New MSN homepage explained

From the executive producer of MSN UK

Dear Readers,

Thanks again for all the feedback on this message board and I do recognise that most of the first reactions posted here are negative. We are taking them on board and looking at ways in which we can effectively address some of your concerns, particularly on issues like Hotmail where the experience should only have improved. Click here for the previous posts.

We do take your comments seriously and I recognise how much a part of your Internet life the old homepage was. We introduced it two and a half years ago to bring features like Hotmail more to the fore and add more journalism and content.

The new page is intended to take that further with stronger impages in the main news panel below the navigation and more hard news, world news and odd news below the editor’s picks. Video has moved up the page to its own position beside News which reflects its increasing importance to our readers, particularly with the new MSN Video Player TV service.

We are concerned that so many of you have mentioned the page is loading slowly. It should be significantly faster than your old MSN homepage and in testing today was faster than competitor pages but we need to do more and are working on it. The page is considerably shorter than the old page which should help with weight and scrolling.

If you are not seeing the benefit of these changes — which so many of your comments suggest — we will work on it.

If I may address some of the specific concerns which have been raised by some of you, without wishing to sound reactive or to justify changes which clearly some people may still dislike.

Our goal is to make the page faster to access, put more of the news and services you need in front of you — breaking news about today’s shooting incident for example — as well as your Hotmail and now other services like Facebook and Twitter.

The space devoted to the column which contains Hotmail and services like Weather is much wider, allowing improved visibility of your Hotmaill or social network feeds. We have made those changes based on research, feedback and experience — from the UK. We know how important that column is to you and it is intended to offer increasingly levels of personalisation over time.

Several people have complained about the absence of live stock quotes such as the FTSE index. We have a link on that right hand column but have some work to do to replace the live stocks but the data will appear shortly. The same is true for live Horoscopes which will be reinstated on the page shortly. We have not changed our astrology service. Here is the link to stock quotes. Here is the link to the Horoscopes page.

We hope you find the Weather service improved along with the ability to add extra locations to see multiple cities at once.

We have dropped the option to personalise the colour scheme on the homepage. A tiny fraction of readers used this in the past and while I recognise that for those people it was a feature they liked we could not justify continuing it. The same is true for the plus and minus buttons on the old page which changed the number of headlines in each module: a tiny fraction of users took advantage of it but I do recognise that if you did like it you may feel the loss of it at first glance of the new page.

There are a few issues raised which challenge some basic assumptions about the new page.

The search bar to use Microsoft’s Bing search is proportionally the same size as it was but may appear larger as the navigation now stretches across the entire page in a way which is intended to make it more legible. I am sure you will appreciate that we believe that the combination of MSN and the Bing search engine is a powerful one and important to us commercially. We will constantly add new features from Bing and work to make the Bing search bar engaging and useful to you.

On the issue of advertising. There are no more advertisements on the new page than there were on the old page. The main display advertisement — the square on the right side below the navigation is the same size as it has been and is an internationally standard advertisement size. I do recognise that some readers dislike advertisements which move or take over more of the screen but we use those sparingly on MSN and usually by the user initiating the ad with a click or "mouseover".

MSN is a free site funded by advertising and we have no intention to put any of our content behind a paywall.

The new site reflects the experience of the past two and a half years of the old page during which time we have added more journalistic staff and new services like MSN Him, MSN Travel, MSN Local and news suppliers like Daily Beast and Marie Claire.

The use of white space and the text spacing and size reflects what our designers believe are the appropriate modern approaches to legibility and other factors such as making contact searchable.

I realise change on a familiar site can be jolting but the intention has been to add fresh services, a clearer look and feel to the site and improve speed and services while keeping the colour scheme and general placement of crucial content like News, Sport, Entertainment, Cars and Money in broadly similar locations. Video is, for the reason I explained, more prominent.

So, we are listening and we appreciate your comments no matter what.
If you would like to contact me or my team directly please either continue to comment on this thread or email:

Peter Bale, Executive Producer, MSN UK

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98 Responses to New MSN homepage explained

  1. David says:

    You are the weakest link……Goodbye!

