Scots stunned by happiness report

There was widespread astonishment north of the border today when Edinburgh was named the most miserable place to live in the United Kingdom.

In a new study by university researchers, the capital occupies bottom spot out of 273 locations across the country, today’s Scotsman reports.

"This may come as a surprise to festival-goers, or tourists who only see Princes Street and the Georgian splendours of the New Town. But not to anyone acquainted with the drug-fuelled deprivation of the 1970s housing schemes built around the city’s outskirts when the old tenement buildings were cleared", says Michael McCarthy in the Independent.

What do you think of the report? Is Edinburgh the most miserable place in the country? Post your thoughts.

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76 Responses to Scots stunned by happiness report

  1. Rachel says:

    i feel that calling Edinburgh miserable is a bit bad. i live in edinburgh and i think its personally great.
    although there are certain areas of the town , i wouldnt like to be in a night , but doesnt every city have areas like that?
    but generally the town is amazing , what about the festivals , and all the great people that havecome from our great city , and also how many people have started and found fame here in the Fringe Festival?

  2. Harry says:

    Edinburgh is pretty ok………….Dundee deserves to take its place…..teen pregnancy, jakey capital, drug capital (you get the picture)..of the known world. It won the Worst City award in Horniman\’s Travel Guide in 2004, \’06 and \’07…..nuff said…

  3. seve says:

     Has no one ever been to Tipton in the West Midlands. If the devil was a country, then Tipton would be its arsehole. Take a walk down any street on the night time, and reach the depths of deprivation. High unemployment, high teenage pregnancies, very high immigration, terrible local dialect which no-one can understand, low wages for the few who are working etc… No-one ever admits to being from Tipton, always somewhere else. The shame! Check out Wilkopedia on Tipton; need I say more.
    It is the creme de la creme of shitholes. You have to wipe your feet on the way out of Tipton, and spray your clothes with deoderant and bleach to get rid of the stink.

  4. Unknown says:

    lived in Edinburgh for 3 long years, and hated it intensely!
    Unless you\’re super-rich, the city has nothing to offer.
    Also, there\’s nowhere to go outside of the city until you reach Newcastle or Glasgow, Edinburgh\’s so isolated!
    I\’m just so glad to be back in the Midlands, with easy access to so many major cities and attractions.  Hurrah!

  5. Kate says:

    Wrexham is by far one the most horrid places I have ever been to.. Rectum is what we used to call it at uni because it was by far the arsehole of wales.. plus if u were english they didnt want to give you the time of the time. Oh and to the person saying its grim up north, southerns are by far some of the dullest people I have ever had the misfortune to deal with, where I work all our suppliers seem to be in the south and whenever we have a problem they cant tell their arse from their elbow so I would think twice about who you call uneducated, my degree, my good job, good sanitation and excellent clear voice which I infact get called posh a lot for just about stamps on your little tirade.. I wouldnt know to much about the 1980\’s though as I was only a small child then.. maybe your seniality is getting worse these days as last I checked London and surrounding areas is definately a whole lot worse to be than the likes of manchester!

  6. tracy says:

    I agree with the sentiments about Tipton; it is truly a doghole! However, anywhere between Stourbridge and Birmingham and also Dudley is a vile place to live.The area teems with chavs, stupid ignorant teenagers, boy racers and loads of trailer trash. I was born in Wolverhampton and brought up in various areas of the Black country and in my 40 odd years I have seen it decay and deteriorate beyond redemption; the area used to be a thriving industrial heartland with proud communities. No longer- unless you have 3 kids by the time you are 21, dye your straightened hair black, wear horrible chavvy clothes and gross gold jewellery you are just not normal!

