Everything’s blue now, oh lucky you

Posted by Ian

Are you ready for this man as your Prime Minister?

It could happen at any point during the next two years. The way things are going, it could even happen before Christmas. We’re all agreed the country’s in a bit of a mess at the moment. But is he the man best equipped to sort it out? Really?

All governments have a natural life-span and the present run of Labour administrations, now 11 years old, had to end at some point. I’d always thought it would be followed by a hung parliament of some kind: no party with a majority and an awkward coalition of interests working together as some sort of ‘national government’ to cure our country’s ills.

The polls and the press now suggest otherwise. Yet we hardly know anything about the current Conservative party. They have announced a couple of policies which appeal to very particular, niche voters: on stamp duty, and non-domiciles. They claim to want to "share the proceeds of growth", but don’t talk about to get growth in the first place. Cameron has said he opposed the abolition of the 10p tax rate but at the same time says he won’t bring it back. He’s also said he wants less big government and more self-help and charity, like in Victorian times.

Never mind exhibiting as much substance as a used tissue, heavens above, surely the last thing the UK needs in the middle of a crisis is for its leaders to throw their hands up in the air and say "Nope, nothing to do with me, can’t help you!" As witnessed in the United States, it’s when the economy is on the ropes and people are feeling the pinch and banks are going bust that people *most* need big government.

Two years before power last changed hands in this country – May 1995 – the party that would ultimately win office, Labour, had already plenty of policies in the pipeline, despite its leader only being in the post for less than 12 months. Cameron’s led the Tories now for two and a half years. I know more about my next-door neighbour, with whom I’ve never spoken, than my possible next Prime Minister.

Perhaps he’ll turn out to be just what the nation needs. Perhaps he’ll be the most divisive leader since Margaret Thatcher. Whatever, I just wish I knew more about what he stood for. Sure, the present government have failed. But don’t tell me they should be simply replaced with another party that has no clue what it stands for.

David Cameron announced "the end of New Labour" last week – then boasted of how he was now building precisely the same coalition of support for himself. Make your mind up, Dave. The wellbeing of 60 million people is at stake.

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43 Responses to Everything’s blue now, oh lucky you

  1. Claire says:

    Cameron or anybody else, will oust poor Brown, due to many happenings beyond the control of any
    government. The media,99% Tory, have educated the most of the ignorant population with lies and
    false claims of bad management mainly designed to bring down the government and to fill editorial
    Those with short memories of the past shambolic Tories, who left us with nothing but high interest rates
    , high unemployment, high inflation and high privatisation,railways for one example. will not learn as
    they all crave a" time for a change" attitude, will find out to their bitter cost, how the good times will not
    just become not so good times under Labour, but will become the very bad times under the Tories, oh!
    of course not so for the rich, for they will prosper at the expense of the ignorant ex Labour voters as always.

  2. Unknown says:

    David Cameron has slowly developed more self confidence and assertiveness. I do believe he would better than Gordon Brown
    who has demostrated he is indecisive and to rigid in his opinions to be pragmatic when change is requiered.That is until he is
    pushed !!!    

  3. gareth says:

    things have no doubt gone pear shaped for the labour party at the moment.some of it there own fault.
    some of it not. the blues at moment are on the march. but for how long. I wonder if it would be a wise
    move in electing the first fifteen team from eton to run the country. those of us old enough to remember
    the thatcher years are still cursing the tories for what they did to the country. in particular. the south wales coal fields. where she turned good hard working men into law breakers. simply for trying to protect
    their jobs and familys. we can only hope. if its going to be the tories in two years time. that they learn
    from past mistakes. so we can all say.they are not doing to bad. ??????

  4. donna says:

    i must admitt  tony blair wernt no good but brown is worse something needs to be done and very soon
    all the crime at the moment really scares me im 43 yrs old and i dont feel safe any where so please if we have to have a prime minster lets get a good one and put this country to rights !!!

  5. cory says:

    I think everyone (especially the poor and working classes) are making a BIG BIG MISTAKE voting for David Cameron. (Let us not forget that the Tories belong to the Right Wing which include the BNP and are NOT for humanity) the Tories only care about the rich and making the rich even more richer and the poor and working classes even more poorer! Mark my words David Cameron will be no exception he is of royal ancestory like Margaret Thatcher (who once said that \’the working class are scum\’) they don\’t give a damn about the lower classes. Remember back to when the Tories were in power like for example prices in shops and food were more expensive, taxes were high and mostly the rich could afford to go to university, when Labour got in, prices eventually went down and anyone of all classes can go to university and get a proper education. I know everyone is unhappy with Labour at the moment but I believe but once the Conservative party get in the poor and working classes will regret ever voting for them and wish they had voted Labour instead. DON\’T BE TRICKED BY THE TORIES!

  6. Unknown says:

    I really really hope not. I do believe, the media are having a laugh at helping make hysteria against the government. Yes, they have made some probs themselves, but think if the tories got into power, does anyone REALLY think they\’re gonna help people? I see tax credits being abolished, plummetting 1000\’s of 1000\’s of people back into deep poverty. OAP fuel allowances? I really doubt it. Anything to help working and lower class people? I really doubt it. He has said, "there would have to be some tough decisions" when it comes to cutting spending. Does anyone think he\’s not mentioning just what he means purposefully? I think he intends to keep everyone in the dark about what they\’d really do, and ride on the frivolty of being eloquent, style over substance or whatever shallow reasons a  lot of people favor him. The tories gaining power would be devastating for the country. Labour may be going through a rough time, and made some not great decisions, but theirs is certainly not worse than the tories would bring!