  2. Russell says:

    Mush prefer the old one, clearer, more user friendly, simpler so bring it back

  3. Lyn says:

    hate it hate it hate it slow and confusing

  4. s says:

    try using firefox, works fine in that, in fact everything works great in firefox. All those buggy browsers, Microsoft execs laughing at web standards, how does it feel now microsoft?

  5. Penele says:

    I got used to the old homepage format, I knew exactly what I wanted to read, where to look for everything and not what MSN/Bing now thinks we consumers prefer. I use MSN as my home page and it still takes ages to load. Please please give us back the old format. Change for change good is never a good thing, you just put the consumer off and invaribly we will make another site our homepage!!

  6. George says:

    When passing over the weather it used to say "cloudy" "showers" now it only says that day. ie thursday!!!!!!!!! Why?????????????

  7. Linda says:

    This is rubbish its so much slower than before, it was sleek & classy before now boring, insipid & dull……. are you really happy to be losing so many customers, there is nothing good about it & I dont think I have seen one really positive comment. Its quite funny how you say "that most of the first reactions posted here are negative" most !! err all more like, the weather service does not work properly, it is not a fresh clearer look by any standards, what a waste of 2yrs. Why did you not do it as a trial period first to see what response you got & give people a choice……. what a refreshing change that would of been !!

  8. rooftop says:

    Not impressed, I\’ve always used msn despite their very annoying ads which take over the screen without being asked, after complaining long and hard what do I get? A boring, bland page which cant be personalised and is sooo slowwwwwww to open and after it does it offers me bing which is a load of rubbish. waken up msn your losing your audience fast , you might think its great – guess your the only one..

  9. Jane says:

    Looks ugly and is sooooooo slow – gets on my nerves.

  10. brian says:

    to slow stops responding it needs akick off the planet

  11. Russell says:

    Hate it hate it hate it! so slow and unresponsive. Not that you care msn but if its not back to the old home page very quickly then im changing my browser and judging by the other users comments i wont be the only one!

  12. stuart says:

    ah well.back to bbc or google stuart

  13. keith says:

    Sorry, this is a step backwards. It is so slow to load, and I have already changed my homepage. I just checked back in to see if the bloody thing had gone yet, but sadly it hasn\’t. It is inconvenient as I have a hotmail address, so I may need to change that aswell.

  14. stephen says:


  15. Sue says:

    What an awful page,its so bland,so uninteresting,so boring,so old fashioned

  16. Arslan says:


  17. jo says:

    Dear MSN, what the f…k have you gone and done. Surely you have heard of the saying " if it ain\’t broke, don\’t fix it "…..why on earth? in fact, who on earth conjured this piece of junk up? at first i thought there was something wrong with my Mac…..( sorry Apple….that could never be ) ha ha. then i realised that this was the all new MSN homepage!…..Well, what can i say about it that hasn\’t already been voiced by the MAJORITY….and yes, pretty damn sure there will be more negative comments…….PLEASE PLEASE undo the damage, the upset and the outrage you have caused…..GIVE THE PUBLIC what they want!…. and give us back our simple and easy to navigate homepage. It looked great on screen and believe me is sorely missed. Your idea of " New/Innovative "….quite frankly…

  18. Jenny says:

    Love the new look, much clearer , less clutter and makes me want to read it – for the first time!

  19. Geoff says:

    I would just like to say that yesterday I started up Explorer and was shocked by the new format, However the page does load faster and the way it\’s layed out means that its easy to find and navigate, you only realise how well it\’s layed out when you remember how much scrolling you had to do on the old layout.I think its a good thing for the page to change and look forward to more new changes.

  20. Charlene says:

    this page takes too long to load and crashes my pc sometimes… its clealry NOT a place for everyone any more just ppl with better pcs… I\’ve changed my homepage now but still have to deal with this page when i sign out of my e-mail! It should be user friendy

  21. Surj says:

    I really don\’t understand why you would change a winning formula, I use MSN as my homepage because I can see everything at a glance but the new one takes for ages to load and quite honestly I haven\’t got the time to wait for it to fully load. I can see me changing my homepage reluctantly as I use it for my hotmail as well. PLEASE do put it right quickly!! Surj Abrol

  22. Trevor says:

    Give me back my old one please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Trev

  23. eTrade UK says:

    1 OUT OF 10. Its no good.. too slow.. old msn is BETTER!!!!!

  24. tara says:

    Absolutely hate the new homepage, don\’t have a problem with the speed of loading so msn please don\’t grasp onto the technical issues as the sole way of trying to resolve your users issues with it, it\’s plain and simple……..we don\’t like it on any level, it\’s dull, dated, insipid and your choice, not ours. Why not do something really clever and listen to the people that use the site and change it back ASAP…….PLEASE!!!!

