Your new homepage has arrived!

Posted by Paul, Homepage Editor
The new MSN UK homepage has gone live. Discover the benefits with our tour.
The redesign is the result of analysis and worldwide design and audience research and follows a new homepage on MSN in the United States and Brazil.
The new homepage has a simple and fresh design that fully integrates content from Microsoft’s new search engine Bing as well as a bold new search bar.
MSN Video Player, the site’s video on demand service where you can watch your favourite shows for free, plays right on the homepage for users with Silverlight.
The new page re-launch also adds new features, incorporated to strengthen the quality of the user experience with simpler navigation, faster download and clearer imagery and to showcase the exclusive and unique content that MSN publishes every day. These include:
• Social media – an integrated social networking section that means users can access and update Windows Live, Facebook and Twitter directly from the homepage
• More news – an innovative news info-pane, with top headlines, breaking stories and weird and wonderful tales from around the world
• Bigger and better Hotmail –  Hotmail inbox from the homepage, allowing you to be updated when new mail has been received
• Larger images – a new slideshow at the top of the homepage that provides access to up-to-the-minute news, exclusive editors’ picks and the latest new videos at the click of a button.  Sports, Cars and Money also have a new spot on the homepage, while the simple alphabetical navigation bar locates MSN channels instantly
• New brand – a sleek new MSN logo that has been rolled out across the UK site, synching up with the new global brand of MSN
• Content – all the best from user favourites, such as Entertainment, Life & Style, Tech & Gadgets, Shopping, Him, as well as personal essentials like Local, Weather, Horoscopes and stock market updates
• Video – the ability to watch clips from within the homepage, plus access to the latest HD videos and VOD with MSN Video Player
What do you think about the new homepage? Please share your thoughts. Your feedback is important to us.
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100 Responses to Your new homepage has arrived!

  1. Iain says:

    I hate it. It\’s so annoying, the old one was way, way better. This one\’s so confusing, the old one had structure, unlike this one where everything just looks like it\’s thrown on the page!

  2. Jack says:

    Why mess around with something that was working fine previously?…….It\’s slow to load, bland and unimpressive in it\’s design!Looks like it was designed in the pub on a wet Friday, on the back of a fag packet! Nope, not for me, I\’m changing my homepage back to the good old Beeb………….

  3. Sarah Elizabeth says:

    HATE IT!!!!Changing my home page.

  4. Tony says:

    Can I roll back to the old one….just like I did when Vista came out…Too bigToo spread outToo clumsyNot customisableI think the UK consumer has spoken.. Bring Back the old one.

  5. Peter says:

    I don\’t like it. It is a retrograde step. I use Firefox and on the old page, when I opened my mail it opened in a new tab in the same window. Now it overwrites the existing page and for me to have both open at once,I need to open a new window. I shall be changine back to btyahoo home page when it is easier to read and less clutteredPeter

  6. Unknown says:

    Just another thought, it this MSN equivalent of Coca Cola\’s \’new, improved recipe\’…?

  7. Hywel says:

    At least Coke listened to its users (or should that be consumers?) and changed the recipe back again. MSN dont listen, couldnt care less what we think and make these changes for their corporate paymasters

  8. Graham says:

    I\’m off too – far too slow to load – NOT faster as MSN say and a badly organised display. Lots of handbags and gossip, yet so much other stuff has gone or needs searching for – rubbish.

  9. Keith says:

    Time to find a new home page. Takes too long to load, what was wrong with the old one.This is just a plle of junk

  10. john says:

    i have google as my home page now, let me know when you change back

  11. paul says:

    I know change can be hard to take, but I don\’t like it. Too big, too slow, too sterile. I use a very high resolution and it takes quite a while to scroll to the bottom. Maybe there could be a drop down button next to each row of news/info, so you can hide all the topic news you don\’t want to see just leaving the actual titles in case you should want to view them later. I would happily hide the Games, Shopping and Partner Features news. Also where has the colour change gone???