  7. ian says:

    the people who voted in this have n ever been to liverpool if their was a vote on the most miserable and sad place in the world to live then the scousers would win bye millions of votes it is without dout the world capital of deprived lowlife lazy  selfpitying allways moaning dss scroungers disability cheats unemployable lot that has ever evolved liverpool should be turned into a massive prison and all the crap isolated from the rest of decent people i have visited scotland many times and find the scots happy friendly people making you welcome in their country  

  8. sarah says:

    one word GLASGOW it would put all to shame!
    hmm lets see……..
    1.  highest knife crime in europe
    2.  poorest city in europe
    3. your neighbours would rather rob you than work.
    4. 99% of the citys population is junkies and neds and the other 1% have migrated.
    5. no one beats here for teen pregnancy sorry maybe they do, it pre teen here.
    6. no 1 respects older people
    7.theres housing schemes in russia that look classier
    8. if ur lucky u can get a deal even prostitutes wud refuse off  a drunk on a sat nyte

  9. Unknown says:


  10. Emma says:

    erm can i just say what is everybodys problem with teenage parents??? they\’re not all as bad as everyone seems to think. it does my head in when people write a big long list of all the worst things (unemployment, drugs… oh yeah and teenage pregnacies) i\’d like to know what is exactly wrong with a teenager havin a baby.

  11. Lyndsey says:

    Aa a native Dundonian, I completely agree with the comments about Dundee (it was the teenage pregnancy capital of Europe for a while), however I have been around a lot of the UK and have discovered several worse places including Blyth, Corby, Rhyl and Bletchley.  I now live in Milton Keynes, often considered to be a shithole with roundabouts and no soul.  The locals know better though and most residents much prefer MK to the cities they\’ve come from across the UK.
    As for Edinburgh, I was surprised at first as it is the only place in Scotland I\’ve ever considered moving back to, a city I\’ve always loved visiting but after reading Kirsten\’s comments I can see why the locals are not happy – the gap between rich and poor is very obvious in a compact city and the endemic snobbery makes things worse.  I

  12. kezza says:

    Try spending an hour in Pontypridd town centre – what a dive.  Its full of charity shops, mobile phone shops and card shops!  The bottom end of the street is an eye sore and the place needs 2 be bulldozed completely!

  13. Sara says:

    Ian – What an absolutely disgusting comment to make. Liverpool, like everywhere has its share of good and bad people but to call them lazy low-lives? Does Liverpool not have doctors, lawyers, accountants, social workers, psychiatrists? Ofcourse it does you ignorant, mindless loser. It also has some of the friendliest peope you will meet in the entire country. Having lived in London and lived in Liverpool I know where i feel safer and it isn\’t down south. Think before you post your obviously ill-informed and frankly embarrassing views.

  14. Slutface says:

    Haha I agree mostly with sick note on sea (MARGATE) athough not entirely i moved near margate from london with fam n i hate it cant wait to move back, i woudnt say its scary and ders actually not murders but its full of pussy hole little chavs with no respect wat so eva spesh for elders,, and den all dese stupid lil girls dat dress and act like eitha men or complete tarts and com\’n dey even name dem self top margate slags?! :O the shame! O well majority of them have got 2 or mor kids and another on da way and dey still in school dem selfs! And at da heart of margate ders da job centre which is constantly packd and paying out most winos actully move to margate for that reason and da fukin imigrants o my god just take a walk down cliftonille highstreet and you will c wha i mean! All in all its just a complete shithole here something needs to be done about it quick!!!

  15. Unknown says:

    A bit harsh I think…there are indeed worse places than Edinburgh……there\’s Glasgow for one and all the other Scottish Cities!!! Long live England!! Horrah!!! Only joking my neighbouring foes!!! Chatham in Kent has to be among the worst cities in th UK behind all the ones in Scotland of course. 

  16. AMIE says:

    I\’d just like to say that I lived in Dundee when I was at uni and though yes it does have its bad areas, there are also nice areas to live in too.  And no, Dundee is NOT the drug capital of Scotland – Aberdeen is.  FACT!  My dad\’s a detective sergeant who does a lot of work in both cities and he says that Aberdeen is by far the worst city.  I have to agree.  I\’ve been here 6 years too long – it\’s cold, it\’s grey and the people are some of the most miserable beings I have ever had the misfortune of meeting.  Workington is the next most least desirable place in my opinion.

  17. James Francis says:

    Is every1 forgettin Bridgend!As a teenager it has 2 be the worse 17 teenage suicides in 17months!Its got 2 be pretty shit.Never been there though. Could be Great!

  18. Slutface says:

    O and i can agree with all you lot defendin the otha places sayin they hav good n bad points cuz dts true but MARGATE is jus long past dat nothin good about it at all any mor RUINED .. WASTE!!

