Hunting high and low

Posted by Ian

I hate the housing market. I don’t understand how anybody can enjoy the business of finding somewhere to live. I don’t understand how anybody would want to get onto the property ladder. It’s a depressing, irritating, frustrating and tiring joke.

Why can’t the whole thing be simpler? Why can’t there be some sort of system, like an online dating service, where you enter the details of your ideal place to live, you’re matched with a property, and that’s that. Why do you have to go through the nightmare of seeing so many places in so many locations that turn out to have so many flaws? How come nobody has ever come up with a better way of organising one of life’s most fundamental needs?

In a perfect world, I would live in the same place for the whole of my life. In a less than perfect world, I’d live in a few places for the whole of my life but all of them would be great. Instead, because this country treats the idea of renting a property as something a bit common, a bit dirty and unrespectable, I’ve been going through hell.

Let’s hope for a house price crash in 2008. That, or interest rates to go through the roof. The way I’m feeling at the moment, I’d be first in line to lead the cheering.

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9 Responses to Hunting high and low

  1. Richard says:

    How selfish can you be Ian! So you are feeling sorry for yourself \’cos you can\’t find a nice rented pad- boo hoo poor little Ian.
    Now grow up for the first time in your life and look on the bright side of your problem. You are not committed financially so you can watch and wait before making a big commitment, we all know the housing market is dead (but not buried), buy to let is on it\’s knees and, unless you want to live in Central London or somewhere like Sandbanks Dorset then the rental market is getting tougher so rents are going to fall if they are not already doing so! The flip side of this is for the poor sods who you want to suffer because of your perceived problem.    

  2. Unknown says:

    Don\’t be so stupid! The people who would be in trouble if either interest rates go sky high or house prices crash as Ian wants are those who\’ve invested foolishly above their means in the first place. If they hadn\’t done this, and buy to let investors hadn\’t been pricing first time buyers out of the market with their greedy schemes, then house prices would never have got so ridiculous in the first place and people like Ian would be able to afford to get on the housing ladder (which is I think his point, rather than that he wants a nice rented place).If people are suffering because they\’ve overstrethced themselves with a mortgage then frankly I\’ve no sympathy, it\’s those people who\’ve kept the rest of us sensible people in the rental sector, because we realised that interest rates were bound to go up eventually and \’cheap\’ credit couldn\’t last forever.If people bought their houses years ago when they were cheap then they haven\’t really lost anything from the original price if they move now, it\’s only those who bought relatively recently when prices were high who will lose out, and if you buy in a high price time, you\’ve got to be prepared for that.

  3. Unknown says:

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