Turn my page back to it\’s normall colour NOW !

  8. margaret says:

    Thought this a brillient way of attracting awareness.

  9. janet says:

    For those who have gone and those who live on with this killer.God Bless them all.

  10. janet says:


  11. martin says:

    I agree with Dave B, Chris and Library Girl,
    Why foist YOUR ideas on to me? Am not interested, I do not give to charties, am not interested in the suffering and dying in the world. I say what other people think we all have problems and worries, idiots coming etween me and my hard earned money.
    Go back to blue and leave it,
    Keep your politics and agenda\’s to your self
    Regards all
    von Dawson\’s Express

  12. Jenny says:

    To be honest I only looked because I wanted to know why the page was red.
    I frankly think that there are more pressing issues like battered kids and homelessness in this country that urgently need the attention of the public.
    Aids is for the larger part brought on by people still in this day and age being cavalier about being carefull.There is no excuse for not using protected sex aids and in the case of pregnancy the pill.

  13. Lynn says:

    Well done for highlighting World Aids Day.  Aids is not just a "gay disease" – that view is a dated and bigoted one.  Are people suggesting that the people in the Third World contries that are affected with HIV and Aids are gay?  I personally don\’t think there is enough awareness for this disease.

  14. Dee says:

    What a bunch of hypocrates you people are! How often do we see ads for Cancer appeals – or been approached to donate towards cancer funding! Yet one day of the year is set aside for a horrible disease that is going to wipe out 3rd world countries? AIDS isn\’t going away cannot be swept under the carpet or just plain ignored – it\’s there I wonder how many of the those leaving negative messages would feel if one of them or their families were infected by this illness. £1 for a ribbon once a year – not much to ask for is it!!

  15. phoenix says:

    Can you put it back to blue and leave it please – I have no interest in World Aids Day – 95% of aids in UK is brought on by promiscious gay people and drug users – it is a non event for the vast majority of the country – can you hightlight cancer or something that is relevant to us. 

  16. richard says:

     Irritating….I m off to Firefox.

  17. janet says:

    I am with you DEE! Every other shop or street corner or ad on tv they are asking to donate money for so many special causes,and i give a few penny\’s to each box i come across.Like you say! what is £1 for a Red ribbon to help people living with the disease,and thier loved ones who also have to live with it day to day,many through no fault of thier own, and to educate the ignorant people who would just prefer to pull the blanket over thier eyes and ear\’s.
    And then the money might,just might be allowed to be spent on trying to find a cure!
    God bless you DEE and all the other people who have a heart.

  18. janet says:

    I have lit a candle to remember those who have died from AIDS and for those that are living with HIV.Please could you all light a candle before midnight.TY.

  19. Calum says:

    I missed this 😦  has anybody got a screenshot for me please, I am very interested in what it looked like red.

  20. Unknown says:

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