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Mrs T was on telly again the other night. BBC4, to be precise, as the star of a 90 (count ’em) minute tribute from Michael Portillo. Titled ‘The Lady’s Not For Spurning’, it was, at heart, a love letter to the former Iron Lady, oozing with unashamed charm and nostalgia. The 1980s, in particular, were painted as a golden age in British history: the country back on its feet, back at its best, and back on top. All thanks to Maggie.

Growing up during that decade, the things I most remember about Mrs Thatcher are a) the way she always seemed to look down into, rather than simply at, the television camera, in a way that was – to someone not yet old enough to vote – very unsettling; and b) her voice. Clive James summed it up best: "She sounds like the book of Revelations read out over a railway station public address system by a headmistress of a certain age wearing calico knickers."

Anyway, the thing that’s always said about Maggie is at least you knew where you stood. You either loved her or hated her. And we don’t have people like that anymore. Depending on your point of view, the absence of deeply divisive figures like Mrs T is a blessed relief or a sad loss.

I don’t remember the 1980s the way Michael Portillo remembered it either. It wasn’t a decade full of yuppies and giant mobile phones and stockbrokers shouting and police fighting with pickets and big hair and big shoulder pads and strikes (actually, that sounds like your average episode of Ashes To Ashes). It was both a lot more ordinary, and a lot more complicated, than that.

I only wish I’d been old enough to appreciate that at the time.

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  1. Eriwold says:

    I lived there during her "reign". It was horrible. She turned a good country upside down. She used every trick in the book to appear good and talked anybody under the table with her goobledigook. Then I realised how dangerous a schizoid individual in power is for a people. Just remember her closest buddy Jeffrey Archer with his big mouth and megalomania (thinking himself as a writer) ended up in the nick. Now I live in Germany and we have her counterpart (Merkel) who lacks nothing what the Thatcher had. Oh yes, one thing, she never takes a handbag along when she slings her useless tirades at the folks. But she was a good apprentice of that freak Thatcher.

  2. Unknown says:

    compared to the pack of liars we have now she was great, remember ALL the promises this crowd promised us and broke them,
    they even started a war with lies, remember WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION,

  3. Unknown says:

    Although I wasn\’t here at the time I fail to understand that if things were so bad she maintained power for so long. Perhaps those of you who are whining are better suited to staying at home on benefits while the rest of us are being fleeced by GB\’s stealth taxes to pay for you.

  4. Unknown says:

    the riots in the streets over the poll tax!!! this usless bunch have tripled my council tax in 10 years, doubled petrol prices,
    gas and electric prices through the roof under them, just a bunch of criminals.

  5. Leonard says:

    I lived through the thatcher years [just]. I was one of the lucky ones who managed to keep employed, in spite of her swingeing policies to control the working people in this country by the devisive use of mass unemployment. Thatcher introduced the culture of greed and grab and s*d you jack im alright that unfortunatly still exists to a lesser extent today. Remember her cunning plan re the poll tax, 1 person living in a flat would pay the same ammount as a person living in a huge country mansion, typical of her idea of a fair society. Yes i remember the Thatcher years and the memory of them still makes me shudder, i just hope and pray that Britain never has to endure another period akin to the dark ages that this woman presided over with an air of such self importance. 

  6. Unknown says:

    I remember that my parents standard of living suddenly became much better. Under previous governments with both working we never seemed to prosper even though they were hard working. I joined the Air Force and found a life I could have only dreamed of. The Tories made a priority of keeping our services well established and this influenced my voting choices. I think the Poll Tax issue will always taint any good policies. That said I wish John Smith had lived to take office, he was a good man.

  7. david says:

    Yes, i remember the Thatcher years very well. It was a crazy, strange and at times awful expereince. I remember the riots, the dole lines, the death of the industrial age, the collapse of communities and the words full of hatred that came out of the mouth of the government (get on your bike).Where i came from it really was like Yosser\’s "giss us a job, i can do that". Your job prospects were terrible, the way you were made to feel when you went to collect your dole (you were a scrounger because you took £17 per week of the state) and a sense that there was nothing to look forward to.Blair has been a deep disapointment but he never sent in the riot squad against his own nation and i will state one other thing. During Thatcher\’s time the most i ever earnt was £1.50 an hour for  a 40hr week because she refused to agree to a minimum wage. It felt that there were some who did very nicely out of her government and there were others who were nothing more than cheap labour to be used by greedy people who wanted to make a quick buck.Unless you lived through the 80s you will never know how divided and bleak the country was and how much anger bubbled under the national surface. If do not believe me ask yourself this question, "When was the last time you saw a major riot reported on the news?" Well, in the 80s we had the nationwide riots at the start and in the middle of the decade, we had the minors strike in 1984, we had the riots at wapping, we had the student riots and there were riots at Stonehenge. It really did feel like the Specials song, "This town is coming like a ghost town", a song written to desribe how people felt at the time

  8. jackie says:

    My dad thought she was great, so do I.
    We was then Great Britain.
    Not so Great now is it.

  9. Andy says:

    Having been born in 1971, I can remember the late \’70\’s.  This country was literally held to ransom by the Left, and by the unions in particular.  This culminated in the notorious \’winter of discontent\’ of \’78-\’79.  A saying was coined over the influence the unions exerted on the Lab govt. of Jim Callaghan.  This was \’beer & sandwiches\’ at No.10.  Whilst in some ways Thatcher was, and still is, a very divisive figure, there can be no denying that the country needed overhauling from top to bottom.  Her legacy will be always be remembered here in the North as one that really widened the North-South divide.  On matters of foreign-policy, such as the Falklands War of \’82, Thatcher was a stateswoman of some renown.  It was just a pity that she never really understood, or if she did didn\’t seem to care, how much ordinary people, and particularly the working classes of the North, suffered under her eleven year premiership.

  10. Paul says:

    all i can say is todays goverment has its problems im not blind but she had almost 3 million ppl without jobs if tha happened now it would be  world news she did her best to destroy the working class of our country, she stayed in power so long because the others had not pulled there finger out yet and got organised when they did look what happened!!!! nothing a bout britain was great then she turned familys on each other sold our minners down the swanny , maon all about todays spending but within reason its working as for the idiot who went on about wmd\’s SHE sunk the belgrano to carry on a war that had been won to win a election i am a labour man, but give major portillio or any of the newer tories before that witch and her ways ever again please il stop now before i get mad lol pleae rememer this old saying tho only the good die young HOW OLD IS SHE!!!! workit out

  11. Joseph says:

    Maggie gave out signals to the Argentineg Generals that she was not interested in the Falklands, she was deliberatly withdrawing the naval ship and reducing in number the company Marines that were stationed there. This despite the fact that a senoir member of the Falkland island Community came across and pleaded with her not to do so. I can remember him being interviewed on the Today Program. He predicted what would happen and it did. She pretended to be shocked. But, she\’d really engineered it. She was as bad then as Blair was with Bush over Iraq. I think the three of them are war criminals and should all be tried for war crimes.
    Maggie went on to destroy communities and industry a to divide a nation. and sold off the family silver. She was one of the worst PM\’s this country ever had.   

