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Posted by Ian

The final episode in the latest series of one of the greatest television programmes ever was shown last night. Not that you would have noticed. Not that the channel which broadcast it went out of its way to get it noticed. In fact, they were probably glad to see the back of it.

The way More4 has treated Curb Your Enthusiasm has been diabolical. It’s one thing burying it late at night on a Monday (a Monday! When has that been a night for classic comedy?!) It’s another to do virtually nothing by way of publicity, or deciding to dump it from the schedule for two weeks for no reason, one of which was filled with – of all things – repeats of Phoenix Nights.

This show has never won the prestige or attention it deserved. There have been six series shown on one British TV channel or another, and none have been treated with respect. And before anyone says anything, this isn’t one of those programmes that benefits from being an "undiscovered treasure" or having a "cult following" or any such rubbish. It should have been a massive hit and had the chance to be acclaimed as a genius of a sitcom by millions.

Anyway, last night’s episode was a triumphant finale and one that, for once, saw its eternally frustrated protagonist Larry David end up on the winning side. Even if it did involve discussion of "a tickly anus".

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35 Responses to Pretty…pretty…pretty…pretty…pretty good

  1. Scott says:

    I agree, it is one of the best comedy shows ever. It is sharp, smart and funny. The reason it is buried in obscure time slots is because the general public wont appreciate its brilliance. Its sad to say but the tv viewer in this country has been reduced to nothing more than brain dead morons who clap like circus seals to the likes of Catherine Tate & Little miss Jocelyn! The praise these shows get is a joke and ironically a funnier one than any you will find within either of these shows! I seriously cant believe people find them funny! Curb should be watched and appreciated by millions each week and should have a prime slot in the schedule. Its time to drop the crappy sketch shows and put quality shows like Curb on and then it might get the plaudits it deserves.

  2. Unknown says:

    Couldn\’t agree more, one of the few shows that make me laugh \’til it hurts. Seemed destined for greatness when Ricky Gervais interviewed Larry David a few years back and put it on the radar, but no, lack of promotion and poor scheduling put paid to that. Must make a fortune in DVD sales.

  3. Peter says:

    crap, who watches this american garbage

  4. mike says:

    Yeah its the same with shows such as Deadwood, Rescue me and Arrested Development. they get little or no publicity compared to Lost, 24, Prison break, Heros and all the other usual cheese.
    Dont know why I\’m even bothering to type this as the usual rubbish will get all the attention. Hardly anyone will click on an article where it has a balding middle aged man that nobody will recognise pictured next to it anyway…  🙂
    Everyone I\’ve showed an episode to, of the shows i mentioned at the start have loved them.
    Its like ricky Gervais said… dont just watch whats on after eastenders… use some imagination people!

  5. gary says:

     Have been a fan since day 1 & probably got more people into CURB than can remember . However in a warped kind of way I\’m kinda glad its a well kept secret , if its out there genuine fans will find it . In my opinion its up there with Bilko , Fawlty Towers , The Office & Blackadder though obviously somewhat different to all of these with the exception of The Office .
    Given the DVD sales & no doubt repeated showings the cult will grow & if I had a pound for everytime somebody has told me "god how could I have missed this ? " I\’d be a very rich man .
    Gut feeling is the BBC might pick this up sometime in the future .
    Larry is King  

  6. Peter says:

    gut feeling is the BBC might pick this up sometime in the future ……nope fortunately the BBC has more sense than channel4 and seldom buys american produced crap.

  7. Tara says:

    I am too glad that it\’s a secret.  I don\’t think English people can understand it as it requires a degree of intellect.  I think people like "No Name" deserve bad acting, bad lighting, badly dressed, FAT actors/actresses like the ones on East Enders (a BBC programme) or a sad programme like Cori.  You get what you deserve.  Don’t me wrong – I am not even an American.  One doesn’t have to be in order to recognise talent.  As I recall, this is the guy who created a successful sitcom called Seinfeld IDIOTS

  8. James says:

    "No Name" what sort of f**cked up name is that. From all us Curb fans and Larry David wannabes "NO NAME" YOUR A C*CK!!!

