June’s homepage reviewed

Posted by Laura

What got you clicking

Big Brother fever swept Britain throughout June, so it’s no surprise that this year’s show, with its controversial characters and two housemates removed, has proved popular among you, our users. The axing of Dennis over the notorious ‘spitting’ row topped our most popular features. Other stories that had you enthralled were our TV editor’s pick of the shows decency campaigner Mary Whitehouse tried to ban and an analysis of the future of diesel. Click on the slides below to revisit our top five stories.

What got your backs up:

Where Big Brother has the power to entice it also has the power to anger: a large proportion of negative feedback we received last month concerned how we dealt with evictions and nominations.

"I think it unacceptable that you place Big Brother spoilers in the entertainment section, ruining for a lot of people, including me, the enjoyment of the programme. Please refrain from doing this," said one disgruntled user.

Another inquired: "I would like to ask that you do not put spoilers for programs (sic) on the main page. I was disappointed when I saw on the page about the Big Brother housemates guessing the real couple, before it was shown on telly. It should be done so you don’t have to see it."

We endeavour not to give too much away immediately after the programme has aired, but generally begin more explicit coverage of the evictee once it has been published in newspapers or elsewhere online. Are we right to assume most people will know the outcome, say, 12 hours after it has happened? Ian deals with this in greater detail in his recent blog post.

Another issue raised was our apparent lack of coverage of events based in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We try to cover as broad a geographical area as possible, but are to some extent reliant on what is topical at the time. Because online news moves faster than print media, a story from Scotland or Wales that appears on the MSN homeage in the morning may not be there in the afternoon.

For instance, one user complained we had neglected to cover a story about a double murder in Scotland: "Does MSN news on all subjects whether it is general, crime, sport etc only ever cover whats happening in England? If there’s a double murder in Scotland why does it not merit a mention? " This story was the lead in our news section for most of the day when the story broke, but as the news agenda changed it moved position on the page.

That said, we will endeavour to keep a closer eye on our balance. Keep letting us know if there are areas you’d like us to cover more.

And, finally, a small ray of sunshine to make our decidedly un-sunny month brighter: "MSN is a wonderful resource. It is always up-to-date, reliable and enjoyable. I would like to thank all the many people who obviously work hard to provide this great service. "

Thanks so much for all our feedback. Please keep it coming in.

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