Book falls off shelf; nobody dies

Posted by Ian

I guess you had to be there. The earth tremors that shook much of the UK just before 1am last night didn’t really trouble north  London. Not my part, anyway. I woke up when I heard something fall onto the floor of the flat above. Then I went back to sleep.

Folk in other areas of the country have different stories to tell, as can be seen on the MSN News message boards. It’s interesting the way an unexpected natural phenomenon affects the British psyche. It’s the same whenever there’s a tornado, or a blizzard. Accounts are always a little breathless, a little hysterical, yet at the same time exhilarating. What a carry-on! In Britain! Who’d have thought it?!

Some people were clearly, and genuinely, frightened by the tremors. A lot more, though, were bemused, or even amused, at what was going on. You can detect, in some of the testimony, a sense that earthquakes are very un-British things. All that noise and fuss and confusion. So unnecessary. So inconvenient. Especially at such an undignified hour.

My mum and dad, living in the East Midlands, heard a few cupboard doors rattling, then turned over and went back to sleep. They didn’t run into the street shrieking. People at the epicentre had a justified reason to panic. The rest of us, I feel, need to just calm down a little. Maybe pick up a book to read. The one that just fell off that shelf.

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11 Responses to Book falls off shelf; nobody dies

  1. Eriwold says:

    Seven years ago seven blackbird flew to the mountain, one had a white feather on the tip of one wing. Today people tell each other that seven years ago seven white birds flew to the mountain and one had a black feather on the tip of one wing.
    That\’s mankind for you…
    P.S. hope you enjoy that book.

  2. Jason says:

    People of this day and age forget to remember that the earth is a living and breathing planet.Just because we live on an island does not mean we don\’t get earth quakes, I mean where did England come from anyway? we broke away from one contenant imagine how many earth quakes there was millions of years ago.  

  3. victoria says:

    well i live in birmingham and just before one oclock i had just got into bed with a bit of a shake then rolled over to go to sleep (not entirly quite tho) the flat above screaming there heads off, my flat matedragged me out of bed and asked if i felt the shaking i replyed yes and said we better check on the flat above as there screaming there heads no one hurt so went back to bed.  The only time i really relised who was affected was the next morning after i read the news about the people affected where it happened.
    Basically we have noting to worry about unless we are in the eppicenter and as people say its a role over and go back to sleep thing

  4. Gavan says:

    Lots of people claim to of felt this quake but to me it cant of been much I live in the north east and people in my area claim to have had their beds shaken by this quake yet the stacks of cd\’s and dvd\’s i have ballenced and fall with the slightest touch are still standing. I think yes the people in the imediate area are probly telling the truth but Ithink alot of people are just saying they felt it because they heard it happend and wanted to be part of it.

  5. Leanne says:

    To Gav – I think your comment was quite judgemental. Just because your \’CD/DVDs\’ were still standing doesn\’t mean people are lying! I live on the Wirral and I deffinately felt it. Nothing fell over but various things in my room did shake and I felt it myself.

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