  12. chris says:

    Some astonishing tirades here against the woman who rescued the UK from it\’s lowest ebb in the form of 1970s Labour government and politics of envy which we are now slipping back into. How we need another Maggie.

  13. Joseph says:

    Don\’t forget those old red flannel drawers that Maggie wore they were tattered and torn, and stained all down the front

  14. Unknown says:

    I remember the Thatcher years very well but I am also old enough to remember the time before her government.  Under Labour control we had the winter of discontent, prices in the shops rising on a daily basis, so fast that the shop keepers could not keep up with the re-pricing of their goods.  Up to our eyes in national debt with a failing economy.  The country ruled by the trade union leaders who dictated to the elected government and held the country to ransom if they didnt get their way.  Rubbish piling up on the streets.  Frequent power cuts, and my all time favourite, having to dig our own graves as the grave diggers were on strike as well.
    This then was the Thatcher inheritance, a country on its knees.  To understand the Thatcher years just remember what Tony Blaire inherited. 

  15. christine says:

    Thatchers  Childrens Charter gave the irresponsible youth of today the power to avoid the law.
    Does she have a conscience, is she still conscious ?

  16. Jon says:

    The day\’s of th 80\’s, maybe to what we know now as history. but today it seems that it has got worse since that time, the overall
    morality and treating people with respect in our overall society is some what sadly fading away! Our economy however is also becoming monopolistic. Where our goverment seems to let companies like retail supermarkets use the power of money, to have any piece of land they want. But in reality it\’s to destroy local business community\’s and people\’s lively hoods. It\’s certainly about time to change things for the better and start listening to everyones views of how things should be, within our society.

  17. Dr Society says:

    I remember the Thatcher years well. We always tend to look back at things as a golden age – but Thatcher marked the decline in standards of British Primeministers. She had no sense of personal embbarrasment or shame – which marked the beginning of shameless thick-skinned spin which Blair mastered so well. Remember her voice makeover? Remember how she fractured working class communities and told unemployed fathers to "get on their bikes" ….well the "underclass" she created now haunt those fractured fatherless communities. For a fuller account you could do worse than read about how all of this relates to the crime problem today and the coming crimequake at: http://bentsocietyblog.blogspot.com/2008/02/predicting-crimestorm.html

  18. jack says:


  19. James says:

    Interesting that people remember 3 million unemployed, my understanding is there are now more than that, but because of the new rules they don\’t get counted.  We were a broken country using old thoughts and processes, unions ruled the country and that was not democratic just underhand. I was part of the union, a shop steward and watched semi illiterate people manipulating fellow workers for no reason but their own politics. I remember the coal miners and the stupid strikes  but I also remember who and why this happened and it was not democratic, it was power hunger again by a man who thought he knew better. he did not go down the mines he had a cushy office.  Change was needed and she had the courage to do it, not everything was perfect but when can it be 100%.

  20. alan gerrard says:

    My only regret concerning Maggie is that she was ousted from power by her own party and not the electorate. Had that happened perhaps the Tory party might have got the message that the country was sick & tired of her devisive and destructive policies. On the other hand maybe not as three defeats at Labour\’s hands doesn\’t seem to have got that message through to them. However, it migght have made her realise that not many people in this country regard her  time in office as being good for the country as a whole just hte rich few who supported her and the Tories. My biggest relief concerning her was when she moved up to the House of Lords as once she had done that there was no way, barring a chnage in the law, that she could come back.

  21. Speedy says:

    Many great achievements. Firstly, she initiated a fightback against unions which were gaining worrying support in the UK. The people elects the government here, and its dangerous and crazy to have a paralell system of mighty trade unions holding the nation to ransom whenever a cross-section of society is unhappy. Secondly, connected with the first, she revolutionised the economy in the UK making everyone a lot more prosperous that we would have been without it. Its a simple rule of economics – if you can buy/import coal cheaper than you can extract it from the ground then its best to import it. Its crazy to keep the pits open just for some silly sentimental sense of tradition when they are just being subsidised by the taxpayer because they are making a continual loss. Thirdly, she helped bring about the Big Bang, ie. deregulation of the financial services inustry in the City of London. This has made London arguably the financial capital of the world because it is ideally located across time-zones, in between Tokyo and NY. Its this – finance and trade – that makes this nation (and any other nation) wealthy – not clinging onto the remnants of some long-distant imperial past. MT is far from perfect but she has her views and sticks to her guns – that has to be respected even by those who disagree with her in principle. I think we should all hope for another leader like her soon.

  22. Unknown says:

    Oh How I wish Mrs Thatcher was back  She had more Guts than any of this lot put together.  Okay like all of us except one, she made mistakes but, who doesnt, However we seemed to have a much more stable world than we have now thanks to the two B\’s Blair and Bush..both of them will go around now getting a small fortune and forgetting to say about weapons of mass destruction.
    Good on you Mrs t  We at least got the Falklins back and I wonder if we would now???

  23. Ryan says:

    Thatcher the mlk snatcher maggie was a disaster for this country one or two good achivements are not enough to make up for the fact she almost ruined this country she was and still is pompus and big headed yet totally clueless if cherie blair is the wicked witch then maggie was the first and the original wicked witch she will be the forever the worst prime minister ever although gormless gordon is at the moment giving her a run for her money but at the moment maggie still just holds her title although if we vote in doppy david next time we might have a new champion, maggie made you realise that the conservitives are really the communist party in all but name and the only diffrence between maggie and stalin is the fact that maggie couldn\’t go round killing people she didn\’t like but apart from that all she was, was stalin in a dress the day she was booted out of office should be made a day of celebration and an annual holiday and lets not forgrt about her son Mark so mrs t what went wrong there then

  24. mr_a_ says:

    After the unions out of control, 3 day week and dustman\’s stricke etc etc etc,
    It was a great relief, not only be rid of them but a truly confident politition at the helm, doing exactly what the doctor and the country ordered.
    But like all good things it came to an end when the money grabing commardes (just like the socialist) saw the opportunity to screw the stupid voting public who refused to talk politics and standup to bad laws introduce after the poll tax riots. they let the MP\’s take bribes from big company\’s, in form of DIRECTORSHIP\’s and sold of public assets on the cheap.
    Sadly when the cons. were out the were replaced by another more of the same new labour and mrs T with the mask of the Blair witch.