  25. eTrade UK says:

    Google or Yahoo home page it is.. this new msn look has disgraced me 😦

  26. John says:

    Not the best development from microsoft, apart from the new layout it takes ages to move from one item to another

  27. Paul says:

    The old style was much better than this new page – question is why fix something that is not broken – bring the old style back

  28. Andy says:

    Sorry Mr Bale, but as you clearly have no intention of reverting back to the old MSN format I\’m off to Yahoo!

  29. Jessica says:

    Sorry but i much preffered the old design, more colourful, easier to use and gave you more informaition quicker

  30. Anne says:

    Far too slow to load. It is time it was sorted.

  31. Betty says:

    What on earth has happened…Seriously. This new homepage is terrible. When I first loaded it, it took forever. I just thought my internet was playing up. But then I saw the new homepage. What was wrong with the old one? You list a number of points in your explanation, but really, those things made the site more interesting. This new homepage is bland, boring and a total waste of time. There\’s no character and I can\’t find anything.I think I might just change my homepage to Google. I\’ve considered doing so in the past, but decided against it. But this new homepage is the last straw. :/

  32. Mark says:

    absolutely hate the new changes…it is SO slow compared to the old MSN page…and the advertising continues to annoy. No doubt someone is going to get a HUGE pay day as, yet again in this modern world, a failure is rewarded (Benitez, RBS, Blair, Englands Olympic Design…etc)

  33. Arslan says:

    Dear Mr Peter Bale..You have over 80% vote from everyone or should I say the majority of people wanting the OLD VERSION of MSN BACK which includes me. Its an awful page, its like Tropicana\’s awful re-branding which made it look like a generic "supermarket own-branded product" you are doing the same to yourself MSN, so Mr Bale get yourself together and bring back the older version as this so called new version looks like a 10 year old had branded it. If your not changing AM OFF TO YAHOO!!! 😦

  34. Rachel says:

    I have had no problems with the new homepage loading on either my Apple or laptop using firefox. The new page looks fresher and I like the emphasis on breaking news.

  35. Roy says:

    Why cant our MSN hompage be like the USA version, its so much faster and set out 100% better I love the tabs idea for other news ect… come on UK MSn get your act together….

  36. angelina says:

    i dont like new site, old one was better. old 1 was easier to navigate through, the news was easier to read.

  37. Wendy says:

    The "new" MSN page looks old fashioned, takes an age to load in the first place … and then what seems like forever to navigate between pages! I;ve got a YAHOO account too … and, after making this post, will be setting YAHOO as my home page. YAHOO is considerably faster than the new MSN site … despite MSN making statements to the contrary. How can they keep stating that the site is faster … when users are telling them that it\’s slower?????????? Check out YAHOO or one of the other sites and make up your own minds. It\’s clear from the statement from Peter Bale that MSN aren\’t taking people\’s comments seriously, so let your fingers do the talking and find a site that values you and offers you the options you previously enjoyed on MSN before they decided to take a step back in time! Bye, bye MSN.

  38. Paul says:

    Have to agree with the majority, bring back the old page. The new one is bland, confusing and doesnt load any quicker and the advertising is still a pain. I for one will be off back to aol along with quite a few others i fear Mr. Bale if nothing is done about it.

  39. richard says:

    Previous home page loaded, etc. near instantaneous. This new one takes a very leisurely and frustrating 10 to 12 seconds. Funny old idea of progress you people have!!!!!!!

  40. Phil says:

    Please bring back your old page. Much easier to access and negotiate

  41. carl says:

    Slow, plain, difficult to get use to, need we carry on with these comments when 90 odd% of users feel the same, bring back the old version!

  42. David says:

    Most of the changes don\’t really bother me but on the issues of speed…due to the length of time it takes to load it continually tells me hot mail is unavailable which is very annoying. I have had to refresh the page every time so far to get an email connection. Don\’t know whether anyone else is getting similair but I didn\’t have it before unless the site was unusually slow. Grr!