  19. Unknown says:

    Haverhill is the worst place:1:Its full of Chavs2:There is nothing to do3:People try to sexually assualt 12 year old girls4:No respect 4 old peeps5:Loads of bullying6:Nearly ALL teenagers carry knives7:Fashion: In it or OUT8:Mates:They force u into stuff9:Language:Swearing and commons10:Drunk homeless peeps11:Smelly leftover sewage in the streets12:Only supermarket is Sainsbury\’s13:Bad Schools include: Castle Hill Middle,Castle Manor Upper14:No Railway15:Graffiti is a big prob16:I LIVE THERE!

  20. Unknown says:

     i have traveld all over SCOTLAND and found people friendly i never dull place any where i have been to usa if you want to see some dirty 7 dull cities go there I AM NOT AFRAID SIGN MY WILFRED

  21. rosie says:

    I can\’t believe that Edinburgh has been voted most miserable town!  I have been there several times and loved it. Most locals were really friendly and welcoming and it had a lively atmosphere. People choose to see what they want to see, and if you don\’t explore and appreciate what most cities have to offer, and only notice the downside of a community, then your going to have these negative views. Personally, I think that northerners tend to be more welcoming in their nature than southerners , and I am from London!  Somone made a dismissive comment about those living north of watford.  If I had to comment on unfriendly and miserable pockets of communities, then I suggest that person looks around them at watford and the surrounding areas!

  22. Emma says:

    oh n i cant believe tht person who said northeners were uneducated, unintelligable n unwashed!! u\’ve obv never even been to the north omg ppl like u do my head in whats even the point in sayin stuff like that???

  23. Rob says:

    Edinburgh was a really happy place when I visited, (apart from one singer who sang sad songs all night in a bar, maybe she\’d just been dump\’t?) There are much much more miserable places to visit. Here in my house with my girlfriend in the mood she\’s in makes this THE most miserable place in the world!!!

  24. Dipam says:

    Croydon, need I say more!!! Edinburgh is lovely. I would love to live there, if my career took me there. Fingers crossed.

  25. Ian says:

    omfg, hu da fuck does "ian" fink he is, i live in liverpool, n tbh it aint that bad, yup there are alot of wannabe gangsters, but we aint all lazy unemployed low lifes, cus if ya must know i own 3 houses and a pub, and southerners are to far up there own arses, scotland is shuyte, too cold but i wudnt say it was da worst place like, the whole of the UK is shit, we should all move to the states, it is way better,

  26. Noel says:

    Try Bideford in North Devon!!! Town is not bad but populated by locals who have been nowhere, wasters from up country and a town of adults who have no morals all out shagging each other and wrecking families. Lovely sleepy Devon my arse!

  27. Gabi says:

    I actually  cant believe that some people believe that Ediburgh is the worst place in the UK. It is actually a completely beautiful city and even though we may not get ideal weather in Scotland, that i feel, is what adds to the mystery and beauty Edinburgh holds. As a dundonian, i can say that Scotland is actually not half bad and that it\’s a very nice country to live in.
    p.s. Some people really need to get a dictionary and realise "dem" is not correct english grammar.

  28. Paul says:

    Isn\’t it amazing that English people can\’t speak the language anymore!  I read through these entries from time to time and there is so much text message lingo-babble that it makes me wonder if the country is populated by uneducated morons.  Go back to school you bunch of numb-nuts- learn to speak!  Whoever said the US is a much better place to live is wrong.  It\’s no better or worse than England, it\’s just different.  I know, I live here.  And to my friend Campbell in Scotland, I thought it hilarious that you came top of the list!

  29. Unknown says:

    My comment is Zoe you need to learn to talk English and the comment about what is wrong with teenage pregnancies!!!!!  How dare someone ask that, teenagers should be studying and getting a decent job not having children when they are kids themselves, its no wonder our country is in the state it is along with illegal immigrants and drugs, oh and hoodies with knives!

  30. diane says:

    I am Scottish born and bred. Live in America now but cant wait to retire back in Edinburgh. It is the best place in the world as far as I am concerned. All I can say is proud to be a Scot!!!!

  31. Ian says:

    it is likely

  32. Anne says:

    I\’m over 50 and have travelled round a fair bit, but never have I been approached by someone conducting a survey.  Considering most say that their findings are a result of interviewing 100 people, and that on average there seens to be at least a dozen results published each week, how come I have never been asked?  I feel quite dejected!  Oh, by the way I reckon Didcot has to be in the top three, if not No 1.

