Does Cloverfield really merit all the hype?

Posted by Paul
I went to the cinema to watch Cloverfield last night. I was reeled in by the marketing which was terrific, well, apart from the title – it sounds more like a new low-fat spread than a scary movie.
The film doesn’t start well at all. In fact, I nearly walked out after 20 minutes. The excessively jerky camera movements are almost as nauseating as the moneyed American teenagers whose vocabularies consists of "awesome", "dude" and "cool", and whose looks were clearly more important during casting than their acting ability.
But then, there is the most almighty crashing sound and the lights go out across the city. An eerie silence envelops the scene, before a cacophony of terrified voices can be heard. The impact is extraordinary.
The next 60 minutes or so sees us ripped back and forth between the ludicrous plot – can you really hop out of a helicopter after it has come violently crashing down into Central Park? – and truly gripping scenes of despair and tension as New York attempts to deal with its adversary.
It is a rollercoaster ride, which is great fun at times, even if the film seems to have been created by committee with every idea pilfered from another source. We’ve got Blair Witch in a tunnel, we’ve got several scenes taken straight out of the 9/11 documentary footage (few would deny that Cloverfield trades on our emotions of that disaster throughout) , we’ve got the monsters from Starship Troopers and the Ghostbusters-style ogre trampling the city, not to mention the Vietnam war section as soldiers and tanks rampage down 42nd Street. Unfortunately, nothing has been drawn from the ultimate monster movie Alien.
If you can overcome the insipid characters, banal dialogue and lame story, there is plenty to enjoy. Go see it, but take a sick bag for the opening scenes and leave your brain at the popcorn stall.
Read my colleague Patrick’s rather more comprehensive and complimentary review or see a stunning clip from the film.
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23 Responses to Does Cloverfield really merit all the hype?

  1. Badia says:

    yes your right its totally crap!!!!!

  2. Sathvinder says:

    i totally agree and second the opinion. Totally over hyped and its really bad!

  3. ALUN says:

    what a load of crap , if you spend £6 to go to the pictures to watch this i would`nt bother. i dont no why as british people do we listen to the u.s.a they would put a piece of shit on a stick and call a  great great movie. dont even get your money out of your pocket 

  4. Kez says:

    OMG what are you saying its crap… it was brilliant, one of the best action films in ages!!!

  5. Anthony says:

    I agree absolutely with paul , we should stop falling for this american marketing hype that they produce really well , better than there movies in-fact , perhaps they should run there promo clips for the last ten big block buster movies , that they claim to have produced ,cecil b de\’mille will be spinning in his hollywood tomb , and charge us the six quid for that instead of listening to plastic americans that have no acting ability what soever , not to mention there vocabularies , and yes americans can jump out of a violently crashed helicopters , there super human , i thought we all knew that LOL , have you seen LEGEND just as bad , independence day ect ect ect , oscars what are they for again ? any body out there can answer that ?

  6. LOZ says:

    i nearly walked out after ten minutes. what a waste of time and money. i suggested the idea that it was not an original film and that it had stolen the best ideas from many brilliant films of our time on you tube. i recieved alot of abusive comments, i thought maybe it was just me who thought that it was a rip off of many films. thank you for your accurate description. never before have i seen a movie that made the whole cinema say "is that it?" or "how did that get a four star rating" before in my life. everyone was dissapointed. rant over

  7. Keaton says:

    …after all the hype I thought I must see this!!!……what a let down, a boring story line…the shaky camera movement actually lets the film down and to be honest, it was the first film in ages I actually felt like walking out…BORING is the word and sure, some of the S Effects were okay but not so great….the only thing that kept me on my seat were the beautiful femae lead characters..dont waste your money!!!!! be warned!!! – OVER HYPED!

  8. Amaechi says:

    Saw it last night. Not totally crap but a big let down after listening to the hype. I never watch stupid "monster destroys city" movies so I don\’t know why I was drawn into this one. They always leave you saying "yeah, right" and this film is no exception. Too short and completely brainless. Worth a watch but if you like \’deeper\’ films prepare to be disappointed.

  9. Sir Fielding says:

    HAhaha.. I think I\’ll skip this one.

  10. Nick says:

    Godzilla was better tbh – nuff said…  Paul is rite totally derivative , un original and a let down – althought there are some vague moments of entertainment the whole is a dire mess of a film. wait for it to show on channel 5 in a 17 years time if u wanna catch it at all.

  11. Aklak says:

    the worst film i ever saw ……..i didn\’t even go to the cinema, i am glad, i downloaded from!!!!

  12. PAUL says:

    Since I enjoy Lost, I thought it was going to be a good movie. Shows how wrong I can be. I the admission charge I paid would have paid for the movies total budget (if it was any more the producer was robbed)

  13. Steve says:

    Rubbish. Dont waste yoyr money!

  14. Jeremy says:

    nice to see you just add all the comments that agree with you, what a loser you are.

  15. Darrell says:

    Blair Witch meets Gozilla meets the Deer Hunter: what a load of over-hyped nonsense!! Really, I went to see the movie on the strength of the publicity around it (including the \’trailer\’ on my MSN hopepage!), expecting to be entertained. Instead, i was bored silly.
    The first half-an-hour or so was strangely reminiscent of the first 30 minutes of the Deer Hunter: too long, too boring and laregly irrelavant. It call all so easily have been summed-up in five minutes! At least then the producers could have put more time and effort into telling a story.
    Then there was the \’Blair Witch Project School of Cinematography\’, with the camera jerking around all over the place. The cinema I watched this dross at had actually posted notices waring that watching the film could cause motion-sickness!! It wasn\’t the jerky camerawork that made me feel sick…
    And, the best bit of all: the \’monster\’! Do me a favour!!! I\’ve seen scarier things hanging around my local town centre on a Saturday night! 
    The worrying thing about all this is that ending of \’Cloverfield\’ was left open-ended, suggesting that \’Cloverfield 2\’ or \’Return to Cloverfield\’ is already in the pipeline. Guess who WON\’T be going to see the sequel(s)???

  16. Darrell says:

    Jon Paul Jon Jones: okay, so you\’re not well, right? :-)) I\’d be really interested in your HONEST opinion…

  17. robyn says:

    no it\’s $hi7!
    i should know i went to see it and i
    could\’ve seen better stuff on tv.

  18. Unknown says:

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