  43. DAVID says:

    I always thought that it was us old un\’s that didn\’t like change!!! But I was wrong. Everyone is in so much of a rush,.Please STOP and smell the roses.

  44. june says:

    Why do you have to confuse o.a.p\’s in rearranging your page, we were quite happy with the old way, maybe it\’s time for me to go elsewhere.

  45. Pam says:

    I echo every word of criticism in these comments. It looks like supermarket \’own brand\’. It\’s slow and confusing and messy. Re-instate the old asap!!!

  46. Josh says:

    Have changed to Google. It handles hotmail well and you can customise your page to what you need. Looks like I\’ll never come back to MSN!!!!!!1

  47. R says:

    Horrible, horrible, horrible! I hate the new MSN UK homepage — and I am not old! Please return to the previous version of the homepage or at least give us a choice / option (as has happened before) on the menu for those who want to do so. The previous version was pleasing to my eyes where as this one just seems to `scream / shout` at me. This new one is disorientating, clumsy and clunky to navagate around – and please get rid of that silly name `BING`!!!! Thanks. Sorry, but if it is not changed back very soon, I am going to find a more satisfactory homepage (and reading the message above from Mr Bale it looks as if the new one is here to stay). I will miss my msn homepage as I looked forward to using it several times a day.

  48. Graham says:

    Have tried this in Opera, which I am not particularly fond of, and it is faster, but still much slower than the old homepage. It is just too many features in one page. I would much rather have a fast homepage, even if some jeatures are a click or two away. After all, I suspect most people will only want some of the features and can easily add any inportant oness to their favourites, at only two clicks, or set their homepage to the feature that they use the most.

  49. Matt says:

    Windows update just installed onto my PC a new version of Silverlight. Either has fixed it\’s loading problem, or silverlight has sorted it. Either way, page loads instantly now.

  50. les says:

    A more modern look it may have, but I find it more difficult to differentiate the sections. The older layout had much more clearly defined sections, making access to content I was interested in much quicker. I have seen this phenomena so many times before in the magazine publishing world – new editor = new layout = confusion, despair, anger etc…. and inevitably, a large slice of backtracking by the new editor and, a slightly red face. Why don\’t you canvass the opinions of the average user and publish the proposed new layout before making such big changes – reaching compromise might well avoid \’egg-on-face\’ time? Les G

  51. Peter says:

    Dear ReadersAn update and I will send more later.You\’re right about the download speed and we have found a problem which should not have been there.Some material has been removed until we can permanently fix what was causing many readers to find the page downloading acceptably slowly. You should now see a noticable and immediate improvement in speed as of this morning.I will address your understandable issues with white space and features in another update shortly.Regards, Peter Bale, MSN

  52. angela says:

    my main problem is that it insists on taking me to the american site. i am not american, have no wish to be american and would rather see info from the uk.

  53. Unknown says:

    Home Page: When will you re-instate the mini weather summaries to the day-by-day city weather reports? These summaries were accurate and very useful. I also would like to see the return of the FTSE 100 value without having to go and search it out on another page embedded in editorial.On a general note, the new layout appears most confused and is not-user friendly at all. you have thrown the baby out with the bath water!

  54. Jim says:

    where on earth did you get these developers?? If this is the future look of MSN then you really are going to lose your audience. Did you not trial this first? Admit your mistake…go back to the old site…listen to what people saying…it looks cheap, nasty and this is not what anyone wants. Come on MSN…listen to what your audience wants….not what you tell us we want!

  55. Andy says:


  56. Tony says:

    Just checked the Home Page, and noticed the following.Even Less screen area visible due to more advertisments. Now upon loading (no speed problems here), there are NO News / Sports articles visible, without having to scroll. The British Public expect to see the info without having to go browsing around the page. Check other Homesites such as AOL or Yahoo and NEWS information is visible without touching the mouse. Both of the mentioned have advertisments. BBC\’s layout is neat also, but does not have advertisments.For those who are thinking of leaving to igoogle or others, try the MyMSN link at the top of the page.The MSN home page should have been left alone, and the MyMSN page advertised more instead.By doing this those that wanted the Facebook/Video/other communications could of customised the site to suit.I know MSN will have spent a huge amount of time & money on the NEW Home page, but surely it would be better to bite the bullet and revert to the old page, than loose \’customers\’.I for one, will give Peter & his team a week to resolve the issues, before deciding on who I shall make my home page. Till then I shall make use of the MyMSN.