  33. Ellen says:

    To the person who surfaced an objection to the idea of teenage parents, by using the phrase \’its no wonder our country is in the state it is\’ after making an understandable point about teenagers having kids suggests you believe they are dragging the economy down. However with all due respect I think you are being quite narrow minded as there are many teens who have sucessfully brought up a family whilst earning there own money and there children growing up to be perfectly fine in financial, mental, and of a moral state, it is but a small minority off young parents that cause bad publicity, stereotyping all teen parenting.

  34. Jill says:

    how refreshing to see somewhere other than the obvious post-industrial areas, which usually receive a bashing in these surveys.

  35. david says:

    Impossible! Anywhere in Scotland is better than living in England (im English) Also Edinburgh not only has its own advantages but is also only a couple of hours away from the Highlands, that alone makes it better than the majority of places in England. Scotland now has its own parliament and doesnt rely on our bunch of morons, and best of all the majority of the population are not English!

  36. David says:

    I personally think we have all missed the point. It\’s not a matter of which town is worse than all the others. If there is no pride or respect in the community, nowhere will be worth living. From this whole blog, there is a great sense of gloom. From the point correctly raised about the use of English (appalling) to the question of teenage pregnancy. Though Ellen has at least an intelligent answer i am sorry to disagree. Teenage pregnancy is responsible for a large drain on council tax where i live, in Essex, and I find it pretty sad that teenagers (like myself) both waste their youth and bring a child into an unstable environment. More awareness is needed as well as a sense of responsibility, ambition and pride in what we have got.

  37. peter says:

    Yes Edinburgh Looks Ok and the middle class types are reasonably polite. BUT it is the capital of what seems to be an embittered and  spiteful nation. Too many are pious hypocrites (they should get the gold medal for this). An amazing percentage live in the half-baked dream world of "BraveHeart" and self delusion on a scale can only indicate severe mental ill-health. They complain about being robbed by the English yet never have the guts to vote for independence, what an inferiority complex, OF COURSE THEY ARE MISERABLE, mentally ill whingers are.   

  38. mark says:

    take it you never  been to liverpool…

  39. Unknown says:

    How stupid are some of these comments? go to hull

  40. Jeremy says:

    Noel – are a sizeable number of adults really all shagging each other in Bideford? Where\’s my bus pass…

  41. kat says:

    I\’ve been reading some complaints people have left about their towns, and personally I don\’t understand how you can all be so upset by immigrants!
    Where I live, we have an incredibly high number of Italien, Polish and Indian ones, what does it mean? It means that you can always get a good pizza, a great takeaway and a hard working builder!
    Plus the people who work in the Polish shop are very friendly.

  42. Chris says:

    Get it roon ye Edinburgh!
    Mon eh Glasgow!

  43. David says:

    Scotland is not an \’embittered and spiteful nation\’ living in \’dream world of \’Braveheart\’\’- that kind of comment could only come from an English person! We\’re not the nation that clings on to old colonial ideals, or are so insecure that we have to advertise our nationality from windows and on clothes (e.g English abroad).  It wasn\’t so long ago that Edinburgh was voted as one of the best places to live- these reports are nonsense, like any major city it has its good and bad. I\’m from Glasgow and have been living in Nottingham for over four years, and believe me, I find living here absolutely miserable- give me Edinburgh any day!

  44. Ross says:

    You are clearly misguided, you say all Scots are \’whingers\’, yet it was a Scot who invented the telephone…John Loggie Baird invented the TV ( a Scot )…Chris Hoy won the most golds in Beijing ( a Scot ) Andy Murray is the higest ranked \’British tennis player…( a Scot )…so we may not be as successful as England, but for a country with x11 the population of Scotland, you guys arent doing so well. And youre right about us living in the dreamworld of Braveheart, cause we kicked your ass in it!

  45. Phil says:

    Can\’t comment about Edinburgh, although all I\’ve heard from others has been nothing but positive. As a non-scouser who has lived happily in Liverpool for 25 years, I want to say that the semi-literate tripe contributed by "Ian" simply confirms the negative image of Liverpool that remains prevalent in most of the rest of the country. The reputation is un-deserved, but these people do not seem to care about the damage they do to the city they profess to love so much. Reading his attitudes I can imagine the type of pub he runs, and I\’d hate to drink in it!

