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Barack Roll

Posted by Paul Barack Obama does Rick Astley. This is quite brilliant…             Bookmark with:  Digg   Reddit   Facebook   Newsvine   StumbleUpon 

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Terminal stupidity

Biggest belly laugh of the day at MSN Towers came with news that an elderly woman misread instructions while checking in at Sweden’s main Stockholm airport and was whisked down a baggage chute after she placed herself instead of her … Continue reading

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Scots stunned by happiness report

There was widespread astonishment north of the border today when Edinburgh was named the most miserable place to live in the United Kingdom. In a new study by university researchers, the capital occupies bottom spot out of 273 locations across … Continue reading

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People can be too clever to spell

If you have problems with the spelling of certain words in English it may be because you are too smart. Researchers at Collins Dictionaries discovered that the most commonly misspelt word was supersede. The problem arises because people use their … Continue reading

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I didn’t get where I am today by remaking classic 70s sitcoms

Posted by Dom Aaaargh! I read with horror yesterday in the Guardian that Martin Clunes is being lined up to play Reggie Perrin in a new remake of the classic 70s sitcom, The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin.   … Continue reading

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A kick in the teeth

Posted by Tony     The Beijing Olympics will be remembered for many great moments, such as the lavish opening ceremony, Team GB’s spectacular gold medal haul or Usain Bolt’s record-breaking antics. But it will also be remembered for the … Continue reading

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A-Hoy there

Posted by Ian It’s quite clear who should be the BBC Sports Personality Of The Year 2008: Read his own account of his feelings after becoming the first Briton in 100 years to win three golds in three different events … Continue reading

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Eye don’t think so

Posted by Ian How the hell did anybody ever think this was a good idea? That’s four members of Argentina’s Olympic football squad, according to The Guardian. Apparently the photo first appeared earlier this month in one of the country’s … Continue reading

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Bigfoot: not real after all

Posted by Dom Sad news! The Bigfoot discovery Ian alluded to last week has been found to be a hoax. Private Detective Kull says it all: "Within one hour we were able to see the partially exposed head. I was … Continue reading

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Foot in mouth

Today’s edition of the Times newspaper contains a story concerning a group of American hunters who claim to have discovered Bigfoot. Again. On their own website, the adventurers bragged: ‘We have located a family of Bigfoot and besides the clear … Continue reading

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