Tea: silent but deadly

Posted by Ian

A year or so ago I discovered a peculiar green staining on the back of most of my teeth. It wasn’t particularly visible to anybody else (or so I assumed, seeing as nobody had mentioned it) and the full extent of the discolouring was only evident when I peered inside my mouth with a mirror.

I’d no idea how long the staining had been there. I was shaken by the fact it had spread all over my jaws and I’d only just noticed. Previously, whenever I’d cleaned my teeth, all had seemed fine. But then I’d only been looking at the front, not the back.

Anyway I went to the dentist who referred me to the hygienist who spent a good half hour cleaning everything up. Her diagnosis: tea. Green tea, to be precise. That supposed source of goodness and nourishment. I confessed I drank a lot of it at work. She recommended I stop.

It had never occurred to me that tea could wreak such havoc. Tea: one of the nicest things in the world! The balm of life! I was furious. But I gave it up – green tea, that is, not tea altogether.

I’ve been back to the hygienist twice since then, and much of the staining has gone. In retrospect I’m sure the quality of the green tea I was gulping down every day had something to do with it. It had the consistency of drain water and the colour of bile. But I persisted in the belief it was doing me some good – because I’d read something to that effect. More fool me. 

Meanwhile the Guardian is wondering whether brushing your teeth could save your life. It’s probably somewhat more practical than a nice cup of tea.

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100 Responses to Tea: silent but deadly

  1. Unknown says:

    Forget drinking green tea, smoke it – I\’m 39 and only look 29!

  2. Steve says:

    Tea makes my stomach bloat, and if I was a drone I would go buy Actimel which contains stupidousdigestyness or something like that! 

  3. Unknown says:

    what a load of laughs you lot are….

  4. davyc says:

    Give me earl grey anyday!!
    nice and british!

  5. Natalie India says:

    Don\’t be so pathetic! Your title said "Tea- Silent but DEADLY" like something really bad had happened to you, not just a few stained teeth that were then easily cleaned! get a life! the health benefits of green tea far out-weigh the "disaster" that is a few stained teeth.

  6. Chris says:

    Natalie – agreed. this isn\’t a serious thing, just a minor inconvenience! If it was something about it slowly corroding your jaw or something, it would have been worth writing about.  Amazingly, it\’s not the hardest thing to get fixed as you mentioned. Staining is common.
    I thought I was going to read something interesting. It turns out what I ate earlier is significantly more interesting that this article.

  7. michael says:

    Americans don\’t need to worry about the possible side effects of drinking green tea. Until McDonalds start selling it.

  8. lynnell says:

    have  we noticed that the recent food that is good for you, is not so good.
    leave us alone, we know what we can and can\’t eat and how we feel.

  9. Matthew says:

    My God I have never read so much drivel in all my life lol! loving the comments tho! I like the fact the biggest scientific experiment of our history is unfolding deep underground in Geneva and yet all that concern this guy is the "deadly" side effects of green tea lmao!!
    What next "Too much mineral water, it makes you p*ss"?!

  10. yoganan says:

    hey charmaine,everyone is afraid of the dentist so don\’t use that as an excuse.

  11. Votre says:

    Don\’t drink so much green tea!! How does stained teeth amount to tea being deadly? Are you some kind of freak? Have you escaped from an assylum? You are plainly an idiot; anyone with any sense knows that even too much of a good thing can be bad for you! Stop being such a scare munger – there is enough to worry about without your inanity.

  12. yoganan says:

    and to all of you british who are cussing the americans and think they are better-
    why is it as soon as a brit get fame or money they f..c off out of britain and move to america?
    i live in england and i don\’t think i am better than anyone else?

  13. Unknown says:

    I agree green tea or any other tea the chinese use is not good for your teeth and we should all drink as much milk as we can. As for the yank brit thing the best thing they have done is invent the family guy cartoons which take the piss out of uk and ireland based on their opions of us that r not true. i thot it was funny when america baled out fanny may and fredy may and lost all their investment within two days but pity it has affect us as well.

  14. Laura says:

    Attack of the deadly green teeth!

  15. Rammen says:

    Great big cartoon penis!

  16. Matthew says:

    icky I am British and I dont think we are any better than the Americans, but when you read some of the state laws like and I qoute "In California a man may legally beat his wife wife a strap so long as it is less than 2 inches wide…and….it is illegal to shoot any game from a moving car, unless its a whale…and in Florida it is illegal for unmarried women to parachute on a sunday…and it is illegal for a chicken to cross the road…..and in Kentucky it is illegal for a woman to appear in a bathing suit on the highway unless she escorted by at least 2 police officers, is armed with a club, lighter than 90lbs or heavier than 200lbs and my personal favourite….in Montana it is illegal to operate a vehicle with ice picks attached to the wheels.
    Are you sure you guys got to the moon first? lol

  17. Richie says:

    Wow this was really interesting too read… who would of thought that a drink that has dye in it could stain your teeth wow no shit shurlock

  18. calliope says:

    Are you trying to attract some kind of attention? Or maybe you\’re making fools out of us readers and having the laugh of your life reading our comments???????