  46. Ewan says:

    fuck all u bastards. edinburgh is shitty small haunted. glasgow is peachy. not the poorest city in europe. mungo who sed that couple of pages back. i dont think the poorest city would be in the richest country. im from glasgow and im not a ned. 40% neds 50% normal 10% other

  47. Kate says:

    Oh I forgot to say before I dont think Edinburgh is the worst place is the country, Ive been to a lot worse, Im part scottish and personally I like the fact that there isnt miles upon miles of land cultivated into flats n cinemas n shops, its nice to have some but its also nice to have some open spaces which in scotland are usually some of the most beautiful and untouched you will ever see, I went to Glasgow and a lake near there (very sorry I cant remember its name) and in all the shops someone was waiting at the door to greet you and give you free sample shortbread! Which is god damn awesome!!!!! And liverpool is ok in places the same as manchester and chester is the only problem I have with some people from Liverpool is I cant understand their accent completely but that was the same for me from people in Leigh and Wigan!!

  48. Cara says:

    Oh shit… I\’m moving to Edinburgh in 2 weeks, this report does therefore not excite me.  Would definately say its wrong though, my mate moved there last year and is lovin it 😀

  49. Unknown says:

    I really don\’t see why people name bad towns! Sure some are bad but aren\’t they all? They\’ve all got good sides and bad sides to them. I\’m from Hull and I think it\’s the best place to live and really doesn\’t live up to its name as the worst place to live in the UK. If you really wanna see how \’bad\’ it is for yourself, come and take a look. You\’ll definately go away with a change of heart.

  50. karienne says:

    i am a scot (originally from dundee) and i now live in liverpool. edinburgh is ok i suppose but i could not live there after living here because liverpool is great, the people are mint and the city as a whole is a nice place to bring up your kids. i prefer the english way of life and fit in better here than i ever did in scotland. personally i think leeds is the most miserable place in britain, far worse than anywhere in scotland!!!

  51. Unknown says:

    This argument is pointless as you can see this could go on forever… wherever you come from (especially scotland )
    be proud of your countrys or city\’s history and see others for what they are..igonore the eejits that seem to take these surveys, and really need to look up from their latops to see the great city\’s they are slaggin off.
    ……….oh yeah GO GLASGOW lol keep smiling ya b$%*£@d\’s

  52. paula says:

    These comments are made by people who live in the south and spend all their time making un-educated comments about cities and people in the north.I live in the suburbs of liverpool and have to listen continually to southeners who say i did not realise liverpool was such a lovely city not like what we are told in the papers, and not everyone speaks with such a strong accent as always shown on television.i have lived in scotland and have returned to live in liverpool and i  am proud of the north of england,the humour and the friendliness of the people and the beautiful scenery we have on our doorstep.I really feel there will always be a north south divide as southeners seem to enjoy making stupid comments about a part of the country they know nothing about. Feel pity for the man who calls a city he knows very little about and ives in one of the most congested cities in europe.

  53. Guggs says:

    paula, if you had actually read the article you would have realised this study was conducted by the university of sheffield and manchester, not southerners.  in fact, noone said the north as a whole was a bad place to live, only this city. i think its ironic that you feel this way about southerners, when you seem to be very quick to judge and blame others based on geographical attributes.  its people like you who keep the north-south divide going.  and furthermore, it sounds as though you are referring to london only.  there are other places. 
     a few years ago they said the most miserable place to live in was slough.  noone was complaining of north-south rivalry then. 
    anyway i think that all of this is subjective. a study can\’t tell you how you would feel in a place – you have to go there and see for yourself.  this should be taken with a pinch of salt.

  54. Unknown says:

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  55. Unknown says:

    Ive recently been to Edinburgh, and Ive been to some amazing places in the center. I wouldn\’t say its an unhappy place.

  56. Alice says:

    Dudley, you wana come live in Dudley. Crappiest place in the westmidlands, dirty streets, chavs and immigrants everywhere and no one gives a damn enough to take care of the place, not even the council, theyre useless, the could at least clean the streets or tidy up the buildings. That would make the whole place happier.