  25. Michael says:

    Having read the arguments that those commenting have made on this page, the majority of complaints concerning Mrs Thatcher have been (at least in my mind) from a somewhat subjective perspective. It is without difficulty such complaints are made, though without fairness either.  The "mlk snatcher" had only ever the intentions of raising the country from its knees, and I think we should all agree to that much. Was it really that detrimental to the British children to have free milk available to children? Answering yes to the question would show a serious lack of appreciation for the initial gesture to begin with. Can one justly protest the withdrawal of a privilege? Even when those providing it no longer had the free finances to do so?

  26. Michael says:

    This question could be taken further. Is it really so fair to expect to be provided with finances from the state, when the economy was in the state that it was? Is it fair, one can so far as to say, to expected the state\’s providing of finances at all?
    If we take a point of view of the upper classes, those who feel that their money is well earned, and too much is taken from their pockets (as it is these days out of most people\’s pockets), then It\’s easy to see Mrs Thatcher as an undoubtable asset to the country.
    For the working class, as it always is, matters are more complex. Like with most politicians, there will always be a certain lack of empathy. One can not change that by simple crude, and somewhat intolerant gesturing. There has been a lot of talk about riots, however, and you may consider me odd for this, I think of that in a positive light. There was I believe a comparison to communist Russia previously, and It seems that similarities were drawn. Like with most matters, it\’s not a difficult task. It may be harder however to recognise that, unlike in Russia, the result of these riots was not a \’Bloody Sunday\’, and in fact such riots could not have even been possible at the time, due to the fear of government in power.
    I think that it\’s brilliant that people feel so strongly against the government, regardless of whether it\’s wrong to, because in the end, it can\’t ever be wrong to keep the politicians ruling the country on their toes. It is the politicians that should fear us, not the other way round.
    However, making such harsh and somewhat rash statements about a former Prime Minister is ultimately pointless. Despite of what you may think, Mrs Thatcher can neither change what she did, nor can anyone else, and she certainly can do no more, except evidently stand around with those in power. All in all, the point that i\’m trying to make is, it\’s all too easy to criticise looking back a couple of decades, when there has been so much time to think over what could have been the best way to save the country. The fact of the matter is, unlike any politician around today, Mrs Thatcher had a plan in mind, right or wrong, and principally stuck to it through adversity. One can hardly say it was completely wrong, it would only be ignorant to neglect the benefits that she gave this country, by sacrificing superficial and to an extent unecessary ones.
    So let\’s not kick a wounded lion around, for she was a lion, one with a strength of character that should be respected, and concentrate on those who are more deserving of our critical points of view.

  27. James says:

    The odds were really stacked against her in every way.  She showed incredible will, determination, foresight and a total understanding of the world economy.  You should be thankful, not critical.  Besides, compare her strength and energy to the self seeking, unprincipled mediocrity we have today.  Finally, name one piece of scandal that ever affected her personally?  I don\’t recall the police ever questioning her…………

  28. Avon says:

    when mt came into power i reckon people thought a woman might be a different perspective on things. why not? How many truly powerful women have there been in pm or similar positions? exactly!!
    She obliterated scotlands economy, then worked her way into the north of england.( nothing north of watford gap counts. right?)
    poll tax!!! student loans!!!!!!
    yes she got rid of the unions more or less, a good thing  overall. but look at the debt your average person (not me, this is not personal) is in!!!
    Blair has just carried on this policy.
    Why take women in power seriously? as far as im concerned mt was bad for scotland, economy in the long term and women.
    This country will implode before too long and she lit the fuse!!!

  29. Paul says:

    Simply the best. The United Kingdom has had few Prime Ministers who have demonstrated leadership in the truest and fullest sense. Mrs T did just that at a time where this country was heading for economic disaster due to jurassic industrial structures. The fact that this country has been able to weather the weakness of John Major and the tryanny of New Labour is due to Mrs T\’s clarity of purpose and macro-economic viewpoint.
    Those were great days… optimism, sense of direction, meritocracy, national pride, competitiveness restored, weekly privatisations…Oh the ecstacy!
    Up yours Delors and anyone who has a bad word to say for BoadiceaII

  30. James says:

    Cicero – DT was quoting Mark Twain…….maybe, it applies to you………..

  31. Avon says:

    try living in the west of scotland. in fact try it 20 years ago

  32. Paul says:

    If I lived in the west of Scotland, now or 20 years ago, I\’d buy a bike…

  33. Avon says:

    very funny im sure. but I dont get it!!!!!!!

  34. Avon says:

    we just ride the sheep n coos up ere!!!

  35. p says:

    cant wait to piss on her grave but I know there will be a queue

  36. Ralph says:

    \’observer\’ please get a brain of your own. you\’re so pompous laurence olivier would have wanted you to be his dresser on the nights he went on to do henry V. and boring too. i fell asleep several times while reading your lullaby. it\’s obvious you have no brains and experience to put together what your eyes are assembling for you. so please go back to cleaning the kitchen. you\’re in foreign territory. have a nice life. and please be quiet. read a book. it might improve your life. no guarantee. but it\’s worth a try.

  37. Paul says:

    If anyone is doubting the visionary superiority of this lady, read the text of her speech to the Royal Society made 20 years ago this year:

    Not many of us were aware of the problems of global warming, ozone depletion and acid rain back then.
    If only she\’d been in power for another 10 years; how Britain would have been GREAT again instead of having bulging prisons, indulging fat kids, peddling failing international policies, being eaten alive by Clostridium difficile, building a society based on fear of crime whilst ignoring the causes of crime.
    Oh, for a new wave of dynamic, driven, principled politicians; maybe we would see the end of the moaning, grasping, benefits culture whingers who hold even the slightest negative view of the Thatcher years. Take a bit of responsibility for your own life and well-being and try to contribute something to society.
    Thank you \’Observer\’ for reasoned, dispassionate input in this blog.

  38. Eriwold says:

    Wow – what a load of balderdash below here. Methinks this represents MT spirit. Thought that evil woman has had it by now, but no, her ugly head rears itself again and again. When I read the agression contained in the below crap I wonder what more that freak of a woman has given as her inheritance apart from now being a land in the third row and poverty abounding. The only ones looking up to her are other politicians wishing to copy her ways of hoodwinking a normally clever nation.
    Lo0k across the borders. Watch that ugly piece called Merkel. She takes the same ride as that Maggie. Germany is already in a shambles because she copies Maggie perfectly. Well, history repeats itself.
    As to all you others below – using the ad homenim argument is the bottom of the pit – so leave it out. Typically English – turn on each other when the going gets tough.
    The worst enemy for a poor man is another poor man. \’course, they all praise MT because she made this possible by throwing this land into poverty, upheaval and now into apathy.
    Thanks to her, nothing great about Britain anymore. Was easy for blair to finish off the job.