  7. Unknown says:

    "He\’s also said he wants less big government and more self-help and charity, like in Victorian times."
    The Government is in so much debt that the Victorian times will come back without choice; Mr David Cameron has no choice which, means that the future worker generations of this country will not have any investment into their work skills or training. We are already many years behind both France and Germany in development and research, in relation to human resources; consequantly we will fall short of any expectations of future social economic success, due to the foundations of society being made of just sand.
    It is ironic that Labour in modern times supports campaigns such as "Make History Poverty"; at the expense of the British citizen, who are now going to be in poverty for at least the next 20 years whilst MP\’s live and work in "Wonder Land".
    One question who is Alice?

  8. Phil says:

    Does it matter which party is in power, they all serve the same purpose, to ensure they and their colleagues have a rich and prosperous retirement. I dont suppose anyone of the elected mps are struggling meeting their bills, food, or travel, unlike 80% of the country

  9. Unknown says:

    A decade of mismanagement by Brown and Blair is not going to be put right overnight.  They have left a legacy of debt, high taxes and overweight inefficient public sector.  Cameron is the right man for the job but it is going to take years to mend Britain.  Cutting taxes and public spending is the key.  Get rid of all the useless Guardian advertised non-jobs for a start.  Then get rid of all useless bodies paid for with our taxes such as the Health and Safety Executive and cut the all the red tape strangling business.  Have a clearout of all the overpaid jobsworths in town halls.  Scrap the Human Rights Act, which they have always promised.  Divert police resources away from persecuting motorists and decent people for petty things and make them tackle real crime. Scrap benefits and NHS treatment for immigrants and those who have not paid their taxes.  Get Britain working again and make it pay to work, instead of taking over 2/3 of our earnings back in direct and indirect taxes.  Millions of people are better off on benefits than in work.

  10. alan says:

    Alan KirkbyGordon Brown\’s chickens are all coming homr to roost. The man who stole your old-age pension now wants to put yet another tax on us because (wait for it) we can\’t afford to retire! The mostr memrable thing he\’s said since Crewe is that he wants to charge us twice for the police!This contemtible man has fleeced us for 11 years to the extent that now we stare recession in the face. He has nothing to offer having poured our hard-earned money down the black hole of state bureaucracy. The only reason it lasted so long was that having sorted the economy after the last labour so-called government the Tories left him a golden legacy (thanks to Kenneth Clarke\’s efforts) which he has finally managed to squander. As David Cameron put it he failed to mend the roof while the sun shone. Now the rain\’s pouring through the roof.   So yes, David Cameron may not be perfect , but he\’s the best man we\’re likely to get for the job, and infinitely preferable to that crook Blair and his tax-and-waste sidekick Brown

  11. Ben says:

    As a hard working father of two small children and a home owner, I can say I feel the pinch. And with the ever increasing rate of energy bills, petrol and mortgage prices; I can quite fairly say that if this keeps going I do not know how I would survive and be able to keep my family together.
    To say I work to live is an understatement in the biggest way, and with the current rates set by Gordon Brows government. It will not take long before I will have to sell my home and move my family into a tent in a field. The choices left will be that drastic, and then at some point there will be a tax on that field and then a tax for the number of guide ropes on my tent.
    To say it is time for a change is an understatement. And the broad sweeping statement of bring in conservatives and you will ruin the country once and for all isn’t exactly true. Yes there is some bad blood over there actions in there last run of governing this country. But it’s also important to point out they came in after Labour plunged us into debt brought us through economical free fall and built us in to a finically strong country but the time of the exit from government. Of course what happens is over the next 11 years labour have spent it and borrowed more to leave us in debt once again. Trust me there is a pattern here…
    The question isn’t should Brown stay, it is simple where should we go from here, we have a country that can no longer support the population that live upon it’s shores. We have a country that is hated so much that we only get two votes in Eurovision. And to top it all off we are seen by the world as the lap dog to America. This once great country that used to hold the world in its hand is no longer the power we made ourselves, no longer the economical giant happily nestled off the coast of Europe. We have no industry a lack in jobs, a poor financial out look and a general populous bordering on poverty.
    Weather it is the Liberals, the Conservatives, UK Independent Party; I don’t care I know we need to make a change and stand for what we should be, and that is the country we always have been in the past Great Britton and not little twee England.

  12. Baddog says:

    Well I for one do not want another eighteen years of tory misrule and I most certainly as an Englishman, do not want another scotsman running my country!
    Don\’t we English feel any pride in our country anymore?
    Surely there is an Englishman or Woman who could lead this nation and give us our own parliament like the Scots have, or an assembly such as Wales and Northern Ireland have?
    If we get another disatrous tory government like thatchers this country will be sold off lock, stock and barrel to any foreingner that shoves funds in to cameron\’s tory party\’s pockets, just like thatcher sold everything off only for these overseas owners to sell back to us at highly inflated prices, what we already owned!
    I do not support Brown or his so called "labour" government as they are just an extension thanks to Blair, of thatchers tired and appaling misrule of this once great nation!
    I thank God that Blair did not ruin our close friendship with the United States as that great nation is the only true friend this small country has ever or will ever have!  We are hated by the so called "european union" because we have never been content to quit  or surrender as most of them have at one time or another in their history, we simply cannot rely on them in a time of crisis as they simply will not fight where as we and our great friends America will!
    I would rather leave England forever than live under any tory "government" as they have proved they are capable of understanding the cost of everything but not understanding the value of anything!

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