  57. Ben says:

    Paula try actually reading the report… you seem to get hte wrong idea

  58. katie says:

    i\’ve vistited edinburgh, and i have to say i love it! especially the finge and festivals, most miserable place in the country- like hell it is!

  59. Danielle says:

    Rotherham may indeed be one of the shittiest places in the world, but for many thousands of us, it\’s still home. How many towns can lay claim to having a McDonalds in them? How many have Greggs or shabby indoor markets? Quite a lot i presume, but HOW many have a police station that is (ironically) situated between the two places you might want to go to on a night out. HOW many have a Tesco that is on a frigging island in the middle of the actual town? And how many can lay claim to having Chris Wolstenholme of Muse as one of their many famous people. Not many i\’ll bet.How many towns have a football club that decided to build a stand – only to run out of money to complete it? How many clubs have been docked 10 points, and still managed to nearly escape the drop? Or a club that whenever there is the slightest chance of cold-precipitation in the air – proceed to cancel the forthcoming fixtures. "Boxing Day game is off mate." "… but it\’s still November?"How many towns can lay claim to such comedic legends as the Chuckle Brothers, whom we all still come home to after Uni and protest; "you know these two, theyre from Rotherham" to our distinctly Southern friends. How many can say that Jeremy Clarkson (despite technically coming from Donny) actually had his first job in Rotherham, or that Sport LEGENDS David Seaman and Peter Elliott are from here, not many i\’ll bet. Perhaps most tellingly, how many towns can say, hand on heart, that they were responsible for the Jive Bunny.How many towns decided to spend a million pounds on a large and hilariously unattractive TV screen that, due to complaints, now projects muted-BBC-One, and that when the world cup was on, seven people turned up to watch. How many towns can you live in and know that when it comes to a local or general election, your vote won\’t matter as it\’ll always be a Labour-stronghold, even if you wanted to vote for Labour, the green party, or even the Monster Raving Lunatic party, and even when all the ex-miners finally die, it\’ll still be a labour-stronghold… somehow.How many towns can really claim to have such a fantastically plague-infested river as the Don, in which "commoners" still go and fish, for some, inexplicable reason. How many towns can say they have one of the highest unemployment rates in England, perhaps only being surpassed by Barnsley.How many towns have a bus station quite as modern and as reliable ("reliable") as Rotherham? Or quite as magical a bus route as the X78 that not only takes us all the way to Sheffield, but actually all the way to Doncaster aswell! How many can lay claim to having a day-rider that costs a whopping £4? Not many, not many.What town can lay claim to having the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Britain during the early 2000\’s, only to be sadly beaten by Doncaster in recent years – this is a record we must strive to reclaim – ironically, with also the largest Pulse and Cocktails in Europe? How many towns have spent thousands on implementing "Help Points" in the town centre that are only ever, ever, used in drunken slurrs: "Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Yes its an emergencyy, i broke my shoeee"How many towns have a retail park as spectacularly well-stocked as Parkgate? And with such intelligently created road systems as to only provide ONE entrance to the complex, leading to masses of traffic jams. Not many, not many.So you see, Rotherham might well be shite – but it\’s still home.

  60. Brinder says:

    In response to Doogle from Dudley, you said Dudley was a horrible place full of "chavs and immigrants" . I\’d rather you didnt put the two together since immigrants is a very general term. Are you referring to the immigrant doctors and nurses at your local hospital? or maybe my mother who is also an immigrant. I also come from the Black Country and would say that the immigrants are the far more useful to the place than the chavs who are mostly on the dole and walk around drinking cans of lager all day. Thats what makes Dudley miserable!   

  61. Lauren says:

    I\’m fifteen years old and come from Middlesbrough. In response to the people complaining about teenage pregnancies: my parents were nineteen when they had me. Now they\’re both successful teachers, we have our own mortgage and car and pay taxes just like everyone else. It\’s a small minority that are a drain on society.
    Furthermore, I\’d just like to ask why towns in Northern England continually get slammed? My town was recently named the 6th most violent place to live in England, but to be honest, I\’ve never seen any violent crime here and although I know it exists here, I\’m pretty sure it\’s more prominent in, say … London? Knife crime etc … that isn\’t a big problem here.
    To be honest, I think we need to stop making these surveys on "worst place in England". It just divides people. Why not look for the good points, instead?

  62. Unknown says:

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