  19. Steve says:

    Humour, sarcasm and some want to cut his mensh. I can’t believe the responses on this blog …oy. Leave the poor guy alone he ain’t hurting nobody. What? You all work for the green tea corporation already. My Brother Hayam, he worked for the green tea corporation and he ended up marrying a shickser  oy’v. The poor kids, not Jewish not goyem, I bet they end up taking drugs or worse… But Icky, teeth are good! Green? It’s not my colour but teeth, you can never have enough teeth and I should know…..God bless you all

  20. Guy says:

    Ian that stuff about tea is absolute nonsense and I think you know it.  In fact I think you\’re probably taking the p*** out of peoples\’ obsession with looks, if so I think its funny so I congratulate you for that.  I bet there will be some strange people out there who will take it seriously though!
    Tea is basically good for you, since it contains anti-oxidants especially green tea.  If people don\’t know what they are, it\’ll be on the net (like everything else).  Teeth staining is a normal occurence with some foods and drinks and periodic visits to the dentist when they can be cleaned and polished will take care of that.  The only thing that some people may have to be careful of, is caffeine in tea (it occurs in tea as well as coffee) which some people are "allergic" to, plus lacing tea with too much sugar or lemon juice especially if someone was to drink masses of it.
    Far more important is to brush/floss/clean teeth regularly, not just for the sake of preserving the actual teeth from decay, but to prevent extremely harmful bacteria which studies have shown, can cause blood infections and even cardiac problems.
    Green tea isn\’t supposed to look like your average mug of brown char and tastes different. 
    I reckon I\’ve wasted enough time on this subject – maybe we could talk about the dangers the scientists face in the particle accelerator of falling into a black hole if they don\’t wear steel toe caps and yellow helmets, or that they should put a brown paper bag over their heads to protect them from any harmful radiation!

  21. Steve says:

    Aha! Now this is a wise Guy!
    Oyyyyyvey! My mother, God rest her soul, she always said that you should pay the bills, fill the fridge and then buy your glad rags. Where do these government big shots get off spending so much money on such a useless machine? You want to find out what happened before the big bang? Go sit on a mountain in Tibet why don’t you!
    And Mr Big Shot’s, even if you find out what happened before the bang what good will that do? And did they ask us, the tax payers, if they could spend on this thing. No! Not a word, you vote them in they never call!
    My Brother Hayam says that it was more about the building contract with the little brown envelopes but then he sees conspiracies everywhere. The other day he got furious over a television advert where a laser vision company says that they can do laser surgery ‘from’ £395.00. But that’s for one eye, and he says that although no one is going to get just one eye done, or you walk around in circles. There might be maybe one or two with an odd condition so the commission of fair advertising lets it go. And he says that you can’t advertise shoes ‘from’ £10 if it’s each shoe! But then I said what if they have only one leg!  Aha!!
    Oh and my cousin Albert, the science man, he says that millions of particles collide every day. The only reason they built that thing was so that they could capture it on camera but I said that you can’t film a vase falling off the table and smashing, then play the film back to see how the vase was made, a good vase why smash it?
    God bless you all.

  22. kathleen says:

    Well said davvyc. There\’s more to life than green teeth or green tea.

  23. tori says:

    Why can\’t there just be peace haha! Why are people arguing with each other on here? Anyone who\’s on here is bored face it lol, so i suppose people who are bored argue. for the sake of that i\’m bored … its just tea get over it : p . i hate the stuff it tastes disgustin haha, but im only young so maybe it\’ll grow on me. i live in the uk most people have good teeth over here actually, well i dont exactly go around looking at peoples teeth coz thats odd lol, i hated the episodes of family guy that made fun of british people, we live in the real world no one is like how they portray us on there. theres a lot of stereotyping nowadays :p . theres no point making fun of american laws we have loads of stupid laws that were placed ages ago aswel lol, don\’t ask me what they are i havnt a clue!

  24. Daye says:

    thats wierd.how can green tea make your teth green?

  25. Maninder says:

    Omg I just threw out all my green tea bags. No more for me!