  57. Carl says:

    Better speed on loading, but nothing to look at only Adverts, Rubbish, it will never be the same again.

  58. george says:

    Why did it need to change? Computer guys are ALWAYS fiddling with stuff. Wikipedia, Google etc. When stuff works fine, LEAVE IT ALONE!

  59. Unknown says:

    It asks you to contact his team if you have any questions, but they don\’t answer even if you ask them to. Well who can you trust?

  60. Len says:

    The pages ARE loading quicker this morning, and I have at least been able to check out the new pages today. Since the changeover, I have been unable to get the page to load at all, as it just "froze" and I changed my home page to the BBC to be able to do anything. I am upset by the reduction of actual content on the page and the fact that I am automatically directed to the US rather than UK – something that I will have to change rapidly. One other thing I noted, was that my "home location weather" has been somewhere different on each of the three occasions that I have opened the page this morning – and none of them within 35 miles of where I actually live! Keep trying MSN, because there would appear to be a long way to go before this new page becomes an "improvement".

  61. Unknown says:

    Perhaps its my age showing (64) but was it realy necessary to change the homepage. As far as I was concerned the old version was perfectly okay – if it ain\’t broke don\’t fix it! That being said, my main issue is the speed of loading, which is significantly slower that the previous version. I just hope you can improve on this or I\’ll be using a different browser.

  62. Andrew says:

    If I were looking to design a web page for retards, this is probably how I would make it look. The MSN folks are clearly assuming here, that we all have accessability issues, or are dumbing down to treat us like your average American. You should learn from your readers feedback. If your advertisers do, they will go elsewhere. And, after all, they are more important to you than we are.I suspect, like the hideous MS Office ribbon control, that we will have no choice other than put up, or move on to another brand. I will be taking a look at Google over the next few day\’s. If all else fails, the the good old BBC wil do.

  63. Sandra says:

    Sadly – As usual when something is pretty reasonable, somebody thinks it should be changed. I\’ve gone back to BBC as my home page as this MSN is awful, terrible loading, muddled and disorganised. How about giving users the choice? for once – BT Yahoo do so why can\’t MSN.

  64. Tony says:

    Please Take a look at the history of MSN. In 2009 there was over 20 articles on the home page (Or links). The 2010 version has 11 on my monitor (1152×864). The majority of the articles are Editor Picks.Perhaps after ALL the comments on here you may listen to the UK consumer rather than just giving us what the USA have.Seriously, put a poll up and see which site people preffered (2009 v 2010).I am not against change or improvements, but this site is a major step backwards.If it was software and people had paid for it, they would return it with the following comments "NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE"

  65. Kev says:

    I hate this new homepage, what on earth was wrong with the old one? Please change it back!

  66. Leon says:

    Dont like it,Bring back the old one!

  67. C says:

    I dislike how everytime you refresh the page it forgets your settings. Where on the old one you could reduce the number of stories areas you didn\’t want (ie sport) and add more the the sections you did. Also I really dislike Windows Live. Nobody has updated anything in months yet everytime I hide it it returns, and vica versa with hotmail (its always minimised and I want to see my mail).Fix these issues and it\’ll be back to being fairly decent IMO.

  68. Peter says:

    Dear ReadersI appreciate the comments below, particularly from people like Tony Elliott who have given us valuable insight and pause for thought — as have all your views.The page load time yesterday and Wednesday was unacceptable. You are right and it should not have been that slow.It also took us longer than it should have to solve the problem. Sorry.You should now find the page loads much faster.On the design issues and the overwhelming comments on this and the previous entry which criticised the whiter, more widely spaced look, we also recognise that it may not suit everyone and that the space may well be too generous.We did test this design in the UK and yes, it was influenced by the design direction from other MSN markets but it is significantly different and tailored to be more familiar to users of the page we served you until Tuesday.This is not a justification but an explanation to reflect and respond openly to your comments.We will continue working with our designers and engineers to improve the performance and make MSN the most legible, useful, impactful website it can be.There are more news headlines on the page than there were, bigger images at the top of the page (which I know some of you do not like) and more Video (which our figures show you using at double the rate of a week ago).More of you than a week ago are also using our Bing search engine which we hope you find useful.We are listening and if you wish to contact me directly, and get a direct response please email me and my team, Peter Bale, Executive Producer, MSN UK

