It’s a funny old game…

Posted by Dom

Sat, Feb 16, 445pm: Out celebrating my birthday, my friend Lee walks into the pub and tells me that Liverpool have drawn with Barnsley in the FA Cup. Birthday fun turns into mild depression at supporting Rafa Benitez’s band of under-achievers.

500pm: Walking home reading the internet on my phone, find out that Barnsley actually won.

501pm: Consider cancelling my birthday. Figure that the people who’ve come down to Kingston from Cardiff and Bournemouth to see me may not be too impressed with that as a plan.

Sun-Tues evening: The sports pages of the national papers are understandably full of doomsday predictions for the future of our Spanish coach and the team. Rafa must win the Champions League or be sacked. Rafa is going to be replaced by Martin O’Neill. The team is in crisis. Carragher furious at unacceptable display. Etc, etc.

925pm: Inter Milan in the Champions League. 85 minutes gone, and a familiar story – lots of possession, a couple of near misses, bad luck… no goals.

930pm: Steven Gerrard rockets in a screamer to wrap up a 2-0 victory against the kings of the Italian league. Cue absolute pandemonium in the Kop.

How a team can lose at home one day to an average-at-best Championship team, then beat the runaway leaders of the Italian league, a side which hadn’t even lost since September, is totally beyond me.

Luck, idiosyncratic team selections and the form of individual players may all have something to do with it, but ultimately there is no answer. And this glorious unpredictability, the fact that a simple game of 22 (or 21, as for most of last night) men kicking a ball around can astound, entrance, confuse and amaze, is why tens of millions of people across the world love football so hopelessly.

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19 Responses to It’s a funny old game…

  1. Rob says:

    Brilliant lad, you love your team so much you need your mate to tell you how they got on. No wonder you can\’t work out why they are so inconsistent.

  2. mohammed says:

    believe me guys liverpool team and fans like knights I love liverpool fc and fans and the best fans on the world

  3. kev says:

    Couldn\’t have put it better Rob!

  4. ricky says:

    Thats why my friend coming from a fellow kopite, while Rafa is in charge we will never win the prem. We will always have a very good chance of winning the champions league, as seen on Tuesday we can beat any1 in europe on our night!

  5. Reuben says:

    Rafa should quickly employ a Paco replacement. This spat of crap results strated when he left the club last year. I think the main problem with the LFC team is complacency. We can beat anybody, but when we play agaisnt smaller sides, we tend to relax, and take it easy

  6. ricky says:

    I agree with you totally Ruby! If Rafa stays then the priority for next season should be 2 find a quality no2. maybe Steve Mclaren! Ha

  7. chris says:

    got to agree with ricky, seems to me and has done for some time now, the only players that have liverpool fc in their hearts are the ones who rafa, inherited from mr houllier!!!! still waiting to see one of his many signings do it.i know we lfc fans have always stand by our managers through thick and thin, but i\’m afraid there seems to be a little to much thick for me, time for rafa to stand aside and let a proper less stubborn manager take the reigns, whoever that may be.

  8. ricky says:

    Disagree with u slightly no name. One of his signings has gave his all in every game ive seen him play in. Mascherano always gives 100%, he was outstanding on tuesday night defo motm. Yeah but overall agree with u, babel is starting to show promise n his last 3 or 4 matches. What about Martin O\’Niel for next season? Or even better, go all out for Jose the special one!

  9. chris says:

    why is he the special one ? seems mister grant at chelsea is doing quite alright to me with his team, even we could manage to scrape together a team from across the world with an open cheque book !!! agree with you about mash, although i do believe rafa was influenced in his signing by pepe before he left. babel got to dissagree 11million down the swany for me, natural left footer that prefers to cut in on to his right all the time, cant figure that one out.martin o\’neil still yet to prove himself for me,done ok at leicester, went off to a micky mouse league, and done ok with celtic, but then again so is walter smith at the moment, and what did he do at the other end of stanley park,enough said.not sure who i would like in the hot seat but i still cant make my mind up over rafa, gotta go.

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