How we covered Keegan’s return

Posted by Dom

Kevin Keegan’s stunning return to Newcastle unsurprisingly dominated our homepage on Wednesday. Here’s how we dealt with the breaking news.

1630: Search Editor Lee Harvey, after hearing the story on the radio, announces the news to widespread disbelief on the homepage and news desks.

1635: News 24 starts running the story.

1635: The homepage team starts debating how to cover the story, starting off from the basic point: how big a breaking news item is it? Should it go in our carousel module, or be turned into a slide? Ian raises the good point that, in the cut-throat world of the Premier League, creating a slide for every big manager appointment could start to get ridiculous. I argue that Keegan’s story transcends the normal boundaries of football, and the high emotional factor of his ‘second coming’ (as manager) should guarantee it a lead slide placement.

1635: Message board already created by Tom Reed from the News team about whether he’s the right man for the job.

1640: Newsflash on the story appears in our ‘Editor’s Picks’ section as we set about creating a slide for the story.

1715: Homepage content manager Laura Simpson creates a slide containing the basic news details, plus our message board. The slide goes live and Lee and Tom set about writing features suitable for an updated package to go on the homepage from midnight.

1815 Lee’s piece on football’s returning heroes and villains and Tom’s round-up of some of Keegan’s infamous quotes are both written, and get added to a new homepage slide to be published at midnight.

2000: Story updated on homepage as Keegan watches his team beat Stoke 4-1 in the FA Cup.

0000: A new ‘bundled’ slide goes live on the homepage, containing the news story, Lee’s heroes & villains piece, and Tom’s round-up of his quotes.

This is just a basic example of how the various editorial teams at MSN deal with a big breaking news story, and I hope it proves illuminating. The slide generated 36,945 clicks over the course of Wednesday evening. and is going great guns again today. The Premier League just got very interesting!

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