A new-look MSN UK homepage

Posted by Dom

Many of you will have logged on this morning and noticed a couple of design changes to the MSN UK homepage.

One of the biggest alterations involves our ‘slideshow’ at the top of the page, where we highlight three of the biggest stories from our channels with the help of photo editor Antony Bennison.

Previously, the slide line-up consisted of two main slides, a half-slide and some text links. If you came onto our page just for a quick browse, however, you could be forgiven for seeing just the one picture, thereby missing out on all our other great slide content.

So the change we have made is to allow you to see all our three slides at once, in thumbnail form, as soon as you arrive on our homepage. Hover over the small thumbnails to find out more about the specified feature; click on the thumbnail to see the slide in full. Then navigate as usual to the featured content by clicking inside the slide.

This new presentation allows us to show off our featured content far more effectively, helping you to go straight to the piece that interests you the most.

The text links that were on the 3rd slide have disappeared, as has the ‘small picture’ area we had below the slideshow. We now have four ‘Today’s Picks’ where we’ll highlight some of the other great stories from around the site, with text links.


Those of you who love a bit of personal customisation, meanwhile, will notice the new ‘Change Colour’ option on the right-hand side of the page. You can now choose to give your MSN homepage a new theme in a variety of different colours: you can pick from default blue, silver mercury, sunshine, lightning, pink petal and icy blue. Have a play around and see which theme suits you the best.

As ever, please get in touch to give us your feedback regarding what you like or don’t like about the new-look page. We’ll take your comments on board and keep working towards improving your experience on the MSN UK homepage.

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10 Responses to A new-look MSN UK homepage

  1. Eriwold says:

    Right you have the applause – but all of your previous homepages were very good. Where else can you have, as I do, on each of my accounts: uk.msn, msn.com (USA), fr.msn, it.msn, nl.msn, es.msn.com and last not least sympatico of Canada. As I change accounts I read each national news and infotainments. Bravo, but then, its money well spent for the premium and what more do you want. Was the best move ever taking msn premium.
    Carry on but don\’t go too fast so I can always catch up on your designs. Sometime I\’ve mixed up the new with the old. Oh well, Alzheimer is greeting you.

  2. Tamsin says:

    Generally I like the new homepage, but I DO NOT like having a new page open when I sign into hotmail and another when I open a message. Go back to all staying in one window! It\’s a pain to have to go through and close all the extra windows you don\’t want!

  3. Jen says:

    I\’ve been getting used to the new homepage and like it a lot. However, yesterday, (July 22nd, 08) there was this advert to do with a particular make of car which insinuated itself onto my hotmail window as well as being in the main body of the page, which made me very grumpy. I reported it and the issue looks as if someone at MSN, who deals with adverts, worked on it to clear it. If so, thanks guys! Good screen, meanwhile, and very easy to use.

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  6. Jen says:

    Oh, so Tams has found that, too with Hotmail, (read mesage sent on 18th July.) Yup, that\’s a particular gripe with me at the moment and I\’ve tried everything to get it how it used to be. Also, my hotmail window keeps telling me I have a new message when I\’ve been and read it. And I can\’t lock the show/hide emails option so they don\’t show on the page. Whinge, whimper – sorry MSN. I love you all really but could ya fix those bits? I\’ve tried all my own settings and they don\’t change anything.

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