Between Iraq and a hard place

Posted by Ian

Today’s Guardian includes an interesting essay by John Harris looking back precisely five years to what was, and remains, Britain’s largest ever protest march.

How quickly those images of a million or so people shuffling through the streets of London passed into history. How weird it seems now to think of a time when so many from all walks of life felt willing and able to join together. Strange days.

It’s only five years, but it seems much longer. The war that followed, and which still follows, has swallowed up most of this decade along with, I think, our appreciation of what went before. The idea of fighting a conflict and not really knowing why is the backdrop to our lives. That, plus the daily bulletins of casualties and – depending on your point of view – political statements of courage or cowardice.

Over the next few weeks on MSN we’ll be covering the 5th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq in detail, culminating in a selection of special features on 20 March – the date hostilities began in 2003. If you have had direct experience of the war, whether as a participant or protestor, refugee or a relative, feel free to share your thoughts with us either here on the blog or by email.

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8 Responses to Between Iraq and a hard place

  1. robyn says:

    the people in the march should get lives and if they want to help should go to iraq, where they might hopefully die!

  2. Unknown says:

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