  12. Thomas says:

    ( READ THIS RIGHT NOW!) I always turn on my internet browser and the first thing that appears is the MSN homepage. I was horrified, destrort, a tear dripped down my red hot (sexy) boiling face. Why my friend? Why? Why do you think it\’s ok to crush a young boys dream of turning on their internet browser and finding a good homepage. This was the highlight of my day and now you have ruined by day hence ruining my life. I hate you, I HATE YOU , I STRONGLY HATE YOU. THANKYOU FOR RUINING MY LIFE. ALSO I THINK IT\’S RACIST.GOOD BYE MURDERERS. =( =( =(=( =( =(=( =( =(=( =( =(=( =( =( =( =( =(=( =( =(=( =( =(=( =( =(=( =( =( =( =( =(=( =( =(=(

  13. Thomas says:

    ( READ THIS RIGHT NOW!) I always turn on my internet browser and the first thing that appears is the MSN homepage. I was horrified, destrort, a tear dripped down my red hot (sexy) boiling face. Why my friend? Why? Why do you think it\’s ok to crush a young boys dream of turning on their internet browser and finding a good homepage. This was the highlight of my day and now you have ruined by day hence ruining my life. I hate you, I HATE YOU , I STRONGLY HATE YOU. THANKYOU FOR RUINING MY LIFE. ALSO I THINK IT\’S RACIST.GOOD BYE MURDERERS. =( =( =(=( =( =(=( =( =(=( =( =(=( =( =( =( =( =(=( =( =(=( =( =(=( =( =(=( =( =( =( =( =(=( =( =(=(

  14. Thomas says:

    ( READ THIS RIGHT NOW!) I always turn on my internet browser and the first thing that appears is the MSN homepage. I was horrified, destrort, a tear dripped down my red hot (sexy) boiling face. Why my friend? Why? Why do you think it\’s ok to crush a young boys dream of turning on their internet browser and finding a good homepage. This was the highlight of my day and now you have ruined by day hence ruining my life. I hate you, I HATE YOU , I STRONGLY HATE YOU. THANKYOU FOR RUINING MY LIFE. ALSO I THINK IT\’S RACIST.GOOD BYE MURDERERS. =( =( =(=( =( =(=( =( =(=( =( =(=( =( =( =( =( =(=( =( =(=( =( =(=( =( =(=( =( =( =( =( =(=( =( =(=(

  15. Rita says:

    There are no polite words to describe the new homepage – can we have the old one back please?

  16. Paul says:

    TOTAL GARBAGElooks like a childs scrap booknews now not expandablethe only thing that needed sorting out was the god damn holiday/car rental adverts on every chatlisten to the people MSN

  17. james says:


  18. Tony says:

    Quote "The redesign is the result of analysis and worldwide design and audience research and follows a new homepage on MSN in the United States and Brazil"Worldwide obviously excludes the UKQuote "New brand – a sleek new MSN logo that has been rolled out across the UK site, synching up with the new global brand of MSN"To make way for a HUGE Bing search box.To see anything that I want to see involves scrolling down. ie News/Sport/Weather etc The stuff at the top is editors picks and advertisments.I too have moved to until MSN sort it out.

  19. Hilary says:

    Off to make Google my home page right now. Fed up with the SLOOOOOOOOOOOW loading. Bye bye.

  20. pysc says:

    None of us like it, the \’new\’ MSN homepage……… is far too childish….let us have the old one back !!

  21. Eva says:

    no footsie available straightaway- shame

  22. john says:

    well Paul i have logged on a few times now and guess what its as slow as the first time. I believe your improvements are just not working and should have been tested more, Otherwise you would have had all the data there from the start with no gliches. And its just soo big and useless at the moment. No wonder people are leaving this homepage i hope your taking heed or doesnt it matter that people are leaving

  23. Unknown says:

    It takes forever to load. And freezes the other programs i already have running when i open the homepage.