  39. Unknown says:

    Having had the misfortune to live through britain in the Thatcher years, it makes my skin crawl to hear that odious and evil woman eulogised. Never has a British leader intentionally furnished so much misery and degradation on the majority of their own people. The adherence to the nonsense of monetarism and \’Reaganomics\’ prolonged the world recession in Britain for years longer than anywhere else. The engineering of the miners strike, helped admittedly by the idiocy of Arthur Scargill who made it easy for her, was a crime and the division and strife it engendered are stil evident in some areas.
    She was a strong leader who stuck to her \’principles\’ such as they were and I guess you knew where she stood. More than anything the avarice and selfishness of the \’greed is good\’ ethos she espoused has resulted in the \’me, me,me\’ attitude that is prevalent in todays society.  If they are selling tickets for that queue to piss on her grave, I\’ll have a couple just to make sure.
    I hope she likes barbeque, because thats all they eat down below.

  40. Eriwold says:

    Its time we start talking about something better than that black mark in Britain\’s history. That scum doe not deserve all this attention.
    Since I have no profile to look at, here is my homepage for you to look at if you wish to kinow something about me.
    Nice weekend to all

  41. Eriwold says:

    Cor, I get so negatively excited when I just hear her name. Even affectes my typing….
    the words should read …..does…. and know… sorry

  42. paul says:

    Margaret Thatcher was a great and natural leader she had to push the country forward and sort the unions out where they clearly were out of control and businesses losing money. The country has prospered now because of the changes made then. Now we have had for 10 or so years a goverment that was run by a solicitor who talked for all those years as they do and has quite frankly set the country back, so natural leaders are needed we may not always agree with their view but you know where you stand.

  43. Eriwold says:

    To the comment (51) I can only gasp and add this: "Dire moi qui to frequents, je te dirai qui to est"
    Naturally there were enough of those who voted her. But remember she respresented no more than about 30% of the electorate. Just work it out. 42 % of under 60% who had voted leaves very little indeed. But those who did probably fed their portfolio nicely, thank you very much.
    So, 51 did you also do nicely whilst the police hammered thatcherism into the head of the folks?

  44. paul says:

    I grew up during her reign have no policital preference working class from the east end just admire strong leaders they are needed
    to shape the future. And in answer to your question I did well being my own leader and forged my own path

  45. Michael says:

    \’observer\’ please get a brain of your own. you\’re so pompous laurence olivier would have wanted you to be his dresser on the nights he went on to do henry V. and boring too. i fell asleep several times while reading your lullaby. it\’s obvious you have no brains and experience to put together what your eyes are assembling for you. so please go back to cleaning the kitchen. you\’re in foreign territory. have a nice life. and please be quiet. read a book. it might improve your life. no guarantee. but it\’s worth a try."
    Strangely, my first impression was amusement. It saddens me to think that you have completely forgotten what you are actually arguing. It was my full intention to argue without \’brains or experience\’, for how can one truly be objective otherwise? I\’m taking your advice with a certain amount of patience, now i wish you\’ll have the courtesy to do the same. Try and at least have the good grace to make an argument with integrity, at least I had been empathetic to your views. Now then, I hope this length fits your reading capacity slightly better, and that you yourself have a nice life, hopefully with a better character.

  46. jack says:

    I lived through Maggies leadership and felt that overall she was "the best man for the job" its not always about pleasing all of the people all of the time some times some of the people are wrong a stand was needed. a stand she took. i whis our current crop were a bit more like her.

  47. alan says:

    Empress of the politics of greed which has ensued at least two terms of socialist destruction to our country.
    However fortune favours the brave! time for something new?

  48. francis says:

    The ignorance of some people! Mrs Thatcher is represented as a kind of totalitarian dictator-yet people seem to forget that the Conservative Party under her leadership obtained more votes than New Labour under Tony Blair has ever managed. Elected three times, twice with landslide victories, leaving a legacy which allowed the Tories to be elected for a fourth consecutive term and it was only when Labour adopted a Thatcherite, new-right position, that they ever stood a chance of being elected. So people may deride her, but please it was her and her policies that the British people voted for time and time again.
    The idea that it was her desire to crush the British public is ludicrous and if that is the best that her opponents can do, thank God they have not been in positions of power since 1979. It was her who made the possibility of owning a home a reality for millions of people, her government who made it possible for ordinary people to have shares in British business, her who restored pride and economic prosperity to Britain. People talk about the violence inflicted upon the miners, well I recall they were not exactly following Ghandi\’s principle of non-violent protest when they encountered those who were tasked to maintain law and order-the fools simply got more than the bargained for. They believed that unelected and unaccountable trades union leaders could dictate how this country was run as they did in the 1970\’s-they were wrong and were thankfully defeated.
    Thanks to Mrs. Thatcher, never again will be forced to sit through a blackout because the coal miners have gone on strike, never again will see dead bodies lying unburied, never again will doctors be unable to operate due to lack of power and never again will we see a socialist government. Whatever she did, Britain was better in 1990 than in 1979, and not many Prime Ministers can say they achieved that.

  49. Paul says:

    Maggie was the greatest Prime Minister this country has ever had since and including Winston Churchill.  She ended the abuse of the unions which was destroying British industry, put the Great back into Britain with her support for the Falkland Islanders after the invasion by the evil dictators who were running Argentina at the time (I served in the Falklands 5 times, 2 in the regular Army and 3 in the TA).  The only bad thing she did was the Poll Tax which was an unfair tax, but nothing to the 100\’s of Stealth taxes that Blair and Brown have inflicted upon us, and despite popular opinion, it was NOT the Poll Tax that led to her downfall, it was the outright betrayal by members of her own party for her opposition to the EU or EEC as it was still called then.  Following the poor advice she was given which led to the signing of the Single European ACt, which her advised told her related to a Single Market, she had realised just what the real plan of the Euro-elite was and the threat it represented to national sovereignty, not just in the UK but to all member states. The amount of power that has been transferred to the EU by John Major, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown since then and the surrender of our borders only goes to prove that she was right.  Give us another Maggie and we can have our country back again!!!!!