  26. andrew says:

    Big deal, oooooooooooooh, so she got a bit of stain on her teeth……… wow…….. whatever !!
    Now I suppose green tea is the new health menace, get real……..
    She obviously drank 20 cups a day, no wonder her teeth went green.
    If she ate 20 carrots a day they woulda gone orange……..
    Panick panick panick !!!
    Whatever !!!!

  27. Amanda says:

    RIDICULOUS!  I have drunk green tea religiously, and in copious quantities for the past 5 years since I became very ill through drinking vast quantities of coffee and there is nothing wrong with my teeth and mouth.  I think this idiot just needs to learn to brush his teeth properly – filthy minker! 

  28. Lizzie says:

    That is such rubbish
    are you sure it wasnt the fact that you werent brushing your teeth properly?
    next its gonna be things like dont eat or drink anything – your teeth turn different colours!! or – dont drink anything, it makes you wee! or

  29. sally says:

    never mind! u cud always wear matchin green eyshadow and emerald nailvarnish, oh yes and a nice pasture field lipstick. would make the green teeth look quite trendy!

  30. william says:

    two choices pal. drink proper tea or stop looking inside your gob!

  31. Unknown says:

    Maybe it actually WAS drain water and bile!!! U dumbass!!!

  32. william says:

    stop being so stupid. you should just drink tap water (which has passed thru just about everyone in your city) or just not eat or drink anything. if you dont eat or drink anything then the chances of you catching any diseases from the food or drink is zero! WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?

  33. Patrick says:

    If you are concerned about health eating and drinking, try Aloe Vera Juice. The best I have found so far is from http://www.ourhealthandbeauty.co.uk an independent distributor of Forever living products. The number one grower and manufacturer of health and beauty products. Aloe vera is natural and has been known to have a lot of healing properties. Man has known of it\’s healing properties for 1000\’s of years. Even the ancient Egyptians used it. I have used it myself and i can only say that it is the best nutritional supplement that is natural and has no additives in it.ps. Ignore all the horrible comments. Some people do not appreciate how hard it is for people to express openly their problems.

  34. Marion says:

    Why do people have to be so horrible and negative to those who obviously want to share their thoughts and feelings with others they they hope might understand?

  35. Eileen says:

    no matter what is said we cant eat this and we cant drink that well lets not eat or drink and we will still die no matter what.

  36. Gordon says:

    I am allergic to the tannin in tea, so I do not drink it. I can, however, spell.

  37. Lord says:

    This is the stupidest thin I have ever read. Green tea stains your teeth green? NO SHIT SHIRLOCK. I wonder if theres a connection between this extremely dense object hitting me in the face and my skull cracking.
    Sep 10 2008 "Ian" posts his hypothesis to the scientific community and turns it on it\’s head. Drinking green shit makes your teeth green o\’rly? August 23rd 2009 "Ian" posts his second ground breaking hypothesis, Tizer makes your mouth red? OMG! NO PLEASE! SAY IT AINT SO!
    On a slightly less sarcastic note, green tea is proven to be one of the best things for your health on the planet and has been used for centuries. In fact, I am going to grab one now. My teeth wont stain btw \’cos I brush them! You screb!

  38. alex says:


  39. KIM says:

    green tea does not cause your teeth and gums to go green unless you do not brush your teeth and gums adequately,  As a dentist i have one thing to ask, when you brush your teeth, you would normally brush all over the teeth, both front and back and you should be brushing your gums as well – although alot of people forget this. Most people brush in front of a mirror too so surely you should be able to see the back of your teeth if you are checking that your teeth are brushed properly. Also when you have finished with your tootbrush surely you would have noticed from the toothbrush itself being green that something was wrong. Green tea will not stain your teeth, if you brush daily twice a day as you should. An old  old recipe for food is nettle soup – which is obviously green too and this does not stain anything so the only thing that might do this is either lack of dental hygiene or possibly very cheap green tea – might have some sort of rubbish colouring and additives in it.

  40. yoganan says:

    i think ian is taking the mick out of the english people. he thinks he is AUSTIN POWERS.
    how dare you accuse the english of having green teeth?
    for shammmmmmmmmme.

  41. Ms says:

    Its been proven tea is good for you, and people who drink plenty of tea are prime examples of that, my nan and grandad for example drank loads and loads of tea and they lived to be 93 and 95 other older people i know have also lived into their 80\’s and 90\’s they swear its the tea. Green tea is simply the pure version of the dried tea you get in supermarkets, its before it dries so if Ian can drink dried tea with no problems then why no Green tea? I would suggest you clean your teeth better and change dentists.

  42. Simon says:

    Ahhhh… so that\’s why my teeth are brown I drink the brown sort.