  24. christopher says:

    new home page is a waste of space content that we dont need there was nothing wrong with the old one please rollback

  25. Geoffrey says:

    Why "Fix what\’s Not Broke". Give us the old "Useful, Helpful, Friendy, Familiar, "Comfy as old slipper" MSN Home Page. Let the Brazilian\’s and others "World-wide" including the "Yanks" have the "Plain, Bland, Slow, Dowdy, Uninformative. I whole heartedly agree with "THOMAS\’S feelings. When will you re-launch the old version?

  26. Maureen says:


  27. Nigel says:

    It looks pants! And what is the point of 1/3 of the page being taken up with social networking, email and windows live??? Who Cares!But then you never listened to anyone when you messed up spaces.Overall it looks like something that was produced by a 6 year old, Such a shame MSN didn\’t have one handy at the time.I think I will look around for another homepage that just gives me the news and non of the twaddle!

  28. Pete says:

    Cluttered…. messy… too much irrelevant content and no option to reconfigure…. takes too long to load. I think you need to sort out who does your research. They seem to have no idea what REAL users want. Google, Here I come…….

  29. dennis says:

    I think the last one was much better and faster, When I open up my msn it takes longer to down load and is really slow it is not my laptop as when I go into something els it is much quicker. I think the new page is a mess and unless you soet this out I will be changing my home page

  30. Peter says:

    Dear ReadersThanks again for all the feedback on this message board and I do recognise that most of the first reactions posted here are negative. We are taking them on board and looking at ways in which we can effectively address some of your concerns, particularly on issues like Hotmail where the experience should only have improved.We do take your comments seriously and I recognise how much a part of your Internet life the old homepage was. We introduced it two and a half years ago to bring features like Hotmail more to the fore and add more journalism and content.The new page is intended to take that further with stronger impages in the main news panel below the navigation and more hard news, world news and odd news below the editor\’s picks. Video has moved up the page to its own position beside News which reflects its increasing importance to our readers, particularly with the new MSN Video Player TV service.We are concerned that so many of you have mentioned the page is loading slowly. It should be significantly faster than your old MSN homepage and in testing today was faster than competitor pages but we need to do more and are working on it. The page is considerably shorter than the old page which should help with weight and scrolling.If you are not seeing the benefit of these changes — which so many of your comments suggest — we will work on it.If I may address some of the specific concerns which have been raised by some of you, without wishing to sound reactive or to justify changes which clearly some people may still dislike.Our goal is to make the page faster to access, put more of the news and services you need in front of you — breaking news about today\’s shooting incident for example — as well as your Hotmail and now other services like Facebook and Twitter. The space devoted to the column which contains Hotmail and services like Weather is much wider, allowing improved visibility of your Hotmaill or social network feeds. We have made those changes based on research, feedback and experience — from the UK. We know how important that column is to you and it is intended to offer increasingly levels of personalisation over time.Several people have complained about the absence of live stock quotes such as the FTSE index. We have a link on that right hand column but have some work to do to replace the live stocks but the data will appear shortly. The same is true for live Horoscopes which will be reinstated on the page shortly. We have not changed our astrology service.We hope you find the Weather service improved along with the ability to add extra locations to see multiple cities at once.We have dropped the option to personalise the colour scheme on the homepage. A tiny fraction of readers used this in the past and while I recognise that for those people it was a feature they liked we could not justify continuing it. The same is true for the plus and minus buttons on the old page which changed the number of headlines in each module: a tiny fraction of users took advantage of it but I do recognise that if you did like it you may feel the loss of it at first glance of the new page.There are a few issues raised which challenge some basic assumptions about the new page.The search bar to use Microsoft\’s Bing search is proportionally the same size as it was but may appear larger as the navigation now stretches across the entire page in a way which is intended to make it more legible. I am sure you will appreciate that we believe that the combination of MSN and the Bing search engine is a powerful one and important to us commercially. We will constantly add new features from Bing and work to make the Bing search bar engaging and useful to you.On the issue of advertising. There are no more advertisements on the new page than there were on the old page. The main display advertisement — the square on the right side below the navigation is the same size as it has been and is an internationally standard advertisement size. I do recognise that some readers dislike advertisements which move or take over more of the screen but we use those sparingly on MSN and usually by the user initiating the ad with a click or "mouseover".MSN is a free site funded by advertising and we have no intention to put any of our content behind a paywall.The new site reflects the experience of the past two and a half years of the old page during which time we have added more journalistic staff and new services like MSN Him, MSN Travel, MSN Local and news suppliers like Daily Beast and Marie Claire.The use of white space and the text spacing and size reflects what our designers believe are the appropriate modern approaches to legibility and other factors such as making contact searchable.I realise change on a familiar site can be jolting but the intention has been to add fresh services, a clearer look and feel to the site and improve speed and services while keeping the colour scheme and general placement of crucial content like News, Sport, Entertainment, Cars and Money in broadly similar locations. Video is, for the reason I explained, more prominent.So, we are listening and we appreciate your comments no matter what.If you would like to contact me or my team directly please either continue to comment on this thread or email us Bale, Executive Producer, MSN UK