  50. Unknown says:

    Ah yes, the Thatcher years.  An under funded Health Service – the Tories  of today talk about Matrons, it was the conservatives that took Matrons off the ward and put the hospital cleaning out to contract and thats why you have superbugs in hospitals today!  They sold off the railways but now a Labuor Government is partly funding it.  They sold off the utilities and now we\’re paying extortionately high fuel bills.  And what she did to the miners and their families was despicable!   Weakened the power of unions and took away workers rights, sweatshop Britain!  Decimated industry!  Boom and Bust, recession recession.  She brought home and reinforced the "dog eat dog", "I\’m alright jack screw everyone else" culture.  We live in a cold and heartless spiteful country becuase like the aftremath of a devestating eathquake – Britain is still suffering the Tatcher Legacy!  But she is no different from any other tory – they all want to make the poor suffer, as if they don\’t suffer enough, while at the same time make the rich, richer! Doff your cap to the squire as he drives past!   Britain is divided.  I just wish that the ordinary people of this country would one day wake up and realise that they and their forefathers have been pissed on by the wealthy.  Britain was built up and made great by the ordinary people and their sacrifices.  Britons were slaves to their own monarchs!
    Needless to say I loath and detest the tories!!! 
    Thanks Live Spaces for allowing me to express \’some\’ of my anger!

  51. samu says:

    I remember the Thatcher years,they are heartbreaking to remember,mass unemployment,work only for the skilled,factorys closed,strikes,big lines at the social security offices,people going hungry,and worst of all the old people that died from the cold because they could not afford the heating,they got no help.Thatcher was a menace.They only kicked her out because she was a dictator primeminister.Thank god for the new breed of labour,yoyu could say that this government is the best conservative government we have ever had.I am from fleetwood and i remember the estates and the burned out old cars,rubbish and rats running,the town was dead,no shops nothing,now its changed so much loads of shps and markets buzzing,all the old estates have gone replaced with decent housing,no rubbish or rats running ang loads of ypoung people driving top motors wrc subarus etc,this was not possible in the Thatcher years,dont forget THE RICH GOT RICHER AND THE POOR GOT POORER,THATCHER WAS A MENACE.

  52. Unknown says:

    I don\’t want to piss on her grave, I would throw a party and dance on her grave!

  53. Chris says:

    The best thing the tories ever did while she was in power was to book into the Grand Hotel in Brighton. Best day of my life, I\’m still laughing and ever time I see Tebbit I have a chuckle to myself.

  54. Unknown says:

    ye many nmay think it a wonferful achievement to break the Unions back in the 1980\’s.
    She is the sole reason for workers today  
    not being paid double time on Sunday
    not getting paid time and a half on Saturday
    and not getting paid time and a half for overtime.
    I have always believe every women, and there are many examples………. Delialah, Robin Givens even the cow on the end of a phone who leaves us on hold while filing her nails yawning……  if you peel back their skin have the green scaled skin of a lizard and a tail hidden so well, it is seen only they erupt in devious schemes or in anger.
    Mrs Thatcher is the living proof.
    She is indeed a devil and I welcome her to hell to watch her burn forever and a day.

  55. Unknown says:

    ye many nmay think it a wonferful achievement to break the Unions back in the 1980\’s.
    She is the sole reason for workers today  
    not being paid double time on Sunday
    not getting paid time and a half on Saturday
    and not getting paid time and a half for overtime.
    I have always believe every women, and there are many examples………. Delialah, Robin Givens even the cow on the end of a phone who leaves us on hold while filing her nails yawning……  if you peel back their skin have the green scaled skin of a lizard and a tail hidden so well, it is seen only they erupt in devious schemes or in anger.
    Mrs Thatcher is the living proof.
    She is indeed a devil and I welcome her to hell to watch her burn forever and a day.

  56. Russ says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with all anti-thatcher comments but find myself almost pining for those lost days…this present nulab government has done twice the amount of damage to this country in HALF the time…surely an achievment to hang their heads too!!!!!
    I wish we could get back to the "bad old days" of the Thatcher reign….when our deadly enemy was Russia and the world was a more peaceful place!!!!!…….

  57. Paul says:

    Wicked tyrant and bully.I cannot understand how we put up with her and that evil monster Tebbit.

  58. geraldine says:

    i really remember Margaret Thatcher as the creator of the \’me\’ generation and the rest didn\’t matter. The 80s were all for \’one\’s self\’ and not for others.

  59. mary says:

    Thanks to Margaret Thatcher we purchased our own home for the first time, we also had a very good standard of living, some thing we do not have now or ever before. None of that which we achieved could have been achieved under high taxes labour who are never happy unless they keep the people down under their thumb . they do not want us to do well she did on condition we were prepared to work for it. I wish we could have those days back.

  60. john says:

    magy thatcher the milk snatcher; murderer of ten brave irish men long kesh hunger strike 1981 gone but never forgotten.

  61. Ross says:

    Its my birthday today i was born in 84 just as the miners strike was getting going. apparently i was born in a cold run down war memorial hospital the stuff were demoralised at best conditions were awful according to my mum this seems quite obviously a result of Thatcher not making any investment in NHS and other public services. if you were born in the 80s you were afected by Thatcher from day one and still are today. She got rid of all the unskilled jobs and destroyed this countrys values thats why crimes is so bad and society is so fucked up nowadays.

  62. Marise says:

    The destruction of close knit communities, the dash for gas which has left us dependent on that well known democrat Putin and others like him, the toleration of corruption in govt, the undermining of parliament, house price boom and bust, now we know why Gordon Brown was welcoming her back to number 10. New labour is Thatcher reborn. One plus – she did refuse to back Reagan and his weird war and missile plans. Sadly Bliar hadnt the sense to follow the example on the one good thing. She is an evil bitch whose legacy is as evil as her

  63. Unknown says:

    I was just leaving school three years after Mrs T came to power. Unemployment was at its highest ever, but that trend had begun under the former Labour Government. I started looking for work and did something few kids probably do these days and thats to write dozens of letters to all of the businesses in my local area, requesting employment. Guess what? my hard work was rewarded! I have no doubt at all that certain areas of the country faired badly under Mrs T and I therefore understand the opposing views. But, as far as the Miner\’s strike and the opposition leader Niel Kinnock is concerned, watching those two in action was reminiscent of Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler. Mrs T had no choice but to depose this vicious Union (who incidentally would attack their own for crossing a picket line, even though, poverty forced a lot of those men back to work. No solidarity, just a jumped up dictator that Mrs T delivered us from. Love her or hate her, this was a woman who could Govern a country. I admire her for her leadership and strength of character and would do so even if I didn\’t support her policies. Under the current Government, name one area that is working well? Education? Health, Transport? Immigration? need I go on? I have never been so poor as I am now, and I think I speak for many. I am an ordinary working class girl, who believed like Mrs T, that if you work hard, you can achieve. These days, everybody wants to be a celebrity. If it was all me, me, me, in the 80\’s, then what the hell is it now?

