February in review

Posted by Laura

Given that last month was considered one of the warmest Februaries on record, it was surprising to look back and discover  our news coverage was at the mercy of the unforgiving elements.

Bad weather dominated the beginning of the month and proved to be the most popular thing on the homepage, closely followed by another occurrence of nature’s wrath – the earthquake that shook Britain on February 27.


Other stories that got you hooked were our TV critic’s feature on the demise of daytime television, the impact of the interest rate fall on the pockets of the average Briton, and a particularly eventful week in celebrity quotes.

What got you talking

The month’s top message boards were all entertainment or sports related, with discussions about Dot’s solo EastEnders episode, the Spice Girls quitting their tour, and speculation over summer football deals really getting the comments flowing.

Some of you objected to the article ’10 healthy foods that aren’t so healthy’, feeling it encouraged people to steer clear from foods that so many of us eat regularly. Others told us of their experiences of depression drugs and whether they worked, prompted by an article on causes and symptoms of the condition.

We hold our hands up to…

Many of you were, quite rightly, aggrieved by the headline: ‘Plain in emergency landing’ that appeared on February 2. I’d love to say it was the descent to earth of something very dull, but in reality the only thing that landed on our page was a badly-spelled sentence. This was a feed article that came from a news provider, however apologies all round for such a glaring blooper.

And finally…

Apologies to Andy Abraham fans who objected to us terming him ‘an X Factor loser’. Having seen him perform his Eurovision song last week and win a place to represent the UK in the song contest, we’ll have to eat our words. It’s a great song – may his winning streak continue when he performs at the final in Serbia.

Thanks, as always, for all your feedback. Keep it coming.

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