April’s homepage reviewed

Posted by Ian

A quick look at what you thought of the site this month.

The new designs for Britain’s coins, and high street banks losing a test case concerning overdraft charges attracted the greatest number of visitors to the homepage.


Other features that did well included 12 things you didn’t know about alcohol, interest rates being slightly lowered to 5%, fashion taboos to break this spring, and a preview of this summer’s blockbuster new films. 

The most popular message boards were a discussion of the return of Heroes, those new coin designs, and St George’s Day

Thanks for all your contributions, opinions and feedback.

As ever there were a few errors of judgement and spelling you were quick to pick up on, and for which we apologise. These included running a headline about a woman dying in a police chase crash on the same page as a feature entitled ‘the world’s craziest police chases’; claiming the world’s smallest islands are the Pitcairn Islands, whereas in fact they are the least populated; erroneously insisting the giant Singapore Flyer wheel travelled 18km at a speed of 36km per hour; and being too hasty – in some people’s opinion – in revealing the name of who gets kicked off The Apprentice each week.

Several people complained about how long the site takes to appear in your browser (‘World War Two could have been fought and won in the time it takes your page to load’) and this is a problem that is being investigated. Far more complained about the sudden and unannounced switch from Windows Live Maps to Multimap, a policy that Microsoft has conceded should have been better advertised.

Finally, one person took offence at a photograph…of Bruce Forsyth. ‘I have had to put up with that arrogant man on television for decades. I am DISGUSTED that I now have see his ghastly face when I use the MSN homepage. PLEASE do not irritate and insult your users in this way.’

Ah well. Clearly it’s not always so nice to see him.

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35 Responses to April’s homepage reviewed

  1. Jim says:

    just keep old bruce off the site and you will have a fighting chance

  2. Diane says:

    Get that old fart off the TV. He\’s way past his sell by date.

  3. Colin says:

       I don\’t mind the old stager being mentioned as long as he is kept off any future Strictly Come Dancing programmes. Time for a fresh face and if felt necessary some-one who can tell jokes with-out forgetting the punch lines. Bruces\’ silly catch phrases and comments spoilt the show for many.

  4. Unknown says:

     Hey none of us are perfect , we all annoy somebody. Ole Brucey he has had his annoying ways and a bit glecket! as we say in Scotland but hey you gotta admire him for his fleetness in old age I wish I could dance around like him.

  5. . says:

    Bruse Forsyth is a celebrity that has earned his strips and the right to be on television or MSN more than most of the so called modern day talent-less people we see on TV and MSN.  You don’t have to like him but he has been duly and rightfully recognized for his talent by the industry and the public. There are no young new people that will equal him, or his achievements in future years, He was a product of the best years of British television from the 50’s to the 90’s. long may he continue.    

  6. peter says:

    bruce forsythe is racist, he makes racist jokes all the time.

  7. this is says:

    for that bit about seeing bruce, they should shut up and get used to it and not be so damn disrespectful. to the person who said about getting a fresh face – how would you feel if your partner turned round to you and said sorry i am divorcing you, time for a fresh face.

  8. this is says:

    oh yeah forgot, in what way is bruce arrogant? he is anything but.  what racist jokes?

  9. Brenda says:

    What a lot of nasty comments!  Except for Chris and Ian you all sound quite horrid.

  10. Eriwold says:

    For over thirty years I disliked that man B.F. and I think he may have contributed together with Maggie Thatcher, John Major and Noel Edmonds that I left the country in the late eighties. That B.F. had his part in his life but never in mine. It also says little about the people who hail him. Now I am too old to return. Its too late to start afresh. Sad thing, \’cause I miss the old isle and all healthy things going with it. But as long as one can see that corny face on telly, I won\’t consider it further and it eases some of the home-sickness.
    Read my homepage http://www.rolandfaber.com and you may know me.

  11. poi says:

    Forsyth was a has been before he even started on the Generation Game let alone now 30 years later. His wigs get ever more obvious and his attempts at jokes get ever more desperate and pathetic. Time to put the old codger out of his misery and send him to one of those nursing homes for old has been TV celeb\’s.
    I say give the job t Ian Wright, he has plenty of time on his hands now that he\’s quit as the BBC\’s token black ex football pundit.

  12. Jim says:

    His cringe-making jokes completely spoil "Strictly Come dancing".  Always trying to hog the limelight.

  13. peter says:

    "I say give the job t Ian Wright, he has plenty of time on his hands now that he\’s quit as the BBC\’s token black ex football pundit."
    what planet are you from? Theres loads of blacks doing football on the BBC, i can think of 4 just off the top of my head… Garth Crooks, Carlton Palmer, Mark Bright, Marcel Desailley. 

  14. Malcolm says:

    Bruce may be getting on a bit/lot but you have to admire him for still being able to do it.
    He has always sort of forgotten punch lines.
    He is still preferable to some of the course, crude young idiots TV gets dumped with these days.

  15. Janet says:

    I agree with Diane! 

  16. poll says:

    how is bruce a racist ???.what nationalty is his lovely wife.bruce is old but he has talent leave him alone.he would be mortified if anyone thought he was racist.

  17. Paul says:

    Once Met B.F. & Tarbuck when I was leaving a golf course carpark. Wished them a good day & hoped they had a good game. Neither replied – they just both sneared at me and looked at me as if I was something they\’d scraped off their shoes. Lost all respect for them both. Who do they think they are! People like these are the true scum of the earth.

  18. Unknown says:

    @paul downey,
    why do you think they should be friendly to every tom dick or harry who trys to be all pally with them?
    wouldn\’t you get a bit tiered if, every where you went, people recognised you and expected you to be cheerful to them, complete strangers?

  19. this is says:

    so that type of person even if that was the case, are the \’true\’ scum of the earth? i dont think so. someone \’not replying\’ may have not heard you or wondered who the hell you are, as the comment below. you dont have a right to speak to anyone you dont know for a start…
    im just wondering where all these horrible little worms have all come from talking about people they dont even know with such disdain. get a life and go crawl back from where you came from.

  20. pam says:

    My husband was told to "F. off" by Bruce Forsythe when he tried to exchange pleasantries with him in Elstree Studies Car Park – along with several of my husbands colleagues, they quite gob smacked, being as they were construction workers and unused to this kind of language, hence they have disliked him ever since, also I cannot have him on the television, no matter what programme he maybe hosting.

  21. Eriwold says:

    The man is not worth bothering. Amazing how few did juat that on this blog site. It was featured over three days and just about 19 took the time to air their opinion about that old geezer. Perhaps those who did not comment just passed their opinion elsewhere isntead… Quite so…
    Now MSN please give something we really can write about…

  22. Jim says:

    Its time the SPRUCE BRUCE retire and dry up somewhere,he is now just reduced to a camera hogginig bore who\’s jokes are far from funny.He should be replaced A S A P perhaps Mr. ED comes to mind,granted has the same long face but at least he remembers his lines and knows when to stfu. His legacy will be remembered only by is usless phrase  NICE TO SEE,SEE YOU NICE ??? WTF IS THAT ALL ABOUT? some ppl will say we hate to see you go however most of us can\’t wait to see you leave.Find a sink somewhere and tap dance down the drain

  23. Unknown says:

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