  31. chris says:

    Congratulations, you have managed to upgrade to a far worse home page. I am with the rest of the people here, no thought has gone into the layout, it is hard to find anything, why fix what isn\’t broken. I am afraid you have lost out to google as I will set that as my homepage now as well as removing hotmail as this does not work and it is impossible to fix.

  32. mal says:

    This is the 3rd attempt to get on this page due to msn freezing(no MSN it is not my computer that is the problem),I was hoping that it would have speeded up by now after yesterday but alas its even slower also still has problems with back button, page just reloads itself.I am defenitly now going to a new home page,poss BBC or Google, I wont be back any time soon especialy after some of the comments by Peter Bale, which you are all reading,"Executive Producer" not much longer methinks.bye bye MSN, idiots.

  33. Ian says:

    Just looked at the iGoogle homepage, its brilliant. Goodbye MSN, it was nice knowing you.

  34. duke says:

    Yep…..same as previous posts, very slow loading and back button malfunction. Hotmail problems in spades….froze my PC ( no PC malfuntion). I\’ll give it a coupla\’ days then if it\’s the same…….bye bye MSN.

  35. Nigel says:

    Peter Bale wrote most of the 1st reactions are negative, I think he had better look again ALL of the 1st reactions are negative.I have had a look at iGoogle it is much better no piffle and you can have on it what you want!Question has anybody ever noticed on these extensive surveys, They have never been asked!I use the homepage for news, if I want to social network I will go to the site.Well from now on my homepage is set to iGoogle.

  36. Rob says:

    Sorry, but I don\’t appreciate your handywork at all. I\’m with everyone else I\’m afraid. It\’s way too slow to load and isn\’t very eye catching!

  37. Daniel says:

    I have to disagree with the majority of posts here, i actually really like the new design, i was a little bit dissappointed to see the 3 story box at the top of the page had been replaced, but now i am actually glad its gone as the increaed numbers of editors picks is much welcomed. Also unlike most other people my page loads up as fast as ever, I also really like the more modern looking top bar, the old homepage was, lets be honest a little dated,

  38. Ceri says:

    PLEASE LISTEN TO EVERYONES COMMENTS… quite frankly i think the old homepage was far better; and i loved all the little story and stuff like "10 strangest airports" and "where are they now?" etc… and not having that as soon as i log on is a joke…*personally i think that you have made an unattractive and unexciting homepage so please bring the old one back as soon as possible

  39. John says:

    Change for change sake, not for improvement. If its not broken don\’t fix it, bear this in mind and act accordinly.The new homepage is a waste of effort, nowhere near as good as the old, so why change?

  40. James says:

    Dont like it one little bit old page was far better who ever thought that this page is better should give themselves a good swift boot where it will hurt the most

  41. michael says:

    this is just a waste of space i hate it the old page much better go back ASAP

  42. no name says:

    Don\’t like the new page, it is messy. Much preferred the old layout.