  69. Adele says:

    Ok I\’ve used it a couple of days now and I\’ve read your reply. I can live without some of the features you\’ve stopped but I really can\’t live with all that bright white space and boring font, it is very hard on the eyes….apologies to the person that designed it I realise its their baby and that we are stuck with it no matter what is said…I will be looking for a new homepage something that doesn\’t give me eye strain.

  70. bryan says:

    much quicker than it was the other day thanks for sorting it out so quick

  71. Alan says:

    Not happy with new page layout – quicker but no longer has stock market info or other features I like. Also layout and font has stepped back a few years… is basic ( almost like plain text format ) and has no sparkle or life to it. If no changes made I will look for another homepage.

  72. tara says:

    Mr Bale, you clearly aren\’t listening as you state in your response, as a large number of people, me included are telling you they are voting with their feet and changing their homepage because they prefer the old format and no matter how you try and dress it up you are obviously too arrogant to back down and listen to the people who matter most here, your users. I, like many others have now changed my homepage to yahoo and will not be returning in any hurray. Shame on you for not listening o the majority of people on here……how short sighted

  73. Joanne says:

    ok tried to stick with it for a few days, but had enough now. Looking for a new homepage. Your new page is a jumbled up mess.

  74. john says:

    Don\’t like it bring back the old one !

  75. kenlloyd says:

    I really don\’t like it. The white background makes it look as if there is a lot of dead space that you haven’t got enough information to fill it with. Also being dyslexic, the black type on white background gets harder to read the more i look at it…

  76. doug says:

    more Video (which our figures show you using at double the rate of a week ago).yes mr Bale. that is true . the reason is, people are not just looking at the new home page. we are actually trying to use it and see how good it is. so yes some usage on things will go up for a while..change back to the old one. it stinks this new one. im getting to like yahoo now..

  77. steve says:

    while sometimes change is good , its not in this instance, the one thing i now dont like is i cant go into my hotmail inbox without opening messanger! when im at work i dont need my friends seeing me on line… the 2 should be kept separate!

  78. Claire says:

    Well Peter, it seems that you have had to go to some lengths to explain the new unwanted it seems MSN home page.There is the old saying "if it ain\’t broke, dont mend it" You have complicated the site to the enth degree, which is most irritating. Go back to the old style home page and make the majority happy. Thanks Peter.

  79. Lady says:

    I dont like your new home page. And ol or new page there is so much stuff repeated all the time its terrible that you cant be more original. Once you have featured an article why does it need to keep comming back for weeks on end.

  80. bob says:

    ive changed my homepage to yahoo. the new msn page was taking a while to load and froze everything on my computer until it loaded!

  81. Paul says:

    sorry tried for the last time today had enough now…………… you are not prepared to listen, so carry on with this shambles I am out of here…….

  82. Elizabeth says:

    so simple ……. bring back the old !

  83. John says:

    Hi.Since you have changed your front page i am now missing auto fill & spell check are these coming back on MSN.Thanks

  84. Unknown says:

    Well, as I said on the first day, I have tried to acclimatise myself to this abomination of a home page and, again as I said on the first day, I will try it again today and log on again torrow, monday, to see if it has been returned to 2009 page. If not Iwlii be viewing it for the last time!! I have calculated that from 500 posts on this subject 483 have been negative!!! Not a very high percentage in favour Peter? I realise that you have to appease your design and development dept., but to use an art analogy, you are trying to force someone who collects old masters to change to contemporary art collection.!!! NOT POSSIBLE!!! If you have the power Peter, please listen to the not so silent majority and change back.

  85. Josh says:

    Haven\’t used your new home page for days now. Have transferred to Google, which although not as good as MSN old home page is so much better that the new one. I can actually get rid of all the rubbish I don\’t want. With so many people leaving or threatening to leave, I wonder how long before the advertising revenue begins to fall. What a silly mistake not to test the new page on existing customers here in the UK!

