What do you want from MSN UK?

Posted by Matt Ball, MSN UK editor-in-chief

MSN UK is on the shortlist for an award: The Association of Online Publishers 2008 award for Best Online Consumer Publisher.

The result will be revealed on the evening of Wednesday October 1.

We’re in good company. The other publishers shortlisted are:

Associated Northcliffe Digital 
Hearst Digital
IPC Media
Sun Online
Telegraph Media Group

You can find out more on the Association of Online Publishers website.

We’re delighted to have the made the shortlist as it reflects how we feel our site has progressed over the past 12 months but the purpose of this post is not to look back at what we’ve done, it is to look forward and ask you, our users, what you would like from MSN over the next year.

The fun thing about running a website is that you could do almost anything, such are the lack of constraints when it comes to technology development these days. However, what we cannot do is everything. Like every other business we have to decide which areas we are going to focus our resources on. So what would you like us to deliver on the site?

Should we provide even more video content?

Should we be offering more ways for users to upload and share their content?

We have a good range of channels these days – News, Money, Cars, Shopping, Life&Style, Entertainment, Tech, Travel etc – but are there other subjects you’d like us to provide more information on?

Which new tools or services would make the web work better for you?

Whatever you’d like from MSN we’d be interested to hear your views.

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20 Responses to What do you want from MSN UK?

  1. Drumbo says:

    A proper personalised web home page, like i-google but better, with bits I can add or delete easily. But without advertising please!

  2. Christopher F. says:

    No adverts, and considerably more speed! Why does logging in to Hotmail open a new browser, and why does signing-out of Hotmail leave both browser windows open? This didn\’t used to happen a few weeks ago.

  3. Jen says:

    Well, hey – good luck to you all. I\’ve always liked the MSN page. Like "no name" says, though, the Hotmail feature could do with tweaking, somewhat. When I\’ve read my message, the little window at top right tells me I\’ve got "1 New Message" (or however many) even after I\’ve read it! It always needs an "F5" hit to clear it. Pretty please, fix it! I get a new browser window open up for Hotmail, too, when it used to just change the current page to my Hotmail page. Wouldn\’t half be nice to have it back how it used to work. Sorry. I\’m not grumbling:-) Get the Award to raise a cheer, aye!

  4. Steve says:

    The best thing that msn can do is not put anything to do with gordon brown on the website… its about time we all stood up and said no flippin more!

  5. James says:

    i think that if anything we need more stuff on the important things that affect our life, such as Gordon Brown (though obviously not actually about the man himself, i couldn\’t care less there, only what he does for the country), and maybe focus a bit less on the stories such as the one about an old man who was told he was pregnant. i feel that it makes the homepage much more relevant, though good job with the motoring and the gaming, and most things really, i\’m just being picky i guess.

  6. Unknown says:

    My ideas with what I want to see on MSN is a way of changing between
    the two toolbars.

  7. Maria says:

    There has to be a way to keep people from getting your password, especially when they contact MSN posing as the person they want information on!  It\’s not enough to have ranges of security (although it\’s a great start!), but someone who is no longer in my life has managed to get it fooling MSN into thinking he was me!  Why can\’t MSN contact me by phone to insure that it is actually me (by PIN number, for instance) who is requesting this sensitive information?  What can be done?  People in abusive relationships won\’t feel secure staying with MSN!

  8. Laura says:

    I agree with the comments about Hotmail opening in a new window, so annoying.  Why can\’t it just open in the current page like it used to, or if it really can\’t do that, then open in a new tab, the way my IE is set up to do.
    What I also find really annoying is having my messages "on show" on the MSN homepage.  I know I can click the "hide emails" button but they come back if I refresh the page, or return to MSN after visiting another page.  There should be an option to have them permanently hidden.  I use MSN on my breaks at work, and really don\’t want my colleagues wandering past and seeing that I\’ve had a message about my IVF treatment (which I haven\’t told my office about yet!).
    I have been looking at other sites to see if there\’s any which would suit me better, I hadn\’t heard of i-Google but will definitely give it a look!
    I think this blog is going to end up as more of a "what I don\’t like about MSN" rather than "what do you want…" !!

  9. arthur says:

    i would like to see features of motorcycles

  10. Laura says:

    Hmm, I see this has been taken off the home page, wonder why!  MSN bods worried about too many whingers maybe lol

  11. Unknown says:

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  12. Jen says:

    I\’ve just found a different part of the site this morning just by playing around. The "Daily Question" bit. I never knew it existed even after having the internet since February this year. Sometimes, it pays to dig around to see just what is out there. You people at MSN offer far more than I actually realised. Less "Celebrity" candyfloss taking up the general homepage and replacing it, perhaps with lists or links on what your site actually offers for its readers would be good. If people can see more easily what\’s on offer, you\’d certainly get a better readership. Otherwise, MSN, in all categories, is great.

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