  43. David says:

    If you wish to add really witty comments quoting the great fictional detective here\’s a clue for you.
    His first name wasn\’t spelt Shirlock or Shurlock and his surname wasn\’t Homes .
    Or perhaps in "US English" it is? 

  44. pat says:

    ok so tea might make your teeth green —  but why is it \’deadly\’    or am I missing something here?? 

  45. williamhamilton3330 says:

    There is quite a lot of naturally occuring flouride in green tea, as well as the flouride in the water to infuse the tea. this can discolour your teet horribly, by attacking the enamel. I agree with Marion, There is absolutely no reason to be rude, or discourtious to each other.

  46. rachel says:

    i agree with will
    stop being so thick and get over it

  47. sarah says:

    obviously all you lot have nothing better to do than come on here and post pathetic comments to someone who is sharing there opinion on what green tea has done to them .. so please get over it …. yea the green tea stained his teeth apparently and what  grow up you lot…   and i quote \’WHATS THIS WORLD COMING TO\’ people do nothing but try and make other people feel stupid for what opinions or storys they have to tell …. you wouldnt like it done to u so start being mature about things instead of acting like a bunch of 12 year old kids fgs

  48. chris says:

    Plural of story is \’stories\’
    Would that be U.S. English dear Doctor?
    ner ner
    (refusing to grow up – or even behave in a \’grown-up\’ manner to imply maturity )

  49. sarah says:

    ok mr english teacher
    thanks for the unwanted teaching u just gave there (haha) Ass

  50. Arada says:

     Just one easy advice for you, rinse your mouth after drinking tea or coffee, please!!

  51. Kym says:

    Dude you must be drinking the cheap shit that has colour additives, as I along with many other Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese have been drinking green tea for years. Do you see them with green teeth and gums?!!! I think not! You should first read whats on the label when buying green tea, second change your dentist!! What a MUPPET!

  52. Tommy says:

     Dear blogger
    advice , before you write blogs , THINK , don\’t make a rod for your own back . you should know its human nature to scrutinize and fault pick, followed by the piss taking   ,
     If  you cant take criticism then don\’t write at all , because the smart Alecs  will side line you and knock every thing you write from spelling error\’s to sentence structure , including key board errors !, take a tip , "Not the PG type", once you have written your blog NEVER , i repeat NEVER return to the scene to read those BITCHY comments , I write many blogs and I name call and call a spade a spade  , yep, I satisfy my bitchy side as we all do , some do it in a nice way some do it in a nasty manner ,
     but alas I will never know what is written about me , because in my smug slimy way I move on into the fog.

  53. StaceyMariee'x says:

    If you didnt want to know this you shudnt have read it  SARAH!

  54. cacan says:

    I love tea, couldn\’t live without it…but i only drink herbal tea (much to the scorn of my friends), and i too found it was staining my teeth. I was drinking orange, strawberry etc etc..and found that the red coloured teas were staining my teeth a revolting orangey brown colour no matter how much i brushed. Reverted back to peppermint tea now and all is fine

  55. Gary says:

    What sad people, going on about how they can spell, and their grammar is good etc. and insulting someone for posting an experience, or insulting other posters because they have used a strange expression or made a typo error. I have some advice for those  people, simply: "Get a life!"

  56. Ryan says:

    I clean my teeth twice a day and do not drink cheap drink green tea, I drink jasmine pearls and my teeth got stained. I just got a whitening shield from my dentist and some whitening peroxide gel and now my teeth are restored and as long as I put on this shield every so often, my teeth will never revert back to their normal colour. I definately would not stop drinking my jasmine green tea it has too many benefits and the staining is only a small problem. The gum sheild and two tubes of gel are £95 from my dentist and you reuse the shield as much as you like. Each additional tube of gel is about £10. If you want it cheaper you can buy the DIY whitening kits for about £30 on ebay.

  57. lisa says:

    I drink green tea every day and have been doing it for a few years and i have about 5-6 a day and never once have i ever turned my teeth green .So i would seriously consider looking again at the brand that has caused your teeth to go green . If you drink green tea always drink  ones that are known and not fake and that it contains 100% green tea leaves . I also brush my teeth every day twice a day and i have lovely white teeth . Also always know what ingredients are in you tea as they can sometimes be mixed with other herbs , such as green tea and ginseng etc….. you should always know what these herbs do as they are very powerful and people with certain conditions have to avoid some herbs so check you are ok to drink it .http://www.moneymakinglisa.blogspot.com/ and more herbal advice needed drop over to my blog and leave a message .

  58. sarah says:

    did i write i didnt want to know this stacey and bob no so get it right i was replying to another comment someone had left after the first comment i wrote ok dickhead

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