  43. Unknown says:

    What a mash-up! It\’s everything I thought a web page shouldn\’t be! Busy, confusing. In a word – CRAP

  44. YVONNE says:


  45. Joseph says:

    please give us the old page

  46. Unknown says:

    Its boring to look at, looks no different than boring dreadful BINGIf you were going to re vamp this then get a news team that give up to the minute accurate news, rather than days old material, give people a reason to use MSN rather than click the BBC, stop reusing old quiz questions we have seen the old ones time and time again, get better sports stories. If you don\’t get better quick people will be off to Virgin and Yahoo etc and the moment they are a better option.Remember Henry Ford said if its ain\’t broke don\’t fix it.

  47. colin says:

    Too slow to load, too much social networking stuff which I never use, no stock market interface, confusing and messy lay out. With regret, as my Homepage – bye!!!colin

  48. THOMAS says:

    what can i say that has not already been said, the new home page is awful,i hope we are not stuck with it. tommy.

  49. Susan says:

    WHY FIX IT IF IT ISNT BROKEN! is i t jobs for the boys

  50. james says:

    PLEASE PLEASE put the old one back or at leasrt have a choice to choose the older version, everyone hates it

  51. Unknown says:

    This is horrible! Put the old one back! I CAN\’T FIND ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  52. Jean says:

    Awful!!!! No structure. I knew where everything was; not any more. Very confusing. Nothing familiar anymore. Hate it.I have had MSN forever. Not any more. Time for a change.

  53. romance is not says:

    when i first brought my new laptop in november last year i did not have any problems with msn or anything else loading but just lately it has been really slow i thought at first it was something to do with my laptop so i had it checked out, I now realise it has nothing to do with me please hurry up and do something about this it is very fustrating.

  54. hugh says:

    I\’ve lost all my previous e-mails and contacts! what\’s happened?

  55. Bill says:

    I find this new MSN homepage very confusing in relation to the previous one and it is taking ages to download anything then get back to the homepage! Not good

  56. Rita says:

    Don\’t like the new MSN page, very confusing, and I agree with all the other comments. Give us the old one back

  57. ken says:

    Ken. Confused and so slow to load, slow, can have a shave while it takes to go from one page to another, am looking at an alternative if it doesn\’t get sorted!!!

  58. joan says:

    Not impressed its awful, PLEASE bring the old page back. Joan.

  59. Richard says:

    Absolute crap! Slow, spacewasting; no longer has things I have used everyday and is full of stuff I don\’t want and can\’t get rid of.

  60. bob says:


  61. paul says:

    why fix something when it\’s working well !!, i can only mirror all of the negative comments that have gone before me, and echo the same sentiments, what are you thinking of ?, i too will be looking for a new email address if things are not sorted soon, whoever designed this mess should be relieved of their duties, but no doubt they have already had a pay rise for this monumental cock is truely R U B B I S H !

  62. steve says:

    its rude not to ask,you say our feedback is important to you,heres somefeed back,if you dont give me my old home page and i have to have a new one then ile go els where and find one that i like and dosent look cheap and nasty,if you think slipping a new home page in we will get used to it just read the feed back,dont look good so far,its not rocketsience,if you dont put the old ond back on then you made a big mistake,

  63. Graeme says:

    rubbish go back to the old one.

  64. Graeme says:

    i wont it back now.

  65. david says:

    I have just turned on my computer and found some utter rubbish as my home page, A new homepage well you can keep it I WANT MY OLD HOMEPAGE BACK if i does not coe back i will find new server like firefox or even yahoo

  66. Yvette says:

    I like it very much!!…

  67. Christine says:


  68. Unknown says:

    Not great, prefered the old homepage, so very, very, very, slow to load, I must be back on dial up!

  69. george says:

    its really slow needs to be faster otherwise i move to google

  70. Barbara says:

    So so slow. Why change things that work?

  71. Sandra says:

    What have you done? You say you are listening to us but you blatently are not. If you were the old page would be back by now. I am not very computer literate and this seems to me to be totally confusing and absolutely unnecessary. As someone has already said WHY FIX SOMETHING THAT ISN\’T BROKE. Please go back to the old page. Incidently I am one of the small number of users who changed the colour of my homepage.