  9. neil says:

    I have been watching the previous series on dvd.  Apart from this season.  This is  great comedy.  Larry david is a hero.  he does what most people never do and trys to make up for it and usually makes matters worse.  It probably deserved a better channel than more4.  It would be a shame people missing out on such a great comedy.

  10. Greyman says:

    Working in the US last November unable to sleep I turned on the TV to find Curb just about to start.  I\’ve been hooked ever since.  As soon as I got back to the UK I hit Blockbusters and hired all the series over the course of two weeks.  This show is the thinking persons comedy.  What a show!!!!  The best TV I have seen in years!!!

  11. Michael says:

    Curb has to be one of the greatest sitcoms ever made, time and time again it is voted in the top5 by critics along with Larry David\’s other masterpiece Seinfeld. I think that the reason for it not being picked up for primetime viewing is mainly due to its often adult themes and if it needs to be on late then i think, they think why bother. Its a real shame, but then again those in the know will be happy in the knowledge that we have something great to share with the masses.

  12. Onias says:

    Totally agree. Hated it when you\’ve just watch a brilliant episode (like the Steve Coogan one) and you\’d go to work and no-one has watched it and doesn\’t understand how great it is. So easily could have been C4 9pm Fri. Disagree with \’anything crap other than English\’ comment. The UK has has been churning out this type of empathetic comedy for years and this of the few US comedies that achieves this. It doesn\’t take much \’thinking\’, you just have to have a bit of sarcasm and put yourself in their situation. Something that doesn\’t require a laughter track to \’guide\’ you to where the joke is. Just look at The office, Extras, Royal Family, Peep Show, Gavin and Stacey (Rob Brydon is excellent) for more evidence of this. The American office had its moments but doesn\’t compare to the amount of belly/head aching laughs you get from Gervais, Merchant and co. in the original. Curb… should definately get a re-run on C4. IT\’S SERIES 6. Don\’t think freeview was that popular when the first series was here so naturally I ignored it until now and now find myself buying all the boxset. Fantastic series.

  13. Unknown says:

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  14. Unknown says:

    Best comedy series of all time? 
    The unbelievable thing about Curb is how prolific it is. I have the box set and was just flicking through \’series one\’ the other day and its as genius as the latest series.
    Quite honestly, I\’m glad all the plebs don\’t know about it, it makes it all the more special for the lucky few. God bless you Larry David and God bless you Larry David Fans…

  15. Ashley says:

    i couldnt agree more, i cant believe they put it on more 4 wtf that all about, curb is such a great comedy it just isnt gettin the reconition over here

  16. Martin Jeffrey says:

    Unfortunately, the fundamental reasons why it hasn\’t got the recognition it deserves, is (a) It hasn\’t been blown out of all proportion, or aimed at a particular wannabe trend "group"…and (b) It requires an I.Q over 46 to comprehend. Opinion.

  17. Scott says:

    Oh just to add to my comment (first one posted,under "no name") I would just like to say that anyone who doesnt think that Curb is pretty….pretty….pretty…..pretty good is a giant shmohawk!!!

  18. peter says:

    theres a reason this is on satellite channel, because its utter crap. Everything on satellite tv is utter crap and most of it is aged old american programming alongside porn and premium rate phone in quizzes, all junk. Thank god Channel 4 has issued a statement that it intends not to purchase millions of crap american programmes in future and instead intends to replace the american junk with original domestic programmes. So all the american junk will be passed over to statellite junk channels such as more4 and e4 where you retards can watch simpsons, friends, larry king, frasier repeats all day long and where simpletons can laugh at the same jokes which have already been repeated 5,000 times since friends was first aired in 49BC.  

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