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Her again

Posted by Ian Mrs T was on telly again the other night. BBC4, to be precise, as the star of a 90 (count ’em) minute tribute from Michael Portillo. Titled ‘The Lady’s Not For Spurning’, it was, at heart, a … Continue reading

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Your Views

Posted by Antony  

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Book falls off shelf; nobody dies

Posted by Ian I guess you had to be there. The earth tremors that shook much of the UK just before 1am last night didn’t really trouble north  London. Not my part, anyway. I woke up when I heard something … Continue reading

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A Nani state of discontent

  Posted by Paul   I was disappointed to read in the papers today that Portuguese star Nani has declared he will no longer display any tricks on the field.   For me, the highlight of last Sunday’s FA Cup … Continue reading

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Slow news day in Northampton

Posted by Ian The fact that most self-respecting personalities, and quite a few non-self-respecting ones, now have their own blogs has undoubtedly enabled them to a) maintain a profile while all around are losing theirs and b) increasingly have the … Continue reading

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It’s a funny old game…

Posted by Dom Sat, Feb 16, 445pm: Out celebrating my birthday, my friend Lee walks into the pub and tells me that Liverpool have drawn with Barnsley in the FA Cup. Birthday fun turns into mild depression at supporting Rafa … Continue reading

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10 ways Castro changed the world

Posted by Ian Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz, wily old despotic goat, erstwhile law student and son of a sugar plantation owner, has announced he is retiring after 49 years. Here’s how he changed the world.  1) By almost ending it. … Continue reading

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Between Iraq and a hard place

Posted by Ian Today’s Guardian includes an interesting essay by John Harris looking back precisely five years to what was, and remains, Britain’s largest ever protest march. How quickly those images of a million or so people shuffling through the … Continue reading

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Paul the other one: Macca vs Mills puns

Guest post by Matt Ball, MSN UK editor-in-chief With the McCartney-Mills divorce hearing in full swing newspaper headline writers should be having a field day with their puns, what with all those Beatles tracks to choose from. But some of … Continue reading

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Capello’s first match

Posted by Dom The first match of any new manager in football is always an interesting time. It’s a curious mixture of looking back with scorn at the previous man in charge (normally), and looking forward with varying degrees of … Continue reading

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