Seven deadly sins for a modern world

Posted by Laura

Just when you thought you were on the path to righteousness,  modernisation comes along and confuses matters.

This week the Vatican revised the traditional list of seven deadly sins to make them more appropriate for 21st century living.

Where once we were wary of lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy & pride, we now need to take heed of seven new transgressions: genetic modification, human experimentations, polluting the environment, social injustice, causing poverty, financial gluttony and taking drugs.

These certainly appear more specific and less open to interpretation, but do you they have quite the same resonance in a society that is now more secular than when the original sins were popularised in the middle ages?

Brad Pitt and Kevin Spacey, stars of deadly sins thriller Seven, would certainly have more difficulty in acting out these modern-day misdemeanours. Psycho Spacey punishing victims for not choosing a green energy supplier doesn’t quite have the same dramatic impact.

What sins do you think should be included on the list?

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16 Responses to Seven deadly sins for a modern world

  1. Peter says:

    are they then saying that the old sins are now acceptable? The old sins are just as relevant today as theyve always been. Lust/aldutery is pretty much the same thing and is still frowned upon today. gluttony is completely relevant as the developed world suffers from obesity epidemic. greed is the main cause of most of the modern seven sins. I think perhaps envy, sloth, wrath and pride are no longer sins. So i would say the seven sins should be 
    1) gluttony same thing as excessive drug, alcohol, food intake.
    2) greed same thing as social injustice/causing poverty/financial gluttony
    3) Lust/adultery
    4) polluting environment
    5) genetic modification/human experiments is the same thing.
    and the two sins I have to add are…….
    6) hypocrisy between personal life and public life. pathological liars I guess. This probably disgusts me the most as i lose all respect for the person and they become a worthless person in my eyes.
    7) selfishness. Blatant wreckless disregard for other people. This includes driving whilst using mobiles, speeding across red lights, jumping queues etc.

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