Capello’s first match

Posted by Dom

The first match of any new manager in football is always an interesting time. It’s a curious mixture of looking back with scorn at the previous man in charge (normally), and looking forward with varying degrees of hope/optimism/blind faith to the new era.

Fabio Capello kicks off his spell in charge of the England national team with a friendly against Switzerland tonight, and the mainstream media seems to be unsure about which direction to take. Is he a tactical genius who mixes stern authority with a brilliant must-win mentality? Or a man with little knowledge of the English game who will ultimately be undone by over-high expectations and prima donna behaviour on and off the pitch?

Only time will tell, but it promises to be an interesting ride.

The homepage will be closely following all the events as they unfold. Live currently is an interesting piece looking at how Capello’s predecessors fared in their first match (oh the false dawn of a 4-0 victory in McClaren’s debut!), we’ll have all the latest updates from the match itself, and then coming tomorrow will be an analysis of just how the Italian new boy got on when it came to tactics, motivation and, of course, success.

England fans across the world will be hoping that the Switzerland game really will mark the beginning of something significant. 

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