Breakfast plate tectonics

Posted by Ian

There was an article on today’s homepage defending the full English breakfast from charges of being bad for your health.

I rarely eat a full breakfast. I don’t know how it’s possible to have that much to eat first thing in the morning and not immediately feel so full up and jaded that you need to lie down again and go back to sleep. Hence I’ll only cook stuff occasionally, on a bank holiday or something, for a treat. And even then, because I’m a vegetarian, I’ll end up doing too much fried bread.

No, most days I just have one thing, such as a piece of toast or a yoghurt. Some of my colleagues, however, don’t even have that. They have nothing. Not one thing. Others prefer to eat their breakfast once they are at work. I don’t understand this either. How they can get so far through the day with nothing inside them? Don’t they need something to, well, break the fast of the night? Clearly not.

Previous generations advocated three hot meals a day. But that was before convenience foods and snacks and vending machines, and a nation where the majority of people spend the day slumped in front of a computer screen. Nonetheless breakfast is important and something you should do before you leave the house in the morning. It forces you to slow down and pause amidst scrabbling around trying to get ready for the day.

Next week: tea bags – one dunk or two?

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12 Responses to Breakfast plate tectonics

  1. peter says:

    yes, a big breakfast does slow you down and makes you fat too, im usually in a rush in the morning, so dont have time to cook a full english breakfast. even a piece of toast is too time consuming, i just have cereal with milk or a supplement shake, much faster. besides if you have food with lots of bits in it, it gets stuck in your teeth and you have to spend even longer brushing flossing it giving you even less time to do your face or hair. i sometimes take my tooth brush and paste with me on the train and brush my teeth in the train loo.

  2. Elaine says:

    I disagree. the human body is designed to be kick-started in the morning, and to use what you give it more and more slowly to wind down at the end of the day. High calorie breakfasts, a hot meal for lunch, and something light, a salad say, for dinner, is ideal, and follows your body\’s needs throughtout the day, meaning you don\’t go hungry at all, and you still get your 1500-2000 calories a day, but distributed far more sensibly.

  3. Beverley ann says:

    To those who reckon they have no time to eat breakfast—-get up earlier, you really will find you feel better if you have something, even if it is fruit juice and a slice of toast, it\’s all very well having all these sugary snacks availiable at kiosks etc. but as a nation that is why we put on so much weight, years ago thaese things were not availiable.—-and everyone had breakfast of some description—-break out the porridge, with syrup!!!

  4. Unknown says:

    I always make time for breakfast usually cereal or toast i can\’t stomach a massive breakfast, i sometimes have to get up for work at 4.30 but still make time to eat, if i don\’t within a couple of hours i start to feel faint and weak and have been know to pass out if i have not eaten! I don\’t see why people don\’t make time to eat it takes 15 mins to have breakfast if you take your time.

  5. Eriwold says:

    A full English breakfast – aahhhh – how I MISS it over here in Krautmany! Some fool mentioned here under that a slice of toast takes longer than to get the stuff out to make a bowl of cereals. What twaddle. How does the adage go? Eat breakfast like a king, etc…
    Any other way lets you put on weight! Why? because you will be nibbling the whole day long and to boot, all bad rubbish from crisps to candy bars. I know the kind.
    My favourite still is, and will remain so: fried eggs (sunny side up and yolk runny), tasty bacon, two sausages (always preferred Baxters), fried tomatoes (lots of riboflavin) and a thick slice Scottish black pudding fried – all loused up with HP sauce. Oh yes, don\’t forget the buttered toast. Anyone coming over to here for a visit incidentally dan take some Baxters and Scottish black pudding along. I will pay them roally for it. Live in Nuremberg now (don\’t like it! but I must).
    And I take the liberty to wish you all "bon appettite" for such a breakfast. Read my homepage and you know all about me.
    Have a nice one….

  6. peter says:

    actually youre the fool. A slice of toast does take longer. you have to toast it and spread it which takes at least 5 mins and its so dry you have to chew it which wastes even more time. cereal does not require cooking at all, you just add milk which takes less than 10 seconds preparation time.

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