  72. andrew says:

    This is getting beyond a joke, my machine is all over the place. It is slower and annoying, I can\’t go back in one key and it resets to a point way away from the last position. I am about to give up if you do not revert or change !

  73. james says:

    mr big boss, dont you get it….. nobody wants the new home pageput it back please

  74. james says:

    also stop hidding the option to comment on ypur poor choicei hope this mess finds it way to the newpapers

  75. HELEN J says:

    Day 3 absolutly no better you have ignored all comments,this is unacceptable Goodbye!!!!!!

  76. Colin says:

    the new homepage is a disaster. improvements -your stance dont always work.biggest mistake no FTSE information !! have to trawl through site.ill go to Yahoo -not brilliant either but 20 percent better than yours

  77. Mark says:

    It\’s terrible. A complete step backwards. What exactly was the point in this? There\’s totally no organisation, it\’s completely random. Lots of useless info and completely bland compared to the old homepage. Money well wasted on this design i say.

  78. John says:

    Slow and definitley a step backwards. Why not add functionality, like the ability to completely get rid of a section if it\’s not wanted. I don\’t want sport or anything to do with Bing say, so why can\’t we just eliminate those altogether? And whilst we all know that MSN has gone from presenting what used to be at least somewhat relevant information to an awful slideshow type of format that merely irritates and that is used to present poorly researched and presented puff pieces and \’articles\’ that nobody is really interested in. Redesign the site for added functionality and looks, get rid of the awful slide show format and bring back real news.

  79. mills3 says:

    To be fair to you guys, I complained yesterday about how slow the page loaded but today it seems back to normal. Keep up the good work, I sticking with you!!!

  80. richard says:

    Much faster today, so something\’s fallen into gear. Now only needs that step backward to go forward! Still, don\’t believe congratulations are earned.

  81. diane says:

    Don\’t like it please change it back

  82. G says:

    Is it just me or is anyone else finding the new page is too wide?? I have to scroll across! AWFUL.

  83. Audrey says:

    Prior to my comments yesterday regarding the MSN page being slow to start I have gone through the MSN new layout and I like it very much. Audrey

  84. Unknown says:

    That\’s better, faster! I\’ll now have to explore the new page. Well done.

  85. Ron says:

    the new site is to busy and fails to keep me interested and i am thinking of changing my home page after being happy with the better old site ron prest

  86. bob says:

    2nd reaction….Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  87. Jennifer says:

    I love the new homepage!!!! See ms I\’m only one though from what I\’ve read To me it looks cleaner and easier to find what you are looking for!!!!!

  88. george says:

    why do you have to change something that works perfectly your new home page was so slow i dumped IE8and went back to IE7 as you did not explain that the new page had slowed down also why do i have to sign in and give a password every time i use hotmail a password would be enough. probably i will get used to it after a while but do you realy care what we think? GEORGE BURKE

  89. Veronica says:

    Arghhh!!! It\’s horrible. Why leave such a large space at the top of the page? It would be better if the page was customisable.

  90. Huw 'Quad' says:

    well ill be honest i like the new view. its a bit more aesthetic as you can see more of whats on offer.

  91. david says:

    not as good as the old one.why change things when they are working perfectly well.isn\’t it the americans that say "if it aint broke – don\’t try to fix it"

  92. Joy says:

    was not happy the page was changed liked the old one better

  93. Unknown says:

    You still haven\’t changed this dreadful page. I need a new homepage :-(((( Someone mentioned yahoo. Any more suggestions ?

  94. LYNNE says:

    New home page is rubbish I now spend less time looking at the content and use other search sites for my searches. A few improvements to the original home page would have been better. I feel that you have not asked us the users what we want you have just done what you want. You may lose a lot of users by changing the site. Lynne

  95. LYNNE says:

    Like your comments George Burke – Lynne

  96. joan says:

    Rosemarie Crosby 27/06/10 I don\’\’t like it I find the print too small. I will keep to the old one might even change my home page

  97. Daniel says:

    It\’s alright, but I prefer the look and feel of MSN USA\’s homepage to be perfectly honest. I can\’t stand this kind of homepage and I never have.

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