  64. david says:

    It is obvious from looking at all of the comments that have
    been posted onto this site is that Thatcher, and all that she stood
    for, was a very divisive individual.
    If you never lived through the Thatcher era then you will never know, and it
    does not matter what you have heard and who you have heard it from, what a
    disruptive and chaotic period it was.
    It is very hard to find another individual in recent British history who can
    create such a vitriolic and divided debate.

    You either love her and see her as a champion that saved
    Britain or you despise her and see her as the person who introduced the I’m all
    right, sod you I will take what I want when I want and I do not care who gets

    The ‘save Britain’
    corner point to the 70s, the 3 day week and the blackouts. And they are
    correct; Britain
    was in a mess. They will state they she saved Britain from the evil of the unions
    and old dated economic practices and that we are now benefiting from her
    economic legacy.

    The ‘she is evil’ corner will state that after the tories
    left office Britain was in dept to 50 billion pounds, that we had had rampant
    interest rates, boom and bust where millions of people lost their houses, that
    the only people who were really benefiting from the ‘economic’ miracle were the
    rich, that the UK had the worst statistic in Europe for people below the
    poverty line, child poverty, low wages, longest working hours and that
    illnesses such as TB could be found once again in the cities of Britain. These
    facts are also true.

    Having lived through the 70s and the 80s I can say that the
    70s were chaotic but the 80s, under Thatcher, was a time when the country
    turned in on itself with hatred, greed and bitterness.

    Britain did need modernizing 
    but under Thatcher it was not just a case of taking a sledge hammer to
    crack a nut, but using the whole force of the state to smash and humiliate a
    large proportion of the British public.

    The ‘save Britain’
    corner will state that the problem was that of the unions (as they have stated
    frequently on this site) but you need to ask yourself this:

    Did the unions cause the worst riots that had been seen in UK history in London,
    Leeds, Coventry, Liverpool, Nottingham, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow
    (this list just goes on and on). Did the unions cause the boom/bust  years with millions of people losing their
    homes, did the unions cause rampant interest rates , did the union create 2
    recessions that left 1 in 10 of the population on the dole, did the unions
    introduce the poll tax, did the unions close down  a massive proportion of the psychiatric  hospitals so as to move these people out into
    the community with no support (so as to save money), did the unions privatize
    the cleaning services in the health service which led to cuts in cleaning and
    hygiene due to private companies wanting to save money (guess where your super
    bug problem came from) did the unions refuse to ratify the minimum wage
    (because it would be detrimental to the economy) so that it was common for
    people to work for £1.50p an hour (up until 1993 I never got more than this
    amount of money for an hours work), did the unions make such a mess of the
    privatization of the rail service that it had to be taken back into government
    hands due its failings and the amount of subsidized money it was getting from
    the tax payer. I could go on but what’s the point.


    I believe that Britain did need to change but the
    way that Thatcher went about it was to rip the heart out of a large proportion
    of the populace.

    As I’ve stated. Some people love her but, they will never
    know what it was like to be on the other side and therefore will never
    understand the anger that a lot of people feel towards this person

  65. Unknown says:

    Hi All,,,same old argument about an old PM,,,the only thing she did that showed this countrys cause was the Falkland crisis.Dont blame new labour 4 the high gas,electricity,water,rates prices,a legacy from that evil women and her seedy henchmen selling this country off to the highest bidder.This country is run on foreign power and she was a forerunner to being at those pillocks the yanks beck and call.Thanks to her this country has had it

  66. Unknown says:

    Can i also add,,,,,there has to be a compromise between any disagreement,,,,but thatcher took it to far,,,,ok the unions were taking the mickey,,,,but by the time that woman finished the working man didnt have a leg to stand on,,,,,health and safety,,,working conditions etc,,,,unemployment,,,,enough said

  67. Colin says:

    Mrs T was without doubt the cure this sick old man of Europe needed. Britain wasn\’t great when she started but it was a feared and respected country when she was eventually ousted. Not eveything a prime minister does is bang on the button, but she sorted out what needed to be done. I hope history treats her more kindly than some of the visitors to this site.
    Maggie wouldn\’t have stood by as the \’great Gordon\’ does now, watching the foreign hoards from eastern europe coming here by the million (oh believe me it is the million) and causing total chaos. They might do the jobs that our 2.7 million sickies can\’t or won\’t do, but what about the houses they live in that should be for our young families, the hospitals getting clogged up the schools that need to teach in ten languages. Maggie would have said no, no, no.

  68. Alan says:

    I cant believe she is still alive just proves the old saying only the good die young.

  69. Derek says:

    The only thing she was successful at was to replace one from of greed (Unions) with another form of greed (private companies) and who suffers we do the populace of this country.

  70. William says:

    Well I was okay during the eighties in work etc but it was the atmosphere in the country and the awful struggles for their jobs by the miners and the seamen and steel workers. Privatisation was in full swing and a lot of them I did not agree with and I think I have been proved right by events and prices now being paid. No it was a time f splits and factions that in some cases will never be healed and the grab all society still exists today with a lot of people. Greed of the indidual and there is no such thing as society is what thatcher stood for in my mind. She did not win the cold war, that is a joke, and maybe if she had not been in USA with Bush senior at the time maybe the first gulf war would not have happened.No I did not like her, I did not agree with how the handled the Falklands business either , and opposed all that she did but I would admit that she did do a great job of representing her people, the right wing clique of the conservative party and big business interests in the country.Trouble was John Major was not much better and he was followed by Blair who turned out to be a big admirer of Thatcher, woe is me woe is me.The left wing in this country , of which I regard myself as being one, have been crushed.  

  71. john says:

    wanted for war crimes on the nationalist people of ireland. she will be going to meet her maker soon,time for some justice for all the familys of the dead martyrs.         Ireland 32 united and true.

  72. colin says:

    I Left school in 83,did a yts ( cheap labour tea boy/broom pusher). At  the end of that still no job. Step father kicked me out, ended up in a hostel run by a very good family who tried to their best to help us. Maggie did not like that, and in came the four week rule,(keep us moving nobody will notice how many of us there are).That "woman" destroyed a whole generation of young people. I ended up getting a girl pregnant because we knew we it was the only way we could get a permanant roof over our heads. Once we were stable i managed to find work (on the side, there was no legal work),I also got into crime, nothing serious but enough to make ends meet. during our illegal time together i managed to use my ill gotten gains to gain some quallifications and,very,slowly managed to build a life for us,but it was not enough to keep us together as a family,we split,it was friendly,then another government decided they knew best and the csa was born. i was earning £250 had a new family (one built on love not desperation)and the csa decided the agreement i had with my ex was not good enough and took £86 a week from me.
     When i had my first home i payed £7 a week rates that covered all of our council services and water rates.
    What i am trying to say is yes she was the "devil sent from hell" but she was just the worst of a bad bunch. Cons,labs,libs, they are all the same.

