July’s homepage reviewed

Posted by Ian

A quick look at what you thought of the site this month.

Conceptual designs for floating cities, 30 (count ’em!) choice cars in Grand Theft Auto IV and the month’s must-see films numbered amongst the most popular items on the homepage.

Other features that attracted interest were a commentary on British sporting comebacks, a selection of kissing tips for men and women (how are they different?!), and a trailer for the next Harry Potter film:

However the most popular item of all was a video report of the fire on the pier at Weston-Super-Mare:

Thanks for all your contributions, opinions and feedback.

The homepage was relaunched halfway through the month. A new design was introduced for the top section of the page, and a few other features were added to allow you to vary the look of the site.

The changes prompted a mixed reaction, as usually tends to be the case when a big website is relaunched overnight. The majority of feedback was negative. Some people complained about the fact it took the page longer to appear on their computer – this has now been addressed. Others found the new layout confusing and fussy. There have been a few subtle changes to the design, and there will be more refinements as time goes by.

Elsewhere, as ever there were a few errors of judgement and spelling you were quick to pick up on, and for which we apologise. These included wrongly calculating Tina Turner’s date of birth, being slightly too ambiguous in the way we ran the news of the death of the producer of Woody Allen’s films, showing the Union Jack upside down and misspelling the word ‘feisty’.

There was also some criticism of the balance of some of the stories on the homepage, with several people unhappy that too many football stories were run at the expense of other sports, and that there was too much focus on stories to do with England rather than all parts of the UK.

We’re sorry for any offence or unhappiness this may have caused.

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18 Responses to July’s homepage reviewed

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