Greatest ever TV ads

Posted by Paul

The Times this week listed their favourite TV advertisements. Number one in their list is Clunk Click Every Trip starring Jimmy Saville. My personal favourite is an amusing ad for Wendy’s from the 80s –  Where’s the Beef?  I hadn’t seen it before today. I’ve just watched it five times and laughed every time.

The seventh ad on the list is one that always brings a smile to my face as it reminds me of some years ago when I was dating a South American girl. Much to my chagrin she pulled out of a date at the last minute claiming she had to go to "the ambassador’s reception". Thinking she was having a joke at my expense, I texted back telling her where to stick her Ferrero Rocher. I then received a call from her irate mother at the Columbian embassy to telling me that I was out of order. Oh well. Needless to say I never saw the daughter again.

The full list:

1) Clunk Click Every Trip (watch below)
2) Wendy’s (watch below)
3) SpaghettiOs
4) Budweiser
5) Guinness
6) Renault Clio
7) Ferrero Rocher
8) John Smith’s
9) Gold Blend
10) Smash




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