  73. derek says:

    i lived through the thatcher years.britain in the 1970\’s was dominated by the union stranglehold on essential industries.the steelworks for example had people playing cards,or sleeping throughout the nightshift.nationalised industries were overstaffed,and underworked,and the labour party were weak,and at the mercy of the unions.edward heath was humiliated by the miners,and we had the three day week,caused by the unions.all this was the backdrop to the thatcher years.i thought in all honesty,that thatchers first term in office was good for the country,and i have been a labour voter all my life(i am now 47)however,the privatising of industries that are essential to the running of the country,(and which we already owned)were a step too far,as were the persecution of the miners,and the crushing of the unions,taking away workers rights..we lost our sense of community.
    ok,u mite have the right,as a council tenant,to buy your house,but councils were not allowed to use the receipts from council house sales to build more council houses,which explains why there are so few available today.just one example of the "me " generation.
    im already feeling bitter,so will give up now..just to conclude that thatcher was probably what the uk needed in the short term,but disasterous in the long term,and responsible for many of the problems that we face today…ie,high,high gas,electricity costs,shortage of low cost housing,etc.

  74. Adrian says:

    I\’ve never read so much complete bollocks in my life. I was born in 1963 and took the initiative to leave school at 16, get a job and earn a lving because unemployment was high. Frankly, we\’re all privileged to have been born into Western Society where at least we have a state benefits system (not that I have ever taken a penny out of it). To listen you lot bleating about how bad things are, you have no idea. Try being born and living in Africa and then you\’d get a sense of perspective. Nobody wants to aceept responsibility for themselves. Some ideiot bleating about losing his house because of Thatcher. Bollocks! You lost your house because you were just plain unlucky (shit happens, build a bridge and get over it) or you borrowed more than you could afford and didn\’t think forward. Then of course you could blame the Banks for lending you too much in the first place. More bollocks! You want a house like everybody else, so you sign ther paperwork – accept the responsibility.
    In the UK and the West generally, we all have it easy. All of the Governments are corrupt and screw things up, but Thatcher did as good as job as any. The UK is now a shithole thanks to the lack of control the police, teachers, parents and immigration can exercise and the crap parenting being practised.

  75. Unknown says:

    Dangerousade,,,Listen out i was born in 65 never been on the dole in my life,,,,who cares about ur african friends,,,i dont and ime not racist,,,our country is our country,,and i dont give a damn about no one else,,,and al this bollocks u talk about is crap.Are you all couped up in ur semi,or maybe a 2 up 2 down,u talk shit u no nothing about politics , obviously , so maybe u should stfu and go back to ur horlicks

  76. Unknown says:

    Can i also add that i have never sponged off the state,,and a lot of people took the initiative(leave school),,,,and took jobs,,,,some YTS like me,,,slave labour ,,,make the figures look good……r u in a comfortable environment Dangerousade

  77. Unknown says:

    Dangerousade,,,u without doubt have no concept of things,,,y u bring Africa into the debate,,,if u so keen on them y not go and stay there,,,,and u must be very settled in ur home,,,and dont look at BANKS pelting their shiy at everyone,,,people are desperate for a home,,,,this country is greedy

  78. john says:

    to all those ppl who look at our country and think it has fallen into chaos…knife crime by teenagers…murders by teenagers…planned murders by teenagers…gun crime involving teenagers…binge drinking by teenagers…the lack of respect shown by teenagers…the list goes on and on can i just say…this is what you get with 20 years of tory government…thatcher tore the heart out of the uk…scotland and wales suffered most…ship eards closed…mines closed…4 million out of work…fathers depressed  because they could no longer provide for their familes…husbands taking out the depression out on their wives…children watching this…mothers becoming depressed…the family halting being a unit…kids not being loved because the parents were depressed…did i mention 4 million out of work…i think you get the picture…what i am saying is that the kids who are committing the crime that is rampant throughout the country are the children of the tories…they were born before this labour govenment…thatcher was at the heart  of this destruction of the family…yes she made the rich richer but she made the poor a lot poorer and not just in monetary terms…those who profited from her destruction of the uk will disagree but you can\’t blame labour for the way this country is…the tories and they alone made this and the country has forgotten as per the norm…on a final note that is off topic just slightly…should one of the royals get assinated by a british muslim terror group,you can bet that the problems we all know are coming will be here…and who opened the door to allow so many immigrants into the country…the tories and 20 years of government…yes thatcher was a revelation for this country

  79. Unknown says:

    Here Here Hanz,,,,i dont think some of these peoplr realise the legacy she left,,,,,I for one will not wep when she is gone,,,she is a blight on this country and her offspring,,,,thank god they havnt the brains to  come into parliament,,,,,But saying that u dont really need that much

  80. Bernie says:

    First of all, in response to Dangerousade: Wow! Lucky you. You were one of the fortunate ones who could leave school at 16 and walk into a job. Good for you. Give yourself a pat on the back. But unfortunately, for millions more of us, who left school five years later than you, there were no jobs to walk into. Thatcher and her damn government saw to that. Have you any idea what it\’s like for a 16 year old to walk into a job centre and be told there are no jobs because you lack experience, are too young or you don\’t qualify for a training scheme until you\’ve been unemployed for six months? Where I grew up, opportunities to travel abroad were practically non-existent, so unfortunately I couldn\’t help the starving populace of Africa either. And why should I? I seem to remember when I was at school, millions of them were starving then, and 24 years later, millions of them are still starving! So where\’s all the damn money gone that was supposed to end that? As another poster has already said, England is England, Africa is Africa. Their problems are their own. Trying to make people feel fortunate by saying stupid crap like \’you are fortunate to be born in the UK\’ or whatever, is pathetic! Like we have a choice? As for me, I now live abroad and have done for the last 9 years. I was back in the UK in January of this year to see relatives. My first trip home in 5 years. All I saw was \’This teenager stabbed this teenager. This guy got shot outside his school. Girl found raped and murdered. Man found dead outside his home after asking drunken teens to be quiet.\’ and the list goes on. England has gone down the shitter mate and we can attribute that to the f**cked up legacy that Thatcher left behind. I was ashamed of what I saw and horrified.Don\’t ask me and millions of others who had no work because of her changes to shed a tear for her, because you\’ll be waiting a million years of Sundays before that happens. The tories in general were not good for the UK, with their class divisions and making the rich richer, poor poorer etc. I only ever voted once in my whole life, and that was for Labour, in the vain hope that the Conservatives would lose power. Thank God they did! I actually cried with happiness that day!! Really. Physically cried.Oh, and one last thing asshole, my mother lost her house, not because she was \’unlucky\’, but because the Torie bastards pushed inflation through the roof so high, that she could no longer afford the rising mortgage payments on her salary. Another Torie goof that made thousands homeless!Thatcher good for Britain? You\’re the one talking bollocks here pal!