  86. Josh says:

    Dear Peter,Might be an idea to update the comments at the top, as these are no longer first reactions that are being posted!!!

  87. barry says:

    As many of the posts sugest. . .just bring back the old home page. This is just change for change sake. If something aint broke, why try and fix it!!!

  88. Stuart says:

    Well Peter, I know now that you are only a Yes Sir man. Executive Producer- if you were working for me it would be Ex Producer. Maybe MSN should be blamed because any company worth it\’s salts would have admitted that this new format is a big DODO and would have seen that they are losing their viewers. Talk about the straw that broke the camels back. If this was TV you would be losing your advertisers by now too. Also , how about showing the true comments total… It\’s a lot,lot higher than 541.

  89. Debs says:

    Dear PeterYes the change was a bit of a shock to the senses! I\’m not opposed to change but the black on white background will disadvantage anyone with a learning difficulty eg dyslexia.

  90. Chris says:

    I live in the UK, even using Boolean with Bing, when looking for United Kingdom specific data, most of what I get is about the USA – I appreciate that you americans seem to think that the world begins and ends in america but there are some 6 billion people who do not live there.I find it especially annoying that your search engine tries to tell me that the UK is a member state of america, it must be given all the extraneous, totally useless junk that goes with any request for information on the United Kingdom of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and its Protectorate Territories.While I am more than happy for america to join the British Commonwealth, once you have paid the tax on the tea and the back interest,; I regret that I have no use for your data and avoid using Bing.As to MSN changing, well I was lumbered with MSN because it was pre-loaded on this computer and for some reason, which is unfathomable to me, the 64 bit version of Windows 7 objects to working without it, but I am happy to say that I am slowly removing all the elements of MSN and Windows Live and shall soon have a chat-free, bloatware free, computer.Finally, I am disabled, wear a powerchair, have high function autism and Asperger\’s Syndrome and have difficulties with reading text, there is simply too much information crammed into too small a space – frankly I find MSN old and new styles completely unworkable – that is not because I am an idiot because I have a high IQ of 167 and a fast and active mind – it is simply that what is on the page is irrelevent.It may be of interest to you Peter, that 53% of the United Kingdom population is aged over 50, this is going to rise and we are computer-literate these days and we have a lot of disposable income, which your seeming target audience of the 18 to 40s do not. You can get the exact demographic statistics from the Office for National Statistics (

  91. David says:

    I am not impressed with the new layout, too much US information, no information available on FTSE, weather forecast used to give more information if you ran the cursor over the day now it only repeats the day. Not available to edit or re-arrange. Overall very unsatisfactory. Must do better.

  92. Tony says:

    can i revert to the old pages as the new on do\’es not contain the amount of current news but cotains old vidios which i do not like it would be better to use the old system with click on names. i feel you have compleatly messed up my opening page and made it vertualy unusable what with the exesse space used at the top, slow loading and lack of current news

  93. Adrian says:

    I have always hated the insipid default colour, and I always used the plus option on the news page. I don\’t like the new page at all, it looks dull and boring; I think you\’ve made a big step backwards with this!

  94. Adrian says:

    Peter Bale, please READ the comments! If you really are the executive producer make an executive (and sensible) decision, and bring back the previous home page. If you can\’t do this simple thing I will be joining the hundreds of others and switching to Yahoo or any other home page that is easier on the eyes than this monstrosity!

  95. Ted says:

    Thankyou for feedback . :)Ted8956

  96. Andrew says:

    Hey, hold the front page guy\’s. I think we may be doing our colonial cousins a disservice here. I have been trudging through the Yankee Doodle blogs, and it turns out that they hate the new homepage as much as we do!! Global parity at last….And peter, congratulations on not giving a toss! What a guy!!

  97. tony says:

    Sorry but still find this new page a nightmare! SLOW,SLOW SLOW!!!

  98. raymond says:

    i still dont like it i have given it plenty of time but its no good i shall now be looking at changing to a homepage that i like. all i can say is that i hope someone is looking for a new job after forcing this rubbish on to us..i have looked at all the posts people have put on and only a handfull of people like the new layout. and remember if you lose to many people off site advertisers will say bye to you as well, which in all fairness that is what you deserve…..

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