The best video game song ever: follow-up

Posted by Dom

A month ago I wrote in praise of the immense end-song to the video game Portal, calling it ‘catchy, poignant, emotional, original, funny and intelligent… just so much better, on so many levels, than the half-hearted musical pap which dominates so many games these days’.

Feedback from you on my claim was broadly in agreement, although a few people who hadn’t been lucky enough to play the game did, perhaps understandably, wonder what the fuss was about. Some of the references and comments in the song really do come into their own when you’ve been through the actual experience of playing the game to a finish.

One sure way of assessing whether a tune or game has become a cultural phenomenon or not is looking at the amount of spin-off blogs, websites, or musical tributes that it generates. It’s in this spirit that I bring to you an email from one of our users:

‘I’m a member of a rock band called ‘missFlag’. We’re huge fans of the games Half Life and Portal, and we’ve just finished recording a high quality cover of the song featured in Portal "Still Alive" – which we’ve released as a free download from our website.

We’ve put all our heart into it, and invested a lot of time and effort in this project – the feedback so far is amazing, and all we really need now is to spread the word amongst Portal fans.

I thought it would be AMAZING if you’d post something about it. All we want is for all Portal fans to hear the song and enjoy this project of ours as much as we enjoyed creating it.’

Here’s the video – see what you think….


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32 Responses to The best video game song ever: follow-up

  1. Peter says:

    boring blog entry. yawn

  2. psych0 says:

    Brilliant song. Sounds like the original 🙂 x

  3. alex says:

    This is sooo cool but I still think GLAD0S is better at singing 😀

  4. Alex says:

    Agreed, GLAD0S\’ version is MUCH better..

  5. Jenni says:

    its good….
    but you guys are right i still love GLAD0S\’ more….
    wooo portal!

  6. Azzedine says:

    Good song lads, pretty the same as the original. Keep it up…..

  7. Struan says:

    Pretty much identical to the original and where it differs it is in no way an enhancement, wouldnt have bothered covering it. Original is a classic.

  8. Unknown says:

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  9. tarl says:

    I personally like the raw sound of it. but then I love rock.

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