Swanky Doodle

posted by Antony

Friday is National Doodle Day. It’s designed to raise funds to help people whose lives are affected by epilepsy and neurofibromatosis. The website has dozens of doodles drawn by celebrities and are set to be auctioned on eBay this month. They range from the sweet and simple to the artistic and complex. Personally, if I had the money, I’d be bidding on Ralph Steadman’s contribution now. Emma Bunton’s effort however appears to be nothing more than a photo of herself and a signature.

No dear, that’s not a doodle, that’s an autograph.

As the MSN Photo Editor (for all of three weeks so far), I’m partial to the odd doodle. My desk here has more than a few biro scribblings on the backs of business cards and my notebook has as many cartoon faces as it does notes. I also post sketches up on my personal blog after I figured they might be more entertaining than musings on what I do during my day (clue: it involves photos and editing).

As it is National Doodle Day, I’ve chosen three pieces from my blog to republish here. Click each one for a bigger version.

This actually happened to me on the train to work one day. I’m sure I must have pi**ed everybody off but, being British, nobody said anything.

MSN Entertainment Team
I had no reason to draw this other than I thought it would be fun and good practice. It’s easy to doodle random faces, but a lot harder to draw real people. This is the MSN Entertainment podcast team. You can listen to their podcasts here.

Tip Tap
This is actually part one of a three part mini-comic about novel writing. I’m still drawing the second part (which I plan to put up on my blog this weekend), but I think it’s a nice little thing in itself.

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