  81. gary says:

    What a tosser Bernie is. It is clear to see that the uncompromising stance taken by Thatcher\’s tory goverment has made the UK today one of Europes strongest economies. It is fair to say that Maggie took on the unions and won. Again, this has been good for the UK. All you have to do is look at the "choke hold" the unions have in France to see the poison that unionisation brings.
    Isn\’t it odd that people like Bernie who live outside the UK always have an opinion about "England going down the shitter". Clearly an ill informed SUN or STAR reader who forms opinions from headlines only.
    Finally, inflation cannot be singularly attributed to the tories policies of the 80\’s. The fact that Bernie\’s mother lost her house is sad but looks to me like someone "over reaching" financially.

  82. peter says:

    she wiped out the coal  the engineering and the steel industries and made a big mess of this country i hope when she kicks the bucket people will dance in the street

  83. Rich says:

    Bernie you Tosser you have no idea what maggie did for the country I LOVE MRS T!!!!!

  84. edmund says:

    i do not understand how women hated maggie,she was our first woman prime minister,and one great thing about her was her love for this coun try.How many out there taking it out of her actually do work,but just judge.
    Lets face it,if she had not got rid of free school milk and lefgt rates as they were,this blog about her most probably would not exist.
    She was honest,and lets face it she ruined the country,well how long can this shower of xxxx ruling our country now blame the tories and maggie,no nhs,no police force because they are now a response force,most heavily taxed and may i add cctv country in the world,also if it does not work with blair or brown just set another dept up to look into it,when she was in apart from milk and rates do you know this country had no debts,so when you get up out of your beds and nip down to the pub many millions of us that work are much worse of than we were under her,and  i have studied politics for many years,d not just in the pub,or sat on the sofa.

  85. gary says:

    Nice one Rich I concur, Bernie is a real tosser. In addition, coal, engineering and the steel industry were a consequence of globalisation and not Maggies policies. The Tory policies of the 80\’s dragged the UK back from the brink of distaster. Doesn\’t anybody remember the winter of discontent and all that stuff under labour? I LOVE MRS T TOO

  86. Baddog says:

    I see at least one idiot has mentioned "those living on benefits whingeing" as the "hard working" taxpayers supported them during and since thatchers mis rule of this nation?
    Well most of those who "lived on benefits" did so because thatcher destroyed their jobs, from mining to steel to car manufacturing all destroyed so we can buy these goods back from other countries at twice the price!
    We now pay a hundred time what we payed for utilities before thatcher "privatised" them because foriegners own them and charge us what the hell they like!
    Again this means more people need more benefits just to get by, benefits for which they are taxed so they too are taxpayers who would like to be "hard working" but are denied the chance by a tory based so called, "Labour" party who have become tories mark two and deserted their traditional supporters.
    She won elections inpsite of the fact more people voted against her than for her, and she continued to lie to us and make the rich even richer and ended this "United Kingdom" forever!
    Payments for questions, adutery and sleaze where the norm for her MP\’s and compared to them the "sleaze" under new "Labour" counts for nothing by comparison!
    We are told we have more "choice" now as a result of her "policies", which is true if you have the money to pay for the choices which many do not as the gap between rich and poor has continued to grow ever wider!
    She can be summed up in these words, "she knew the cost of everything but the value of nothing" and we pay the price for her failure!

  87. Princess says:

    This woman was the death of this country, in some ways she had great ideas but when they are put into practice they killed this country.

  88. Brian says:

    The only thing Thatcher did was to give individual union members a vioce that they are able to vote on various actions, strikes etc.
    Before it was the bully boy tactics in Union meetings.  Yes I\’ve been there.  Now if workers strike it is because the genuine majority want to.  New Labour kept the law as was and did not revet to the old practice

  89. Eriwold says:

    Naturally that one third of the comments below will praise that old witch. At least we know who had kept her in power by voting for her. (Work it out: some 42 % of about just 60 % of those voted leaves very little but one third of the populace wanting her).
    She infested this people with her illness of deep rooted schizoidism – we are a split nation since then. J. Major and Blair finished us off ecause it is right that they are all the same. However some are mor equal than others and she was the champion of evil reign.
    Every country has some foul fruit in the basket, she was ours.
    Am I qualified to judge? See for yourself on my homepage http://www.rolandfaber.com
    Also, the Thatcher debacle would have been less likely if that traitor Kinnock hadn\’t sold out the country for a cushy job in Brussels (for 160,000 quid p.a. with at least doubed by the special perks going with that job).
    So let those who voted for her have their say also without becoming personal at each other. What Maggie had done suffices us being so split up.
    Good weekend to all

  90. Eriwold says:

    sorry should read because….

  91. Eriwold says:

    Found another mistake: doubled!

  92. Unknown says:

    She changed the system regarding "Married Womens National Insurance Contributions". Anyone who was married and working in the 60\’s knows what I am talking about. She thought she would make all women the same, sounds good but those who had been paying this contribution did not have enough working years left to catch up with the system she changed it back to. Now millions of womem are at pension age and have the grand sum of 10p per week coming there way. Thaks Mags, bet you get more than that.

  93. Unknown says:

    maggie thatcher, well she did no good for this country, remember the poll tax, the miners strike, which devided families,  brother against brother, police against the working man, how wrong, she did nothing good for england, she made the rich richer and poor even poorer, she sold off all of the british businesses, that were owned by us the british public, the railways, the coal mines, the electric companys, b.t., it all went into private ownership, These assets beloged to us , she had no right to sell these assets, most of these are now owned by foreigners.  maggie thatcher , may you rot in hell for the misery you have caused our great country, i cannot write one good thing about this evil woman.

  94. Rich says:

    All the fighting Lady T did for this country has been ruined by new labour if it wasn\’t for the conservatives we would all be calling each other comrade! Margret Thatcher is a wonderfull Lady, she is this countrys saviour it is a pitty the conservatives cannot find another Thatcher in there party.

  95. William says:

    i was only 13 at the time  when she was in power but all i can say if the labour was in power at that time we would of kissed good by to the falkland island and now thanks to the new labour we are over run with imagrants and they banned hunting with dogs what next for the uk while labours in power  labour will never get my vote

  96. Unknown says:

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